What a Crazy 48 Hours

After not sleeping Wednesday night, I woke up on the couch Thursday morning at 5:18 to the news that my youngest sister Elizabeth was in the ER with preeclampsia and would be having an emergency c-section at only 31 weeks into her pregnancy. We woke the kids up, packed an overnight bag for them (because I also had an appointment for my gallbladder that day and we weren't sure what would be happening), rushed out the door, dropped the kids off at Brian's parents, then made it to the hospital. Elizabeth and baby Addison were doing well. Addison came out crying, was breathing on her own, her kidneys were working, but she was only 2 lbs and 13 oz.  Elizabeth was still having some major blood pressure issues. We stayed with them for several hours then walked over to my doctor's appointment.

Now this is a new doctor to me. The surgeon I've used previously was out of town for Christmas, but God was certainly in control of this situation because Dr. T was absolutely amazing. Now, he didn't have good news for us, but he was amazing. He told me that surgery would be an open surgery and require 4-6 week recovery and an extended hospital stay. He sent me for bloodwork, x-rays, and a nuclear medicine hydro scan. Not only did he come to the hospital to read all of my previous CT scans with the doctor who took them, but he came down to see me while I was in the nuclear scan. He was unbelievably kind and attentive. He and his staff then spent 3 hours on the phone with my insurance company (and stayed in the office until nearly 7) while they tried to get a contrast CT scan approved. I finally had the scan and we got home about 8:30 Thursday night. He gave me his phone number and said to call if I needed anything.

There were some concerns that there was a new tumor on my gall bladder, and we were very discouraged as we left the hospital Thursday night. It was such a long day of nasty testing, I was worried about Elizabeth and Addison. We hadn't seen the kids all day. My parents drove all day from Oklahoma to be with all of us. I told Brian as we walked out to the car that I didn't know what to worry about first.

But then came some good news. Dr. T called me while I was waiting for the scan and told me that my CA125 level was 16. SIXTEEN! This is the lowest it's ever been. He was so kind to me, kept asking how I was feeling, asked how I was emotionally. He later told me that he has a daughter my age who had been through cancer, which I think explains his amazing concern and care for me. He called and talked to my oncologist as well as to my previous surgeon. I had an appointment to see him at 12:15 Friday, but he told me to come in as soon as I could and he would see me before everyone else.

I somehow managed to sleep well Thursday night. In fact, I don't even remember going to bed I was so exhausted. When we arrived back at Dr. T's office bright and early Friday morning, he caught up to me in the hallway, put his hands on me and asked how I was doing. Surprisingly enough, I felt SO much better Friday morning. We went back to the exam room, and basically he told me I was fine. All my bloodwork came back normal, liver, platelets, white blood cell counts, everything. The CT scan showed everything was fine. He was much more positive about my cancer progress than Dr. W has been. I cannot even tell you how relieved we were. This doesn't mean that I won't ever have surgery because obviously I do have gallstones and I've been in pain, but for now I don't need anything except to continue with my next appointment with Dr. W. He again gave me his phone number, talked to us for a while and said he'd see me in a few weeks.

I'm sure you can imagine the relief we feel. To know that I don't have to have major surgery, for there not to be a tumor on my gall bladder, for Addison to be doing well, for Elizabeth to be improving. It has been such a roller coaster for my family the last few days. I appreciate all the prayers so much. God is certainly good to us.


Karen said…
God is good! That is all such wonderful news. I've been waiting to read the update, hoping that it would all be as good as it sounds like it is. I don't like that you are still in pain, but that CA125 number and no surgery are AMAZING outcomes. I'm so glad, too, that Elizabeth and Addison are doing well. You've all been in my prayers!
Karen said…
Forgot to say, too, that there is just nothing like a caring doctor when you are scared. I have been lucky in that regard and I doubt they have any idea just how much their kindess means to patients. Too bad they aren't all that way!
Kelly said…
Not only does your doctor sound like a smart and kind man but obviously was meant to be a part of your journey from the beginning... So happy things worked out for ALL of you!!
Kelly said…
Happy tears! Thanking God for this wonderful doctor!
Wendi said…
Hi Melissa! We haven't talked much but I have been praying for you and just cried and cried at this awesome news!!! Praise to the Lord!:):)
Anonymous said…
Wow, sweetie! That's such good news and that doctor was amazing! Sorry you've had pain with gallstones - in so thankful there are no rumors. And your sisters baby sounds like a miracle, too. Yes, God loves you and is ever present in our lives for sure. {hugs}

I hope you can rest and enjoy your holiday and snuggle with those sweet kids of yours!

~Andrea Graves
Brenna said…
So very thankful for your good news, Melissa! You were on my heart all week, and I was dreading that surgery for you. What a blessing, and what great reports on all fronts. Now enjoy that precious little bundle, auntie.
Barbara said…
I read this post with tears in my eyes, so thankful that the outcome of all of this stress & pain was ultimately uplifting. I'll keep praying for your family.
Cheryl said…
Hi Melissa,

You are always in my prayers. I wish I could be as strong as you are. You are such a wonderful, honest person.
I am so glad you do not have to go through another surgery right now.
Praying for you and your family.
Cheryl P.
Cherie said…
This is simply fantastic news and praise God for such a wonderful, caring doctor to attend you.
love and prayers.
Lisa S. said…
What wonderful news that you have been given! and Praise that things are turned way around considering what you have been thru in the past 48hrs ! Still praying for you and your family and that precious new baby girl. Congratulations to you auntie!
Unknown said…
Praise God! This is the best thing I've read on the web, like ever! Continued prayers for you, Melissa and for your family including little Addison.
Mayme said…
What amazing news! And yes that Miss Addison is adorable. We love you all and are praying for everyone.
Amy said…
Oh, Melissa! That is such good news! What a stressful couple of days for you and Brian but so glad that God planned for Dr. T to be there at the right time! I'm sorry you're still in some pain and praying it goes away soon but rejoicing with you for such encouraging news!
What a crazy and amazing 48 hours! WOW.

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