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Five on Friday (September 13, 2019)

Round two of chemo was last Tuesday and it took a solid week before I felt myself again. Thankfully, I have a bit of extra time before the next one because of a work trip.
I have no actual pictures from the past 10 days, but I did find a couple of not-Instagram worthy photos that are sentimental to me.
Camden and I watching TV together; he's a giant these days.
1. We're setting heat records even though it's mid-September. I burned a fall candle, bought a cardigan, even jumped on the pumpkin spice cold brew wagon and it did nothing to usher in cooler temps. We're all ready for summer to say goodbye.

2. Speaking of chemo, I'm not supposed to completely lose my hair this time, but my eyelashes are definitely falling out and my hair just feels strange. While I don't noticeably see it falling out, there are definitely thinner spots and it looks dull. I'm trying to be glad it's not gone altogether.

3. And while we're still on chemo, I had the crazy idea of …