Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Sick Girl

Well, my Wednesday did not go exactly as planned. Poor Rory woke up crying and pretty much didn't stop all day. She was running a fever and threw up over and over and was just completely pitiful. I ended up changing my clothes FIVE times, making an impromptu trip to the doctor and doing nothing but cleaning up vomit and laying on the couch with Rory yesterday. I felt so awful for her because she was so miserable. She finally collapsed against my chest and fell asleep about 7:00 last night and then only woke up once in the night so I'm hopeful that she's doing better.

Our air conditioning still isn't working, but the repair man is coming this morning (I hope). I'm looking forward to cooler air! We definitely lucked out that yesterday wasn't quite as warm as earlier in the week, but the house still stayed at about 79 degrees all day (and night), which is much too warm for me.

No idea what the plan is for today, although I imagine it will include catching up on everything that didn't get done yesterday! Our Esther study is tonight, and I need to try to get caught up on the lessons. Camden has batting practice tonight, but it's supposed to rain so we'll have to see if it's canceled or not.

More pics from the weekend:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And now you're a happy family?

There's a sweet boy on Camden's baseball team who asks Brian every practice and every game, "so you're Camden's dad?" It's clear that he's noticed that Camden looks a little differently from everyone else, but he doesn't quite know how to process it. Last night we had dugout duty and as I stood in the dugout with this boy waiting to send him "on deck", he looked up at me and said, "so you're Camden's mom?" When I answered yes, he said, "hmmm, he doesn't look like you either. He looks a little bit like a Chinese boy." I told him that Camden was born in Korea, and he said "Oh! So he was born there and then you moved here?" I proceeded to tell him that Camden and Rory were both born in Korea, and when we adopted them, they became a part of our family. He said, "And now you're a happy family?" He was just so curious and interested in my answers, and really very sweet. His parents should be proud; we haven't run across anyone else (who didn't previously know us) whose children were quite so polite about Camden and Rory. Most kids assume they can't speak English, etc. I wish all adoption conversations were this easy!

So Camden's team lost their game last night 17 to 7. Camden took about half the game to come alive and start paying attention (that could be our fault since we went to the wrong ballfield and arrived at the game barely before it started), but did well once he started playing. The parents take turns with dugout duty and we had our turn last night. It was pretty hectic and that hour and a half goes by much more quickly because you're so busy!

Our air conditioner stopped working yesterday morning, and I'm hoping we'll be able to get someone to come look at it today. I don't do well in a house that is 79 degrees in the coolest room. Is it really only April? Feels like summer already.

I had less than 4 hours of sleep last night and Brian volunteered to run get me an iced coffee to help me survive the morning. I've got to get this sleep thing figured out. I've had trouble sleeping for years, but it's happening on a much more frequent basis the last several months. I'm currently on a streak of 5 straight nights with little sleep. Can I just say that little sleep does nothing for my patience level.

Yesterday Rory was playing with her baby and dressing her, changing her "biapert," and she decided to wanted to fix her hair. She asked for a brush and then kept insisting on a gun. I finally figured out she meant the blow dryer. I guess it kinda looks like a gun.

Credits: here

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with the clothes line. (I know, it's a silly thing to even think about.) The frugal part of me (it's not a very big part of me) knows that it saves electricity, saves wear and tear on our washer and dryer, etc. Not to mention Brian really likes the smell. Personally, I hate the smell of outdoors and the number of bugs that I bring inside in the clothes makes me crazy. Every year I resolve to just do the extra work (and it seriously takes forever!) and use the clothes line when possible. And I stick it out for a couple of weeks and then just give up and use the dryer. Considering that it was roasting outside yesterday, I had a wasp land on my shoulder and a huge spider crawl down my arm while folding the clothes, I've decided that yesterday was the one and only time for the clothes line this year. Brian will just have to go back to smelling Gain instead of that outdoor scent.

The kids played so well yesterday. While I spent half the day with the clothes line, they ran around like monkeys and played in the dirt. I'm thinking there was no fighting at all yesterday, which is most definitely a first. Rory LOVES to be outside and begs to play outside all day long. I am not an outdoorsy girl myself and Camden was in preschool when he was younger so it's a fairly new experience to have to spend hours in the yard. Not sure how I'm supposed to get any housework done if we're outside so we're both going to compromise a bit.

Gina Miller: Bookworm

Monday, April 27, 2009

So, where to begin about our weekend? How about the baseball game that Camden and his team WON on Friday night! Every single player got a hit; Camden had 2 doubles and 2 runs; he got a couple of players out at first base. The parents and coaches from the other team, however, were L.O.S.E.R.S. I've never seen adults scream and yell at kids this way in my life! They were really unbelievable. The head coach was almost kicked out of the game (and he probably should have been). Thank goodness that Camden and the other players on our team were completely unaware of how the adults were acting. And I'm so thankful that we don't have any parents on our team who behave that way!

Saturday morning we decided to hit the city-wide yard sales. If you know us, then you know that for as much as Brian loves yard sales, I hate them just as much. But I decided to take one for the team and go along with the family. As usual, we were pretty unsuccessful at buying other people's junk although I did come away with a cute Gap dress and headband for Rory as well as a little pink bicycle so I guess it was worth it. And note to self: you might want to try actually showering and cleaning up because in a small town it's likely you'll run into people you know at E.V.E.R.Y. single stop you make (including blog friends you've never met in real life until now!).

Let's see. Saturday was a big day. not only did we hit the yard sales, but we also finally purchased a treadmill and the ginormous piece of exercise equipment is now living in our family room. We then hit the local pizza place for supper, came home, and used the treadmill!

There's good news and bad news on the potty training front. The good news is that Rory has been dry the last 3 nights. The bad news is that she's been waking up early screeching, "my need to go POTTY!" very early each morning (and there is no going back to bed once she's awake!).

We made a wonderful discovery in the Lewis household on Friday. Safety scissors. Rory sat down with a piece of paper and a pair of safety scissors and spent an HOUR cutting it into pieces. Seriously. I've decided it's going to become a daily activity.

Be prepared for some serious cuteness ahead (both the dress and the girl). I ordered this dress from Addywear (an Etsy shop) and just love it! She was so easy to work with and let me choose the fabrics, the design, etc. You can see other samples of her work here and here; if you decide to order, make sure to tell her I sent you so I can get a coupon for my next order.

Laundry and house cleaning are on the agenda for today. Oh, and putting this giant treadmill to work.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Armful

Emma and Rory like to both be held so sometimes I have an armful during Sunday morning nursery!

Friday, April 24, 2009

What happened to spring?

We have skipped right over spring and moved to summer. We're supposed to be 87 degrees for the next 3 days! I've got to pull out my own summer clothes today (the kids have been ready for weeks now LOL).

Camden has a baseball game tonight, but we have our first free Saturday in what seems like months tomorrow. Still haven't decided what we're going to do with it, although staying in bed all day sounds good to me. I'm pretty sure the kids will not agree with that plan!

I'm operating on 4 hours of sleep and Camden and Rory were both up at 6:30 this morning so I'll keep it short and sweet this morning. Two quick Rory things: (1) She asked me why trees are so big yesterday. Seriously. She's 2. How did I manage to get 2 children who NEVER stop asking questions. She's had "why," "how come," "what happened," down for months now and Camden is a question machine. (2) She's learned that telling me she needs to go potty gets her out of time out; of course, she's outed now, and I don't plan to fall for that trick again. Hopefully, I won't be cleaning up big girl "unawear" in my effort to not fall for it.

Last year Camden's big outdoor activity was digging; this year it's baseball.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

About the kids

I made a quick trip to Nashville yesterday to run a few errands, and we had church last night. Other than that, it was a pretty boring day. Today Mayme and Emma, Angel and Mason are coming over and tonight is our Esther study. The kids (okay, Camden) have been begging to wear shorts and since it's supposed to be 80 today, they're both decked out in summer outfits.

A few things about the kiddos recently:
  • Rory asks for "The B-i-b-l-e" and "God is So Good" every night at bedtime and has for several months. A new development, however, is the fact that when I sing "The B-i-b-l-e" she sings "God is So Good" and when I switch to "God is So Good" she switches to "The B-i-b-l-e" and just sings over me.
  • Camden surprises me every day with how well he's doing at teaching himself to read, and it's not because I'm a great mother with school every day (cause there's no schoolin' going on here!). I spend alot of time answering questions about how to spell words and he sounds words out for me, tries to read the cereal box, books, TV commercials, etc.
  • Rory has decided that there are "no kisses" at bedtime (except for me, of course). When it comes time to say goodnight, she lets Camden and Brian get as close as possible, then puts her hand over her mouth and screeches "no kisses, no kisses."
  • Rory has also turned back into the social child in the family. She yells hello and how are you's across the parking lot in grocery stories, at the gas station, etc. Of course, for the most part people think she's seriously cute, but occasionally we run across someone who's not feeling so friendly. No worries, though. Rory is quite insistent and will continue to yell hello, then turns and asks me "why they no say hello?" and embarrasses them into being friendly.
  • Camden informed us last night that "home is so soft and comfy and the best place to be."
  • As I mentioned earlier in the week, Camden and Rory have been quite sweet together this week. Lots of giggling and playing together. What's not so sweet is that Rory has decided that Camden absolutely cannot help her with anything. Even when she needs help, and I've asked him to help out. She's never been fond of help from Camden, but this is going to a whole new level, and she screams bloody murder, cries for me, hits, etc. It is quite frustrating, and we've gone round and round this week. I finally decided to start teaching her the scripture, "be kind one to another" and it seems to help a little bit. Well, helps her calm down after the fit anyway.
  • Rory has very good manners - mostly because she's such a copy cat and anything we do, she does. Well, she's recently mastered "yes, ma'am" in all the appropriate places and I must have overdone it on the praise because now every time she says it, she immediately follows it (in a voice about 3 octaves higher than normal), "mommy, I say yes, ma'am!"


As you can tell by my lack of blogging this week, it's been a pretty uneventful couple of days! The kids have been playing really well together - lots of giggles, which is always a good thing. I left the mattress in the family room until last night since they were playing so well with it. Who knew that a blow-up mattress could provide endless entertainment for a 2 and 5 year old.

Rory's potty training is going really well! We're on day 11 of no accidents, and she is wearing big girl "unawear" almost exclusively (except at naptime/night time). I think that she might be trained at night in the fairly near future as well because she's always dry after naptime and last night she woke up crying hysterically because she needed to go potty.

In order to get Rory's social security card changed into her American name, we had to apply for a passport. We did that about 5 weeks ago and received a letter last week letting us know that we needed to send the final adoption decree and her green card. Well, we included both of those with the application! They are now lost in the big black hole that is our government passport agency. I've called and let them know and someone is supposed to review our file and call back. I don't have alot of confidence that will actually happen, but we'll see.

We're headed to the library today, and I think the weather is supposed to be warm enough to play outside so I'm sure we'll do some of that too.

Lauren Grier: Rainbow ABC's

Julie Billingsley: Wild at Heart

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Dunkin' Donuts has iced coffees for .50 today. All proceeds go to Homes for Our Troops so if you're need of some caffeine, go enjoy it for cheap!

Monday, April 20, 2009


We had a great time with my sister and nephews, and my parents this weekend. I was a horrible aunt/sister/daughter/mother and did not take one single picture with my camera. Becky took a few and hopefully she'll put those up. We're going to be together again in a couple of weeks so we'll make up for it then.

My parents left this morning, the kids are currently playing on a blow-up mattress, and I'm catching up on email and laundry. It's cold and rainy outside, and I just may not make it out of my p.j.'s today.

Jodie McNally/Karah Fredericks: That's How We Roll

Lauren Grier: Credits here

Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally Friday

Well, my house is a wreck. Organizing is not a good idea when you've got company coming. Rory's room looks better than it's ever looked, though. It was a bit disconcerting to realize she has about 15 pairs of summer sandals and shoes (did I just admit that?). Good news is that I bought several of them used at a consignment sale and most of them I bought last year during end of the year sales. Oh, and she just outgrew her little Sketchers so that totally makes room for a new pair. (Just kidding) And don't even get me started on the hairbows. I have got to buy one of these. I've admitted defeat and am giving up on the rest of the closets and am hoping just to get Camden's room finished this morning.

Our weekend is a busy one. My parents, sister, and twin boys are arriving this afternoon (hopefully sooner rather than later because I am not going to be able to contain Camden and Rory's excitement for much longer). Tonight Camden has a game; tomorrow we're meeting a couple of cousins and the entire clan which will be 9 adults and 4 kids at Logans for lunch. Tomorrow night another game, then church on Sunday and everyone goes home. Quick trip!

Hopefully I'll have lots of fun pictures Monday!

K Studio: Crazy Daze

Dani Mogstad: Retrospect
Taking a trip down memory lane - this picture is 3 years old!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Mama

I'm taking a quick break from organizing the kid's rooms (why, oh why do I wait until we have company coming to tackle it!) to quickly blog. I've already made a trip to Rivergate, Green Hills, fed the kids lunch, done laundry, and have Rory's room pretty much done (after taking about 6 loads of junk valuable items to the basement). Next up is cleaning bathrooms and helping organize Camden's room which will involve alot of arguing that we can't keep every single picture he's ever colored in a pile in his room. The child is seriously going to be a pack rat.

I thoroughly intended have a post this week dedicated to how independent Rory has become the last few weeks, but she's been clingy and a mama's girl the last couple of days. I've barely put her down, which has become pretty rare around here. We've heard lots of "up please" and "my sit on your lap for breakfast/lunch/shuppert", etc. We've also had alot of whining. Now, not baby whining. No, this is a scary little girl moody kind of whining and does not bode well for her teenage years.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday in the nursery. I took advantage of having my camera with me for the Easter egg hunt.

Rory has been mothering this poor child since he was born, and now he's bigger than she is (just compare the size of their arms!). I didn't stage these at all, by the way. She loves to try to put the pacifier in his mouth. Unfortunately, she does not have good aim.

She would be the sweetest big sister ever!

Emma was taking it all in (I just love her little cupid bow mouth!).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Because my dad is a CFP and owns his own business, tax day has always been a big day in our house! He and my mom can finally breathe a sigh of relief after several months of LONG days. They also always take a trip as soon as the day is over. This year they're headed to our house! In case you need some help spending your refund, here are some fun sales happening this week in the digi-world. Have fun shopping!

Shabby Pickle Designs is having a 35% off sale this week. If you're a fan of Kasia Designs, she has an additional 30% off coupon available here that will stack with the 35% sale.

After Five Designs is also having a 35% off sale. Kristen Rice is my new favorite designer and if you sign up for her newsletter here, you'll get a 25% off coupon that stacks with the 35% sale.

Peppermint Creative is having a 40% off sale all month. I picked up some new templates!

Pencil Lines blog - free templates

Girl Talk blog - some freebies

Gina Miller: Spring Chick (retired)

Lauren Grier: Sunday Best

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I blame the Easter Candy

I am completely blaming the Easter candy for the fact that Camden has been HYPER (yes, in all caps) for the past two days. For the fact that he can't stop asking questions like, "what are clouds? where do clouds go at night? how do we get clouds?" For the fact that Rory is Miss Drama and has whined around the house, screamed at Camden, and spent lots of time with her nose in the corner. For the fact that she played in her crib for 2 whole hours last night after I put her in bed. And not just played, but sang and laughed at the top of her lungs mixed in with a bit of yelling at Camden to "come here!" I warned Camden last night that I was putting away the Easter candy for a while, and he wasn't happy, but I've got to survive, right?

Brian's 4-day weekend went much too quickly, and he's back at work today. He's still not feeling well, but he's not worse so that's good news. Our weather today is cold and cloudy so we'll be spending it inside. (I'm sure that will do wonders for Camden's hyper behavior.) My parents and sister and nephews are coming this weekend so I'll be spending my time getting this house ready for visitors.

A few more Easter pictures. I think this will be all of them. I think cutting them down to 10-15 from the 300 I took is pretty good! :)

He seriously got the hang of Easter eggs this year!
(and I happen to love him in orange)

Blowing a dandelion
On a mission
She loves her Uncle Michael!
I got one smiling at least.
Now they're both looking.
Two smiles!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

I am exhausted this morning! Our weekend was jam packed full of activities. Actually, last week was full. The fact that I saw my in-laws 7 out of the last 8 days is only one indication as to how many activities we had.

I spent some time shopping (alone!) Friday and because of severe storms and tornado warnings was stranded in a DSW Shoes for an hour. It worked out pretty well for me since I walked out of the store with 2 new pair of shoes I hadn't planned to buy! Friday night we attended the Good Friday service, and it was lovely. I especially enjoyed the worship time (and completely wish we did that at our church!). Of course, since I'm the piano player, it might be my responsibility to work that up, and I'm completely incapable. Saturday we met three other adoptive families at a Korean restaurant, and while I may have almost collapsed from the smell of the cod and tofu stew the person next to me ate and recoiled in horror from the squid tentacles in the seafood onion pancake the person across from me ate, I completely enjoyed my bulgogi, rice, and fried dumplings.

We finished up lunch just in time to rush to the ball field for baseball practice, followed by a baseball game. Camden had a tougher time paying attention this game, but we still won (our first win!).

We had a good Easter service at church, followed by an egg hunt at church, then lunch at Gram and Gramp's house and another little family Easter egg hunt just for Rory and Camden. They had lots of fun although Rory wasn't quite sure why we were picking up Easter eggs.

Brian is off today, which is good since he seems to have come down with a cold and this will give him a chance to recover. I spent about an hour picking up the house this morning, but plan to take it easy the rest of the day and just enjoy having us all home.

I had too many pictures to post them all in one day so I'll have to work up another picture post for tomorrow.

I love the pout on her face. She couldn't figure out how to open up the piece of gum
(which I wasn't going to let her have anyway).

She slung that basket over her shoulder like a purse.
Picking up eggs

Emma and Rory
Look at Kyra's sweet smile while Rory steals an egg right out from under her nose

Camden is adorable with Emma. He just loves her. The other day he told me out of the blue that he thinks her fingers are so cute.
Mayme has started calling him her future son-in-law.

Camden and Dawson

Rory and Mommy
(ignore the hair - the wind was crazy)

I'm so irritated that I didn't use the right lens for these pictures and they turned out dark and grainy.

Are they sweet or what!

Our family with Aunt Liz and Uncle Michael

Our family with Gram and Gramps
More pictures tomorrow. . . . .

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Random Friday

Random bits and pieces from this week:
  • After studying himself in the mirror several minutes, Camden informed me that his beard is starting to come in.
  • Rory has taken to plugging her ears when I am talking to her; usually when she's in trouble. Can I just say that it would have never crossed Camden's mind to do this. Girls are certainly more devious than boys.
  • Camden and Rory are both bossy and tattletales. I am constantly saying, "Camden/Rory, worry about yourself. I'll worry about Rory/Camden." Last night at supper as I said this for probably the 703rd time, Rory piped up and said, "Daddy worry about you?"
  • Rory is becoming more and more interested in choosing her own clothes. Much to my dismay, she chooses jeans every time. Fortunately, she's not too upset (yet) when I veto them.
  • Camden did a good job last night at the baseball game. I can't believe how much they all seemed to have improved between last weekend and last night. He had two great hits and one strike-out. And the team had a double play - Camden caught the ball and tagged the runner out at first, then threw it to 3rd base and got that runner out!
  • I've always known this, but Target is d.a.n.g.e.r.o.u.s. to your bank account. There is just so much good stuff there. And I've been twice this week.
  • I was awake last night from 2:30 until about 5:30. You can imagine my mood this morning.

The weekend consists of baseball practice this morning, a Good Friday service tonight; Saturday is lunch at the Seoul Garden with other adoptive families tomorrow, an afternoon baseball game; Sunday is an Easter service in the morning, egg hunt after church followed by lunch at Gram and Gramp's house.

Some pictures from last night.

Do you think she was ready to go home? Unfortunately for her,
this was only the beginning of our 2.5 hour baseball experience last night.

Yes, she was telling me what to do.

The huddle after the game.

Camden and his friend Dawson (whose team killed us last night).