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Happy Halloween 2016

For a family that regards Halloween as one of the least important holidays ever invented, we've spent a lot of time celebrating this weekend. :)
Friday we visited a local church who always hosts a fall festival. Camden helped man one of the games while Rory flew around with her friends. Brian and I just tried to keep up. She's wearing Camden's batman costume from kindergarten (or first grade).

Saturday morning, these 3 got into the spirit of dressing up while they looked for a costume for the rest of the weekend.

Brian makes a very convincing biker (he seriously looks exactly like one of the musicians at our church).
Camden settled on a super geek. He says he has plenty of experience.

Tonight we're catching our breath and handing out candy at the front door although we've had a shockingly low number of trick-or-treaters. I guess it's better that way - more leftover candy for us and less trauma for Camden as he opens the door (he is legitimately frightened of c…

Five on Friday (October 28)

Okay, so maybe it's five on Saturday, but who cares.
1. Rory walked out the door with cowboy boots, fuchsia corduroys, and a red plaid shirt yesterday morning. I resisted all urges (past the initial prompt that maybe she had a shirt that might match a little better) to make her change.
2. Guess who made the JV basketball team?? We're less than a week in and life is already crazy, but I think it will fun to watch. And I know the extra physical activity is going to be good for relieving all that middle school angst and aggression. Or it will make him cranky because he's so tired. Time will tell.
3. Camden is attending a church Halloween party tonight so Brian and I are dragging Rory along for date night. Who knew scheduling an actual date night was only going to get harder instead of easier as the kids grow up?
4. I've had 3 photo shoots in the last 10 days. The weather has been perfect for every single one (we're currently experiencing a very warm but beautiful fa…

20 Minutes

We absolutely do not have this parenting gig down, but what these kiddos have going for them is a dad who is willing to play a little catch football in the evenings. There's very little that can't be fixed by 20 minutes of quality time.

(This is not a pose, btw. This is his stance, and the toes of his shoes are constantly torn to prove it.)

Five on Friday

1. In the last 2 weeks, I have spent 4 days in Louisville, KY, working at the annual D6 Conference and 2 days at an off-site planning meeting. Can I tell you that I still pinch myself that I get to do this job? My family is so sick of hearing me talk about it.

2. My parents have been here twice in the last 2 weeks. They stayed with the kids while we were in Louisville and then were here this week for Grandparents Day at school. Also, hello, Fall Break!

3. Camden tried out for the middle school basketball team this week. While he was supremely nervous, I might have been even more so. Seriously, I felt like vomiting when I dropped him off. I did a good job of covering up my own nerves for his sake (how adult of me). Baseball tryouts were more intimidating because of the set-up (all the coaches lined up, etc.), but he's played baseball for 8-9 years so there is a sense of familiarity (plus, the whole left-handed pitching skills almost make him a shoo-in). This is his first foray into…