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Snapshot: April/May 2016

Starting . . . Reading lists for the kids for the summer. I currently have about 25 books for each kid. Camden will burn through this list in 2-3 weeks. Rory will probably take all summer. Not because she isn't a good reader, but she tends toward lower level reading with girl themes . . . and I didn't pick anything like that out for her. And sixth grade = middle school. Need I say more?
*if anyone wants a copy, send me an email camdensmommy at gmail dot com

Finishing . . . grades 3 and 6. I would say these were tough grades from a social standpoint for both kids. Middle school is kind of the worst, and third grade girls are full of drama. Rory is full of drama. We're trying hard to teach that kindness and compassion are more important than popularity.

Admitting . . . summer break is my least favorite season. Social media tells us summer break is all rainbows and unicorns and magic. Finding childcare, balancing the fun with the boredom, constantly changing media limits, and p…

Third Grade is in the Books

Notice the blue lips. She is not cheerful at all.

No pictures of the last day of 6th grade because, well, middle school.


"Play is the work of a child." -Maria Montessori

When we were scrolling through these pictures, he was showing me the different pitches based on how he's holding the ball. I had no idea!

They were taking turns being the princess and bowing before the prince, but got self-conscious every time I turned the camera their way.
She is not as sad as she looks.

My favorite

Five on Friday (May 20)

(let's just go ahead and pretend I posted this on Friday)
1. We had a Saturday afternoon to ourselves so we visited a nearby park that was part of the Trail of Tears. I've never felt more like a parent as we tried to tell them the story of the Trail of Tears and make this long random stretch of woods with no landmarks seem interesting.

2. We've had an extra girl around our house this week. I've let Rory take over the mothering, and she kind of loves it. Pictures from this will have to reside in their own post because I overdid the picture taking, of course.

3. The life of a baseball family continues (it's all over next week) and we have lost a whole bunch of games in the last couple of weeks. As in, all of them. Still fun to watch (and Camden has pitched some great games - he recently pitched 65 balls and 51 were strikes), but it sure would be nice to win our last game or two.

4. I gave away all my cancer scarves to a new friend who has breast cancer. It was odd t…

The Green Machine

"If this bike weren't pink, it'd be perfect." -Camden
(One of Brian's garage sale purchases. Turns out, he's right on these garage sales . . . sometimes. And check out those short pants. Good thing it's the end of the school year.)

Five on Friday

I missed last week so I guess I have two weeks to catch up on . . .

1. No blog post last Friday because my computer crashed. Ugh. However, it's running fast and smooth with its new solid state drive so maybe that situation didn't turn out so badly. And as a result of losing the majority of my programs, I've finally upgraded to Photoshop CC (which I've had access to 2 years now). There is a serious learning curve, but it's kind of fun to learn something new. Well, fun after it's learned anyway.

2. I also missed last Friday's post because after Bible study Friday morning, Rory and I made a blink-and-you'll-miss-it trip to Missouri to visit with my parents and both sets of grandparents.

3. Evenings have been consumed with baseball, but I'm soaking it all up since this is Camden's last year of Little League. There is something just so adorable and quintessentially American about a baseball field full of boys (even the not-so-little ones) in the spri…