2011-Project 365, Week 40-48

Do not. I repeat, do not allow yourself to get 8 weeks behind on your Project 365. Because it is not fun trying to get caught up.

2011_week40 web


2011_week42 web

2011_week43 web

2011_week44 web

2011_week45 web

2011_week46 web

2011_week47 web

2011_week48 web


Unknown said…
You done good!
listgirl said…
You're amazing for getting all caught up! Wow!
renee82 said…
Goodness my dear! I think this is what happened to me last year... I got to about here and was so far behind that I gave up! I am in awe of your amazing P365!!!! It is gorgeous and I love those templates. You need to tell me where you got those. I feel like half the battle of this is fitting the pics in, but these templates seem to be perfect. Oh and I want to add that I would like to take photos just like you when I grow up. ;)
Would you like to garner a guess how far behind I am?! ;-)

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