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Starbucks frappucino for the first time in two weeks. Yes, the ultimate sign I'm feeling better. My stomach can handle coffee again. And even better - it's Thursday, which means I have approximately 8 hours to go before I'm off work for 3 days.

Still no layouts to share, but here's another funny Camden story. Brian always tells him stories before he goes to bed. Sometimes he makes up these elaborate stories, sometimes they're hunting stories (which Camden loves!), and sometimes Bible stories. Well, Sunday night he was telling him about Jonah and was saying that Jonah was running away from God. Camden gasped, and said, "But WHY was Jonah running from God? We LIKE God!"

I'm still here

I'm still around, just trying to get back into a routine. I came back to work yesterday, and haven't stopped! It's crazy around here. I went back to the doctor this morning and I'm still dehydrated so I'm trying to get in lots of water and gatorade. I feel pretty good, though, just very tired. I crashed at 9:00 last night and never knew when Brian came home or came to bed or even when the alarm went off this morning!

One funny Camden story. Brian fixed sourkrout (no idea how to really spell this!) Saturday night taking advantage of me not cooking or eating because I will not fix or eat that! Camden proudly ate his "sourcrap"! I didn't correct him.

He's been out of pull-ups for a week now, and he had two good nights, but ever since he's been wetting the bed so I think we're going back to pull-ups for a bit. Tell me how he can wake up 3-4 times a night to go potty when he's wearing a pull-up, but when he's got on underwear, he sleeps …


Well, I have had an eventful couple of days! I've been sick with an inner ear infection, strep throat, with a little bacterial stomach virus thrown in as a bonus. Fun! You know it's bad when I can't even make it to the computer! Hopefully, this medicine is going to kick in any minute now and I can start feeling back to normal, but for now I'm camped out in front of the T.V. eating jello.


I've discovered through this blog that I'm a complainer! Which is silly because I have plenty to be thankful for! Like my silly son who giggled his way through the evening last night. Not sure why, but he was so giggly and funny. We apparently should have taken the pull-ups off earlier because he slept all through the night for the second night in a row and was dry!

I'm working in registration again today. It's fairly busy today, which is a good thing. Yesterday was SLLLLOOOOOOWWWWW! The husband of one of the ladies brought us all Starbucks coffee, which is very sweet. What I couldn't bring myself to tell him is that I think coffee tastes like dirt if it's not drowned in a frappucino or a peppermint mocha. And there's no sugar here! I've taken one drink, but am not sure I can manage to drink any more. I'll have to wait until there's a break and "finish" it up.

Prison Break started last night. How nice to have something new to watch (besi…


I am so tired thsi morning. Do I begin all my posts this way? Worked Friday and Sunday so 5:30 this morning seemed to come a little too quickly.

The weekend was pretty good. Brian came into town and helped me get all my shopping done for events on campus this weekend. It was nice to have someone else lugging all that stuff around! We saw The Devil Wears Prada. I thought it was really cute. I think Brian barely tolerated it. We went out to eat, and it was pretty good. I had a grilled artichoke as my vegetable, but could not eat it. It was like trying to chew plastic! Saturday Brian went with his dad to work on deer stands. Camden was still at his Gram and Gramps house. I got my hair cut and grocery shopped. Camden came home Saturday afternoon and has been a brat (did I really just call him that?) ever since. He's been quite cranky and whiny all week long, and I think that being away spoiled him a bit so we're working on getting him back to his sweet self! He slept last night in…

Baby Sister

No one get excited. It's just a cute story, not an announcement. Brian and Camden were watching golf or football (not sure I care which) this week, and there was a cute commercial on with puppies. Brian asked Camden if he wanted a puppy (which he is NOT going to get), and Camden said, "no, I want a baby sister." How cute is that!

We're back to Camden's horrible summer sleeping habits. I think we're being paid back for all those times that parents told me their 3 year olds still didn't sleep through the night, and I thought in the back of my head that they must not be very consistent because otherwise, how could that be possible! We've had issues with this since May, but it had gotten a little better in the last couple of weeks, but this week has been horrible. He's up 3-5 times every night either going potty or wanting us to cover him up or just plain ready to get up and not happy when we tell him it's 1:00 a.m.! Last night he was up at 10:30 …


Well, Camden is better, but now I have it. He woke up bouncing off the walls this morning and couldn't wait to get back to school so I hope he has a good day. I'm sure he will. Here are two pages I did while on a Tylenol high last night.

Mommy, make me some good soup

This what Camden says to me when I called him last night. He burst into tears when I said hello to him and said, "mommy, make me some good soup." He threw up at school yesterday and apparently his teacher told him I would make him good soup. He was so pitiful. His lip quivered, his hand shook, and he was VERY emotionally fragile. He only threw up one more time last night, although he was up in the night many times. This morning he has a slight fever, but is acting much better. I'm at work half day today and then will head home at noon to take care of him and Brian will head to work. I'm very sorry he's sick, but happy to be heading home in a few hours!

Bad Day

It's 8:09 and a bad day already! My alarm didn't go off this morning. I drove the 40 miles to work in heavy, heavy rain and got here late. We're having a big dinner tonight at work for all employees and their families (that I'm in charge of) and we're supposed to be giving out t-shirts to all the kids. Called the t-shirt company this morning only to discover they had forgotten (how do you forget an order?) and so they're not printed. Good news is this guy was sooooooo upset and is going to give them to us free for our next event, but that doesn't help me out today! Oh, well. Nothing I can do about it at this point.

I've got a busy day ahead getting ready for this dinner tonight. My job involves lots of social events, and I really don't enjoy them at all. It is most definitely my least favorite part of my job!

Here are a couple of layouts from the weekend that I couldn't get to load yesterday.


I don't have much time to post, but wanted to go ahead and at least show up (mom, this is mostly for you since you check every day). We're very busy at work and students start arriving this week. I sat through a 4 hour meeting this morning, which was long enough to make my butt go to sleep and then just plain hurt! One very positive thing about today, though, is my great friend Kathy started work here, and I'm so excited! We were roommates in college, were in each other's weddings and she is one of my best friends, even though we often have gone 6 months without speaking! I have friends here at work, one in particular who is very dear to me, but there's just something about an old friend. You know each other's quirks and funny stories and history. I am so looking forward to having her here on campus.

Our weekend was quite uneventful and involved laundry, cleaning house, and finishing up the first season of 24. What a cliffhanger! I can't wait for season #2 …


In about two days time Camden has gone from wanting us to do everything for him to wanting to do it all by himself. He's very insistent! A funny story. This morning I was getting his clothes together and teasing him said, "Oh, no, you don't have any underwear." He looked at me and said, "Maybe we could help someone special." No idea how that fits in! Today is his last day with Mrs. Jennifer at school. He's had her for two years, and she is wonderful. He is clearly her favorite, and he loves her as well. When he was a baby, he would scream if she left his sight, so she would just take him everywhere with her. I'm so sad he's moving out of her class, but we're very pleased with his new teacher.

I did several layouts last night as well as trying my hand at making a sketch template. If you want it, you can download it here. Have a great weekend.

Teeth (take 2)

I'm an idiot. I just realized that my heading from yesterday was teeth, and then I never told the story! I am very excited because Brian and I are getting our teeth professionally whitened. This is definitely not something that we would normally spring for, but our cafeteria plan money expires in September and we've all had our normal physicals, dental visits, vision visits, and we still have leftover money. Brian is getting the professional strength Crest white strips, and I'm getting the bleaching treatment where they make custom molds of your teeth and then you fill with bleach and wear for a certain amount of time every day for a while (I don't have the specifics yet). I went yesterday to be fitted for the molds, and that was NOT fun! They couldn't find metal plates small enough for my mouth so they went to a youth size. Then they fill it with lots of nasty goo, and fit the plates over your bottom register and painfully press down until they're sealed. They…


I'm so tired this morning! I didn't go to bed until about 11 p.m. and got up at 5:30, but still that's like 6.5 hours of sleep so I should be all right. I think I need some caffeine. Might have to go try to round some up.

I'm busy at work these days, which is good. My job seems to be headed in a new direction, which is kind of exciting. I've always had my hand in the marketing publications department, but I'm spending more and more time with that as well as website design and upkeep.

Camden is three years old, and until two days ago, I don't think he really realized he could get out of his toddler bed by himself! When we first put him in it last December, we fully expected to have him getting up by himself, playing, etc. But no! He stayed put just like it was a crib. The last several weeks he has gotten up in the middle of the night to go potty, but he still won't leave his room. He stands in the doorway and yells, "Anyone? Anybody?" The last …

Smarty Pants

A couple of recent conversations with Camden.

Me: Camden, why don't you run and go potty before we leave.
Camden: We don't run in the house, mommy. (spoken in a very indignant tone)

In the church bathroom
Me: Camden, grab your stool so you can wash your hands.
Camden: It is not my stool, mommy. It is EVERYBODY'S. (spoken in the same indignant tone)

Apparently, he's going to be a smart aleck. Wonder where he gets that? Here's another fun conversation on the way home from school yesterday with Brian.

Camden: When I get to be a mans, can I drive the car, daddy?
Brian: Yes, when you are 16 years old.
Camden: Are you 16 years old?
Brian: No, I'm 30.
Camden: I want to be 30. I'm tired of being 3.

A couple of layouts from last night.
L Family Most everything from Amanda Rockwell's Quirky Cabernet kit. One of a Kind Jen Caputo sketch. Papers by Michelle Underwood Stitching by Gina Miller, alpha by Gina Cabrera


It’s Monday again! There’s just something about Monday mornings that is soooooo not fun! I usually start getting cranky about 7:00 p.m. on Sunday evenings knowing that Monday morning is headed my way. My Starbucks frappucino keeps me sane – my Monday morning ritual!

Our weekend was fun, but very hot! Friday I stayed home with Camden. He was very sweet all day. We grocery shopped, played, and made cookies. He was so proud of himself. I’m sure this is quite normal for a 3 year old, but this boy can ask more questions than you can imagine. And not only does he ask ALOT of questions, he repeats them over and over. So you can only imagine how question opportunities making cookies opened up. I was patient, but after it was over, I felt like I needed some alone time! Thank goodness Brian was home soon and I headed to Curves for 30 minutes of solitude.

We went to the rodeo Friday night. It didn’t start until 8 p.m., and the temperature had cooled off enough that it was pretty comfortable. I don…
Here are my layouts. Another slow day at work. Sigh. I should be grateful I get to scrap, but sometimes I'm just tired of pretending to be busy. When it's slow at work, and I'm just passing time, it makes it seem to useless to be away from Camden! Summers are usually slow here. Things will kick into gear in the next week or so.

CUTENESS - credits here COUSINS - credits here
LOGAN - credits here


It is so hot! I know it's hot everywhere, but I'm just ready for some fall weather. Upper 90's for days on end is too much. Last night at 10 p.m. it was still 92 out!

I went to lunch yesterday with my friend Tina and had some great Mexican food. I've been pretty good about my food choices this week. I worked out at Curves 3 days this week and hope to get another workout in over the weekend.

Today is my favorite day of the week! When I leave work at 4:00, I don't come back for three whole days! Camden is very excited to hear we're going to a "radio" tomorrow night. He went and found his old cowboy hat, which is way too small, and wants to ride the horse on daddy's foot constantly. He also likes to ride the bull - counts to 8 and then falls off. I think he'll have a great time.

It's tax-free weekend in Tennessee, so we're going shopping on Saturday. Okay, we had already planned to go shopping and then discovered it was tax-free weekend. Bri…


Catchy title, eh?

This was Camden's prayer last night at supper. "Dear Jesus, thank you for the food. Thank you for me. Amen." Funny, and maybe a bit selfish (yes, he's an only child). Of course, when we pray with him at night, we always say "thank you for Camden" so he's just repeating us. He's been having bloody noses several times a week during the night. Last night he had one, but didn't wake up so when he got up this morning, his face was nasty. I took him to the bathroom to clean him up, and he was petrified to see himself in the mirror. He is pretty obsessive about being dirty anyway - drives him crazy. I'm sure that trait has nothing to do with the fact that his mommy was obsessive about keeping him clean when he was a baby/toddler. Once he got over being scared, he thought it was kind of cool, and kept making lots of faces at himself.

The power in our entire city went out last night for a couple of hours. They said it's because of…
Not much to say today, but I wanted to post these few layouts from the weekend.

TUCKERED OUT Burlap accents by Gina Cabrera. Everything else from a Kim Christensen blog freebie. WORKIN' THE POLE
Everything here from Michelle Underwood's Tropical Funk kit.
SUMMER FUNStitching by Amanda Rockwell. Alpha by Dani Mogstad. Everything else by Dianne Rigdon.