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Our Okie Fall Break

Everyone was on fall break at the same time this year so Brian, the kids, and I hopped in the car for a drive to Oklahoma to see Becky and the boys. While I've been to OK on my own, Brian and the kids haven't been for 4-5 years. Here's how we spent the days:
Day 1: Will Rogers home place

Day 2: Mother Road Market, The Gathering Place, and a football game. We also picked up coffee and visited a Mexican bakery with .70 cent churros.

Day 3: the girls visited Pawhuska (otherwise known at the homeplace of The Pioneer Woman) while the boys went on a hike and then played video games for hours. We browsed around the shops (the crowds were crazy), ate potato and leek pizza with the best garlic knots you'll ever eat, drank a spicy cowgirl iced coffee which was insanely delicious. It was a really fun day and I think Rory enjoyed a little time away from the boys.

Five on Friday (October 11, 2019)

It's October 11 and Tennessee has finally, finally, finally cooled off a bit (last week we were still in the 90's). It's the hottest September on record in TN. All 4 of the Lewis family members listed cooler weather on our list of things we were thankful for this week.
1. Brian's 98 year old grandfather passed away mid-September so we made a quick trip to east TN. This is our fourth funeral of 2019 and while they are all sad, the time with family has been a blessing.

2. Three days after returning from east TN, I left the house at 3:45 a.m. to catch a flight to Orlando with my co-workers for the annual D6 conference. Brian joined me the next morning (and he left the house even earlier!).

3. Three days after returning from Orlando, I spent the day at Vanderbilt for my third round of my current chemo drug. Thankfully, this round has been significantly easier than the previous two (although I woke up vomiting two mornings in a row so not necessarily a walk in the park). A…