Friday, July 31, 2009

Back to Work

I'm headed back into the working world this morning. I'm helping out a behavior analyst with some clerical work for her business. She's a friend of a friend so it's pretty casual. I'll be working today and 3 days next week and then possibly continuing on a regular basis one day a week. It seemed like a good idea, but getting up this morning, actually showering and getting ready first thing in the morning is going to take some getting used to! :)

The kids played and played yesterday - they were so happy to be back at home with all their familiar toys. We had a successful shopping trip last night although I'm still on the hunt for some size 6 slim khaki pants for Camden (reasonably priced). His school uniform is pretty easy (khaki pants or shorts and solid or striped polos), but finding slim pants are always a challenge.

Our weekend is pretty full of laundry and running errands for me, working on church and school work for Brian, and nothing but playing for the kids.

BTW, if you're a scrapper, Traci Reed has a ton of free stuff popping up on her blog over the next few days in celebration of her birthday.

Dani Mogstad: Imagi-Nation

Lauren Grier: One Step Closer (available 8/1 at SSD)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


If you're close to a Cheesecake Factory, all slices are 50% off today. This one is my favorite!

Home Again

We're home! After 10 hours in the car yesterday, the kids were ecstatic to get home! Rory immediately ran to her room, put on her "pip pops" (a.k.a. flip flops) and loaded up her stroller and started playing. They're clearly worn out because they're both still in bed at 8:10 and I have a feeling they'll like having a slow day at home. Brian has in-service today, while I'll spend the day unpacking and getting the house in order again. Tonight we're hitting Opry Mills mall for the last of our back to school clothes shopping. (by the way, if you want a Gap/Old Navy/PiperLime 30% coupon, just shoot me an email at camdensmommy @ gmail dot com - it's good until August 2)

I was a bad parent/scrapper/photographer and took very few pics this past week. In fact, this is pretty much all of them!

We celebrated Camden's birthday a 2nd time with Grandma and Grandpa.

This expression pretty much describes his mood the whole time we were in IL.

Rory's favorite accessory: sunglasses.

Grandma and Rory (this is my mom for those of you who don't know)

Grandpa (a.k.a. my dad) and the kids on the tractor

Wearing her barn boots and very messy pigtails

I just snapped this one quickly without much thought, but I kinda like how it turned out:
Uncle Matt is holding Rory (with boots on) then Camden and my dad are sitting next to each other.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Here in Illinois

Just wanted to pop in and say that we're here and having a good time. We learned the hard way that the air conditioner in the car needed to be recharged and spent a very long hot bumpy (tires needed to be rotated and balanced as well) 9 hours in the car with a constipated 2 year old whose only entertainment was the one Dora DVD I managed to bring with us. I absolutely plan to shop for another one (or two or three) while we're here. Oh, and did I mention the hyper 6 year old who was so excited to be going to Grandma and Grandpa's house that the carseat could hardly contain him?

We went to my mom and dad's church Sunday morning and thoroughly enjoyed it. Brian even attended the singles and 20's service Saturday night with my brother so he got a double dose of church this weekend.

Brian, Camden, and my dad and brother went for an all-day trail ride today so the girls went on a "Big Girl Date" in Rory's words. It involved shopping, of course, trying on lots of cool shoes that we cannot afford, drooling over even more expensive purses, and testing out new perfumes, followed by picking up Whitey's ice cream to take home for after supper.

Tomorrow Brian and I have date plans and are going out for lunch, then to see the new Harry Potter movie (or Harry Popper if you ask Rory) while the kids get some alone time with the grandparents.

I've taken a few pictures, but didn't bring the connector to upload them to the computer so you'll have to wait until we get home.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday's Random List

Just a few things about the kids this week.
  • Rory's been saying in a pitiful voice, "I don't feel berry good, mama." After I make the appropriate sympathetic comments, she moves on with her day full force with whatever she was doing.
  • I must hear "You be the baby; I be the mama" 100 times a day. This week, though, there was a twist. Rory said, "I be Dora; you be Boots." We've also added, "I be the doctah; you be Rory." this week.
  • The house is officially no longer big enough to contain Camden's energy. He runs, he jumps, he ninja fights, he plays Stars Wars. He throws balls and when he gets in trouble for throwing balls and playing dodge ball in the house, he moves on to throwing stuffed monkeys and blankets and other toys. He walks around with a belt on, his play gun and holster hooked on the belt, a brown stick thing he's had since he was 2 in his hand and a patch over his eye (because pirates are now cool in our house). The new thing this week is piling up every pillow/blanket/stuffed animal in the house and jumping off the couch over the pile. Only problem is we don't let them jump on the furniture and they've been in trouble MANY times this week about this! After Camden got in trouble for it, he moved on to just facilitating Rory jumping. I have definitely found myself trying to balance letting him have a good time and be a kid with salvaging my furniture and other breakables in the house! Kindergarten cannot come soon enough.
  • Rory has started calling things "nummy" instead of "yummy." We don't do baby talk so I think she's mispronouncing it. I have no plans to correct her because it's too cute, and she's already losing some of the baby talk. This week I noticed that instead of saying "I wub you," she's moved on to "love."
  • Rory is finally starting to catch on to the whole color thing. I've seriously thought she was color blind because of the amount of time we've spent on colors and how clueless she's been, but she is starting to get it. She can identify green and orange part of the time, and she is SOOOOO proud of herself when she gets it right.
  • When I told Rory that Grandma was going to be making a birthday cake for Camden, she immediately said, "well what is Grandpa making me?" (and I've now heard this question about 100 times in the last 2 days)
  • At the movie last night, when the screen "tells" you Thank you for silencing your cell phones, Rory said "You're welcome!"
  • Camden was a pretty big fan of the Ice Age movie last night. He loved the first two as well. Of course, the thing he picked up on and repeated over and over was the line, "I thought you were a female" - probably not the most appropriate moment.
We're headed out of town for a quick trip to Illinois so I don't know how much time I'll spend on the computer in the next few days. I'll admit to not being thrilled about getting back in the car for a 9 hour drive with the 2 kids after doing it 2 months ago, but I'm very happy to spend a couple of days with my parents, and the kids could not be more thrilled. I rented some Dora DVD's from the library in the hopes that Rory will actually use the DVD player we bought for her. She is still not a TV fan, unless it's Dora and Boots. Camden, of course, will be glued to whatever DVD we play.

She thinks "smile" means squeeze your eyes closed.

She LOVES these sunglasses.
Her ensemble yesterday: "pip pops" that are too big that she just scoots around in them; the ever-present towel; the stick/sword thing she stole from Camden; the beaded necklace that is her everyday jewelry; and the gun (just what every 2 year old needs).

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just a quickie today.

Last night's cheesecake and girl talk was lots of fun (made even better by the fact that church was canceled so we got to go early and have more time!). Rory could not understand why she couldn't go since she's a girl too.

Because we're headed out of town tomorrow, I've spent the morning, packing, vacuuming, dusting, etc. so that we won't come back to a pig pen. I think we're going to take the kids to see Ice Age 3 tonight. Camden has been begging to see it ever since he first saw the trailer months ago, and it's at our local cheap theater.

And one page I finished yesterday.

Traci Reed: Walkin' on Sunshine
BTW, I've now used this kit for 3 pages. It's definitely a keeper!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Better Day

I cannot even tell you how much better our day was yesterday. Camden and Rory played so well together. I'm not sure we had any big arguments or tantrums all day long. And it was so good to see Camden make good choices. At one point, I told him I was really proud of him, and he said, "Well, of course. I prayed all about it in my room last night. But I didn't pray for Rory; just me." Because they played so well, I was able to get 5 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded, and put away (including putting the clothes line outside to use), used the treadmill, fixed supper and even baked a blackberry crumble using fresh blackberries.

On the agenda today is making a meal for a funeral (I'm doubling the recipe so we'll have dinner ready as well); packing up the kid's clothes for a weekend trip; and general house work. Tonight after church I'm going out with some friends for cheesecake so I guess that means I should get on the treadmill at some point today.

Rachel Young/Traci Murphy: Love in the Rain

Zoe Pearn: You Rock

Where should you vacation?

I took this little vacation quiz for the SSD blog challenge. Sounds pretty good to me!

You Should Spend Your Summer in Europe

You're in to almost all forms of culture - art, music, architecture, food...

And spending a summer at the beach sounds pretty darn boring to you.

So head off to Europe, where you can have your tiramisu (and even eat it on the beach!)

Free Starbucks

Yesterday kinda kicked my butt (can I say that?). Brian was gone all day helping his dad out and I had the two kids alone. Not only are they used to having both of us around (which means a little more entertainment/variety for them), but we had to go grocery shopping, which Camden HATES. Yes, I do realize most people do this alone every day, but I've gotten kinda used to having help. Camden decided yesterday was the day to bring out all his bad 6-year old behavior. He was hateful to me, bossy with Rory, and just downright disobedient all day. And this was on top of his normal hyper wiggle worm personality. I can't even tell you how many times he was in time-out. And I wasn't patient. Not even a little bit. A day later I can fully admit that the day probably would have gone a little more smoothly if I could have taken a step back and dialed back my own attitude. But I didn't. And he didn't. And so the day was not fun. Hopefully today will be a bit better. Brian has in-service 3 out of the next 4 days so we all better get used to it.

I've already started my day off with Starbucks. You can print this coupon if you want to join me for a free pastry with your coffee.

There was no scrapping time yesterday, but I did finish up several pages over the weekend. And have I mentioned I've added two more creative teams in the last week? I was pretty excited to get emails from Traci Reed and Rachel Young last week. You can see their designs here and here.

Lauren Grier/Shawna Clingerman: BFF

Traci Reed/Meghan Mullens: 10 Things

Kitty Designs: Happy Birthday

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend in Pics

We have had absolutely fabulous (fall-like) weather this past several days. Our highs have been in the 70's with sunshine, and we've spent lots of time outside. Here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday.

Not happy about something

You can always count on Camden to be silly

Yes, that is a silo you see on his head

Somehow I think Rory's getting the hard job

When they start to get bored, I'll yell out "On your mark, get set, go"
and they race around the house. Brings a smile to their face almost every time.

Getting ready for a water balloon fight with Camden, Brady, and Ashton

Pretty sure he was running away from the water

She took a little tumble

Waiting for the balloons

I think she got wet!

A little front yard soccer game
We decided to take a trip to the zoo Saturday (along with the rest of Nashville) and see the parts we missed several weeks ago. The zoo was so crowded and I'm glad we had warned the kids ahead of time that we wouldn't be staying too long. After the zoo, we ate at McDougals for lunch (if you're in Nashville, you've got to give them a try!) and took advantage of the outdoor seating.

At the historic site at the zoo

This was the best I could get - Rory was not in the mood.

This one turned out a little better

Back home and outside again. Camden has temporarily forgotten about baseball.

Their game faces

Brian is painting his dad's barn today so the kids and I are headed to the grocery store (something I haven't had to do alone with the kids since summer began!). Why is it that the house gets destroyed over the weekend? I should probably do something about that today too.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Friday

Brian got to play Mr. Mom yesterday while I went to Nashville for a much-needed haircut and ran lots of errands. It was nice to be out and not worry about strollers, car seats, (whiny kids), etc. He and the kids cleaned out the basement while I was gone. Well, he cleaned; they pulled things out as fast as he could get them put away. We then spent the afternoon/evening playing some of Camden's new games he received for his birthday. This one from Aunt Becky is our favorite so far.

On today's agenda: a youth group activity for Brian, a going-away party tonight, and possibly a zoo trip tomorrow. We've been gone every day this week so I'd like to just stay at home today (a.k.a. stay in p.j.'s and scrap), but we'll see.

Traci Reed: Scrumptious

Traci Reed: Belly Flop

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Birthday pics

Two tired but happy boys arrived home late yesterday afternoon (camping pictures coming your way soon). Based on the way Camden hung all over me for the rest of the day, I'm pretty sure he missed me. We had pizza, cake and ice cream to celebrate his birthday, and he was a happy boy.

the birthday boy

Mommy and the birthday boy

(a worn out) daddy and the birthday boy

Rory looks thrilled, doesn't she?

waiting for the cake

blowing out candles

the cake!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Camden!

How could he possibly be 6? Time flies by so quickly. Seems like just yesterday that we celebrated his first birthday, and now he's 6. This year, especially, I've been thinking about his birth parents. I know they are on the other side of the world remembering their time with him. I am more grateful than they'll ever realize for the gift of Camden.

July 15, 2004

A few things about Camden at 6:
  • He has had a fabulous time with Brian on their father/son camping trip. Every time I've talked to him he's been brimming with stories and in such a good mood. Brian says he asks over and over to go on an adventure. He's one of those kids that is so easy to please. Every meal is his favorite; every little treat or special activity is the best thing he's ever done. I love that about him and hope he keeps up that attitude about life.
  • He recently informed us that he hates the number 4. According to him, it's so boring. It's always 1, 2, 3, then 4.
  • He loves to be read to. Doesn't matter if it's a baby book, a girly book, etc. He just likes books. His favorites are the Magic Treehouse chapter books and the Froggy books. And if I'm tired of reading out loud, he'll sit with the book and try to figure out the words on his own.
  • He takes forever to fall asleep; he flips, he flops, and is in constant movement. He also grinds his teeth.
  • His favorite toy is a mini set of Magnetix that he received as a gift several years ago. It's missing most of the pieces by now, but he still pulls it out every single day. (we're replacing it with a bit set for his birthday)
  • Favorite dessert: ice cream with a cherry and chocolate on top; favorite food: McDonald's Happy Meal; favorite cereal: Lucky Charms; favorite color: white, gold and silver (yes, really)
  • He loves baseball. He's sad that baseball isn't a year-round sport.
  • He still loves to cuddle on your lap even though he no longer fits on my lap! Brian still lets him sit on his lap even though he's big enough that it kinda hurts!
  • He's very much a touchy/feely kind of boy. He loves hugs and kisses and when he sits next to you, he gets as close as possible.
  • The first words out of his mouth every morning are "what's for breakfast" quickly followed by "what time did I get up?" (he's obssessed with knowing what time it is).
  • His favorite people in the world are his daddy, his grandpa, and his Uncle Michael. This hasn't changed from the time he was very young!
  • While he may not always get along with Rory (that's putting it mildly), he is very protective of her when we're out and about.
  • He definitely has a temper and his self-control is not very good, but he is still the best 6 year old I know.
Happy Birthday, Camden!