Sewing for a Sibling

Catchy title, right? Did I make anyone do a double take?

Of course, this isn't for us! Not only do I not sew, but I'm 100% sure we are no longer eligible to adopt from anywhere. But my friend Laura, who has a sweet Korean daughter, is in the process of adopting a brother/sister for their little Olivia. She is raising funds by making these adorable appliqued shirts. You can read all the details here.

She made this monogrammed shirt for Rory, and I just adore it. The shirts would make perfect Christmas gifts/birthday gifts or you can buy one for no other reason than just cause they're so darn cute. You can be sure that Rory will be sporting another one soon.



Joyce said…
Very cute!
Renee T. said…
ok- the sibling word was definitely catchy in your title!
The Rory shirt is so fun! I'm sure it's hard to find cute stuff for her with her name on it. Of course, I can never find anything with my daughter's name Blake on it...just boy Blake stuff. And, for my son Pierce-- there is never anything I can find..I'm sure it's the same for Camden. I'll have to look into those custom shirts like Rory has :)


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