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Corona Diary #4

(obviously, this is old news; I just never hit publish on this post)
It is increasingly difficult for everyone (adults most definitely included) to get up and moving each morning. Even Brian, who is an extreme morning person, sleeps until nearly 6 (which is unheard of for him). I begin work (from home) each morning at 8 but my standard of what constitutes getting ready for work is lower each week. We might miss a lot of things about our pre-shelter-at-home days, but I cannot be convinced that there is anything better than a slow morning. I will be working from home for the rest of May.
The kids will finish schoolwork Friday and who knows how they will fill their time for the summer since every activity is canceled. I do know that they're ready for a break.
I read two 5-star books last week. The kind you can't quit and whose characters stay with you for days. The first is the One in a Million Boy by Monica Woods. Sad but sweet with a redemption story. The second is Long Bright…