Saturday, November 19, 2016

SIx on Saturday (November 19)

1. I think I've mentioned the What Should I Read Next podcast before, but if not, here is official notice that this podcast has become a must-listen for me. This week the podcast aired a 5-part series on kid and YA literature, and Camden and I both have enjoyed making a new list of must-read books. Camden and Rory have slowed down on recreational reading in recent months, but I think this will get them back on track.

2. Thanksgiving break could not come quickly enough. We are limping along, and I am looking forward to a break.

(after school Thursday afternoon)

3. Camden's official basketball debut was . . . uneventful? Uneventful isn't totally true since all 4 games were nail biters, but he didn't play. Not surprising since he and the 2 other 7th graders are low men on the totem pole. It was still fun to watch, and he looked official. I did not take a single picture.

(from tip-off last week)

4. My parents were here for a visit this week, and I did not take a picture. Again. Which means I don't have photographic evidence of the fact that Camden was *not* taller than my dad when they visited last month, but has now passed him up. I cannot get over how tall he is.

(notice where his shoulder is in relation to my face!) 

5. The Lewises have been passing around sore throats and colds this week. I spent 2 days with absolutely no voice. As a result, I canceled my scheduled activities for Friday and worked around the house completing all domestic chores so that we could have free time today. Last night we made pizza and watched The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings. All 1600 hours of it. Today, Camden is working on a team building community project planting 82 trees at his school; Brian is spending the morning at a local coffee shop working on lesson plans so he doesn't have to work during Thanksgiving break; Rory and I are having ourselves a little shopping trip so she can spend the birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.

6. We've been waiting for scan and bloodwork results, and when they finally came in late Wednesday night, they were not as good as we hoped. How *not good* they are remains to be seen, but the wording from the radiologist was definitely different and unfortunately included phrases such as "new spots," "increased size," and "lymph nodes." I see Dr. C on November 28 to discuss how we want to proceed. Big sigh. There's always something to be thankful for: I am feeling physically better than I have in a while and my mind has been at peace, even after the news.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Five on Friday (November 11)

1. So the election was weird, right? Brian and I were not with her or for him, which leaves us in a strange position. Obviously, someone had to win, but I feel an odd sense of sadness. In the few days since Tuesday, I have personally seen the ramifications of someone in power using angry, harsh, and offensive language. I have seen it embolden young people to speak their mind, and it hasn't been pretty. It's all well and good to push away the crazy you see on social media and decide those situations must be extreme, not the norm. It's entirely different when people you know and love are experiencing racial tension made worse by the words of our president-elect. It was one of my proudest moments when Camden spent several hours working on a way to address racial slurs in his classroom. It was one of my saddest moments as a parent when he cried in frustration after talking to other 7th graders in his homeroom. Instead of making headway, they turned their ridicule on him. Standing up for right against the crowd is not easy for anyone. Standing up for right when you are 13 years old is almost an impossible task.

2. Camden's first basketball game is tonight (just an in-school scrimmage to gear them up for the bona fide first game next week), and he has officially declared baseball to be dead to him. Basketball now holds his heart. Late practices are less than convenient for family life, but we're making it work. Instead of basketball practice wearing him out, Camden comes home from 13-hour days invigorated, chatty, and full of more energy than when he left. Aunt Liz coaches the girls team at school and, because of scheduling, he has been participating with the JV and Varsity girls (sometimes having an aunt at school is a very good thing). If you're counting, that's 4 hours of practice per day. And he's loving it. Rory? Not loving that he's gone every waking moment.

3. I don't think I mentioned it here when it happened, but in September my CA125 went up significantly. This week I had an endoscopy, scan, and bloodwork. I'm sure I will hear results today, and I'm hoping it's all much ado about nothing.

4. My stance on Christmas music is firmly in the camp of only after Thanksgiving. However, this week, I've found myself listening to new Christmas music from Christy Nockels (The Thrill of Hope) and Leslie Odom Jr. (Simply Christmas). Both albums are beautifully mellow. They also remind me just a bit of our day at the silos last weekend (which had lovely Christmas music piped throughout the space).

5.  Brian is off work for Veteran's Day (but our kids have regular school) so we're going to take the opportunity to go out for lunch, begin sprucing up our bedroom (hurray!) and making Christmas lists. I am looking forward to a weekend full of family with some birthday cake and Mexican food thrown in for good measure.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Food Network/HGTV kind of birthday

So, this happened last week.






(this whole selfie thing is not nearly as easy as everyone else makes it look)







I don't know what you think this bottle looks like, but it is actually the most delicious cold brew I have ever had the pleasure of drinking.


Not only was it the annual birthday weekend, but Becky and I took it to another level by visiting not just Ree Drummond's (otherwise known as Pioneer Woman) new Mercantile but also the silos (as in the Chip and Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper silos)!

The Pioneer Woman can make a mean snickerdoodle cookie, and the Mercantile was as cute as it could be.  While we didn't see Ree herself, we did see many of her family members. Despite encouragement from the fun greeter, we refrained from asking for a photo because we are absolutely not comfortable with our selfie game. See photo proof above. Our friend Loren went with us (it has become somewhat of a tradition), and we finished out the afternoon with dinner at Frank & Lola's.

Friday involved shopping, standing in line for an hour for Burn BBQ (absolutely worth it), plenty of coffee, and more shopping. We finished the day with pie at Antoinette with Micah, William, and Xavier. Do you see a theme here of food, coffee, and dessert?

Bright (and much too early) Saturday morning, Becky and I drove to Waco to visit Magnolia Market. I have to say that the silos did not disappoint; the grounds were immaculate and just as beautiful as I had imagined. Everyone else in the state of Texas was there with us, and we stood in a lot more lines for lunch and cupcakes. Because we're not as young as we used to be, we crawled our way back to Dallas to crash overnight and then managed to make a trip to not one but two airports Sunday morning. Thank goodness we had just enough time to drop me off at the correct airport.

Next year's trip destination is Nashville. It will be hard to live up to Pioneer Woman and Fixer Upper, but I have all year to plan.