Thanksgiving, Part 2

So writing this post a little closer to Thanksgiving probably would have been a good idea because (1) I would have remembered alot more details (although you're probably glad I'm not including them and (2) okay, totally can't remember the reason I thought there were two reasons. Chemo brain. And forgive all the quality issues with the pictures. There is no time to edit pictures and post them, so I'm just posting.

Tuesday my brother brought lunch to us as well as Whiteys, the best ice cream you'll ever have. My go-to is a chocolate oreo malt. And super-hero Matt also watched all three boys while the girls went shopping for maternity clothes for Liz.


Wednesday night we had a family and friend baby shower for Liz so mom (a.k.a. grandma) gave all the kids chores to do while Becky and I ran to the salon so I could get my eyebrows waxed. Big milestone, people! We also had a photo shoot with the 4 cousins that is cute enough to deserve it's own post.

Super cute cake for Baby Addison

Elizabeth opening presents. Pretty much the only shot I got. Yes, I'm a loser as a shower photographer.

A friend from high school brought her kids to the shower specifically so they could meet me since they pray for me every night. Rory was in heaven with new friends to play with (Brian, Uncle Matt and Grandpa had taken the 3 boys for a train ride and ice cream).

Thursday was Thanksgiving. There was a whole lot of family around, which was chaotic and fun. We even took a big family picture (post on that at a later date).

Rory helping Aunt Dana make rolls.

After the Thanksgiving meal, the younger ones headed outside for a little activity. Handstands came first.

Then a few family pictures.


Next up was football.


Believe it or not, there are 3 boys in this picture.



Even the horses got in on a little football.

And speaking of horses. . .





At almost dark, some of us decided we'd had too much to eat and needed to walk it off. A 3-mile walk helped. Thank you, Becky, for the picture.

Friday Becky and I did a little Black Friday shopping despite neither of us sleeping the night before. We ended up with a few things for the kids, but the big purchase was for me (once again, post about that later). Starbucks was also involved. Twice. But only because they made our drinks really disgusting the first time. Mom and dad had a bonfire and weiner roast for the kids (Becky took pictures of that for me), and there was another long cold walk after dinner.

William and Xavier kind of liked having Camden to read to them. They would escape to the bedroom and their sleeping bags and read to their heart's content. Just so you know, I was standing on top of the bed to take this picture and nearly fell. ;) I did manage to fall twice outside and twisted my ankle, but saved my camera and lens.


The kids also did a little horseback riding, but this is what happens when you're lazy and hand the camera over to Aunt Liz.


We put the kids in their coordinating Christmas p.j.'s and took a quick picture. The kids were troopers because it was like a frozen tundra out there.

And Grandma reading one last story on the final night. We also introduced the kids to The Cosby Show during this trip, although I think the adults laughed more than the kids.

Oh, and we managed to take some pictures of the 4 siblings although don't look too closely because all the girls are wearing p.j.'s underneath their coats.

Yes, I am not only the oldest, but the shortest. With the least amount of hair.

Phew, anyone else tired? But I feel much better about myself now that these are posted. Now if I didn't have a dozen other posts in the works waiting to be posted.

And in case I didn't mention it here earlier, it was a wonderful week filled with family, fun, lots of good food, and a whole lot of laughter. Might have been the best Thanksgiving ever.


best thanksgiving ever? I can see why. Looks like a great time with family! And this is the first time I've seen your hair growing in! Amazing how it can grow while you're getting chemo!
Becky said…
oh my stars, you are killing me!! great recap, made Micah read it with me to look at the pictures and such. It was a great Thanksgiving, one of the best ever definitely! So many happy memories. Love you! and I did not know about the almost falling off the bed. the horse riding picture made me laugh out loud!
Joyce said…
LOVED the pictures and your commentary.
Amy said…
Love all of the pictures! It does look like the best Thanksgiving ever!
bodegalee said…
Melissa, GORGEOUS pics of you and your family.... what fun! Thanks for sharing!
I love seeing your hair!!!

And holy cow, these are amazing photos. You either figured out white balance or worked some sort of PP magic. They all came out fabulous!

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