Well, either hydrocodone works better than Percocet (despite what the doctor tells me) or I'm feeling a bit better today. Either way, I feel a little more like myself and less like a burning ball of pain. (how's that for a description LOL) I actually talked to my nurse about some different pain meds yesterday because I felt so awful, but apparently a doctor can't just call in a prescription for stronger pain meds so she suggested I come into the ER and ask for it. And if that doesn't make you feel like a druggie, I don't know what will. Well, the look the pharmacist gives you when you ask if it's okay to take a sleeping pill along with the Percocet just might do it too. What can I say. The Percocet doesn't make me sleepy or even give me a little slur in my speech. LOL

I've been spending my days rewatching Downton Abbey in preparation for the new season starting in early January, reading this new YA book, trying to catch some on-line sales, and watching the kids play their new Just Dance Kids Wii game. They are hilarious! Camden is such a perfectionist that he tries his best to get it all right while Rory just giggles uncontrollably through the entire thing. I love it.

Brian's goal was to take each kid out individually for a little on-on-one time during his break. Last week he took Camden out for Target practice. Not only did I miss a picture of it, but according to Brian and his dad, Camden was quite good at hitting targets. Today he asked Rory what she wanted to do and she chose going out to eat Chinese so they're out for a few hours. I wonder when he's going to take this girl out for a date.

Camden giving it his all on Who Let the Dogs Out

giggling while watching Brian give dancing a try

ready for their date


I'm glad to hear you're getting some least a little. Here's hoping you will feel good enough to have a date with Brian soon!
KrisJ said…
Thinking of you girl! Looks like the kids had a great Christmas. We got just dance too and it is just to much fun watching the kids!!
How did I miss this?! I think you need a date night too! And I think we need video of this Wii game in action!

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