Monday, February 29, 2016

Snapshot: Rory

Eight years ago today (yes, on leap year) in a little elevator shaft on the other side of the world, we welcomed a sobbing 17-month old into our family. Rory Katherine SaRang is giggling sprite of a girl, and we are blessed to be her parents. In honor of Rory's 8th Family Day, here's a little snapshot in her honor.

Reading . . . now that she's moved past pretending to love reading just because Camden does, her reading is more academic. As in, we strongly encourage reading time rather than her doing much reading for pleasure. She does like the Mandie book series, and just finished Tuesdays at the Castle and Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George. She also picks up my blog books on a nearly daily basis to read.

Watching . . . we recently watched High School Musical together, and I can't count how many times she's watched it since. She also loves Just Add Magic (an Amazon original) and American Girl movies.

Learning . . . to cook. She is fairly obsessed with helping me bake (and doing it on her own) these days. Saturday she made pancakes from scratch with absolutely no help from the adults in the household. And cleaned up, of course.

Developing . . . into a tween girl obsessed with her hair and clothes. There's definitely more tween than little girl in her these days. She loves her scarves and boots the most.

Trying . . . desperately to learn how to do a cartwheel. She has not had much luck so far.

Celebrating . . . with cupcakes and bibimbop.

 Still . . . singing at the top of her lungs, not cleaning her room, dreaming about princes, giggling uncontrollably

Favorites . . . red (color), fried chicken (this was news to me), How You Love Me Anyway (song), telling Camden what to do (past time)

I look just like Dre, don't I? As in, Dre from The Karate Kid (the movie she will watch over and over and over).


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

53/366: Camden's Turn

Camden did not escape the sick germs despite our best efforts. He woke up with a 102.7 fever Monday morning so I took him straight to the doctor where he was diagnosed with strep. A few doses of antibiotic in his system, and I don't know that he's 100% but he's certainly better.

Better enough to have a tooth pulled this morning. Poor kid!

He told me that it was really good to have extra time to spend with me, he was not a fan of missing school.


We've kept ourselves extraordinarily busy with sick kiddos, last minute visit from grandparents, church events, baseball tryouts (we said never again . . . but we did it anyway), church planting conference (Brian). Tomorrow night we're taking a trip to the Nashville Children's Theater and this weekend we'll celebrate 8 years as a family of 4. Rory hasn't let me in on the plans yet, but I am fairly certain eating Korean food will be on the agenda.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Under the Weather

Rory and I both are finishing this week a little under the weather. Her under-the-weather is nothing that a little extra sleep, her pink bathrobe, and an iPad can't fix. My under-the-weather involved a trip to the doctor this morning and an ulcer in my throat. It's just about as fun as it sounds. The doctor's official recommendations were rest, fluids, and don't talk.

That sounds kind of like an introvert's dream, right?


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Blogging, Not Blogging

Blogging feels awkward these days.

Not blogging feels a bit like abandoning an old friend.

In this season of life it doesn't feel necessary to jot down every cute quip (and that's only partially because they don't say nearly as many cute things). The kiddos (even that is strange - can I still call a 12 and 9 year old kiddos?) are more likely to say "don't put that on your blog!" Rory still likes the attention, but Camden is feeling the need for privacy.

But they also still love to read my words. Not a week goes by that they don't pull out blog books from previous years and pore over the pictures and words. Rory giggles and retells the stories; Camden quietly takes in the tougher subjects.

Here's the truth. I have less to share because life is both busy and unexciting at the same time. I cannot distinguish between what is important to remember and what will be meaningless in 20 years when Camden and Rory are grown with families of their own.

There is also this: the presentation of his back when the camera comes out. 
(hot chocolate and hot tea on a snow day last week)

Another sign Camden and Rory are growing up? They stayed at home all by their lonesome for two full work days this week. I just could not find a babysitter and maybe it was time to flex their independence muscle. Mostly, they were bored despite the very long "to do" list they requested.

I am home all alone this Wednesday for the first time in weeks, and it is blissful. I've popped in my earbuds and have been working my way through favorite podcasts while I clean and straighten. Last week I had the privilege of starting off a work day by sitting in on a Skype call with Singapore and ended the day in a creative planning meeting for the D6 Conference. Last night, we celebrated our team and listened to Robby Gallaty's incredible testimony and challenge. 

Life could definitely be worse.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016


On Monday afternoons, Brian and Camden play racquetball at a nearby gym which leaves Rory and I to fend for ourselves. Most Mondays, that just means I work on preparing supper while they're gone, but this week we took advantage of the unseasonable 70 degree weather and sunshine. She is a big fan of riding her bike in the road (and we don't take her out often enough . . . an unfortunate by-product of being the second child I guess).



Monday, February 01, 2016

Weekend Lens: January 29-31

I took very few pictures over the weekend, but we certainly enjoyed having my parents around for a couple of days. The weather was insanely pretty for January, and there were lots of footballs and baseballs thrown. It was a fast and furious trip with a busy Sunday, but this week's schedule looks routine.

Looks like Camden is going to overtake Grandpa next. Seriously, look at his big awkward feet. I am just bowled over by his size every time I look at him.