Tuesday's Tidbits

I learned the hard way that Trader Joe's does not replenish stock in their holiday items (think Candy Cane Joe Joe's and the European Sipping Chocolate I've been raving about). Note to self: buy them in bulk next year.

Anyone else completely irritated by all the spring clothes showing up in stores and on-line? It makes me feel pressure to start working on a spring/summer wardrobe which is ridiculous since Rory has many winter clothes in the closet still with tags on them!

While watching Cupcake Wars, Camden says, "there's nothing better than your cooking for me. I mean nothing. Well, except fried chicken."

At church on Sunday, Christmas morning, Brian let Rory come up and help lead in our final song: Go Tell it on the Mountain. It's her favorite, and she was so cute singing it out. I think I've mentioned before that she can't carry a tune to save her life, but she definitely does it joyfully.

This is totally random, but I love Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear.

The kids took the news we wouldn't be traveling to Oklahoma hard. They both cried, although Camden tried valiantly to hide it.

Talked to Dr. W today and he got me in with a surgeon, but not until Thursday morning. Not too thrilled about living with this pain until then, but it's the best he could do the week after Christmas. Unfortunately, this surgeon isn't my favorite Dr. H because he's out of the office this week, but it's someone in his practice so hopefully he's good. Not a big fan of using random surgeons I've never met before, but I'll take what I can get.

And a few scrap pages I haven't shared yet.


Lauren Grier: A Month to Be Merry


Happy Tuesday!


Renee T. said…
Hopefully, on Thursday the surgeon will have a good plan to get your gallbaldder taken out with the least amount of complications, given everything else you are going through. I am keeping you in my thoughts and hoping the new pain medicine will help. (Oh, and by the way---I love Stacy and Clinton too)
Kimberly said…
OH I love that stores have spring/summer clothes out! We have no need for that long sleeved stuff here in Florida and I get irritated by seeing coats and scarves in the store- who are they kidding- no one is buying it here so why do they even stock it??
Joan B said…
your pages are amazing -- both the photos and the designs and of course your kids are the cutest. best of luck with the surgery!!
Anonymous said…
Melissa, I might have found a way to brighten your day. You can purchase Trader Joes Candy Cane Joe Joes and European Sipping Chocolate on e-bay
Praying for a smooth surgery and that you fall in love with the surgeon. Well, sort of. And, I love Clinton Kelly on The Chew.
I'm so sorry your vacation had to be cancelled. I'm sure you wanted to cry too!
OK, I love those pages! Love!

And the tidbits are awesome... except for the sad ones.

(And I'm disgusted with all the spring clothes too... I have sweaters to wear still!) Geez.

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