Thanksgiving Part 1

I'm sure you're thrilled to realize there are several parts to this Thanksgiving recap. :) I'm also sure you'll be thrilled for me when I say I actually made a "to do" list for Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday, and I am currently working my way through Thursday's list.

So this post is all about Monday. As in last Monday. The weather was beautiful outside, which doesn't always happen in northern Illinois in late November, but the kids were able to wear a jacket and play outside to their heart's content. And play they did! There was a whole lot of wrestling, a whole lot of hay bale climbing (which I do not have pictures of, but Becky probably does), horse ride (once again don't have pics, but it's because I was gone on a photo shoot).

Becky and I have decided that this might be the perfect age for all of our kids to play together. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun they had. There were no fights, no hurt feelings, lots of obedience, and just a whole lot of playing.

(by the way for my photography friends, I used my 70-200 lens for all these outdoor pics, settings were: f5.6, 1/500 SS and 320 ISO)




No worries. He only looks like it hurt.



The look on William's face cracks me up. So intent on catching her.

We asked them to just drop down where they were, and because they were so happy about all the wresting/playing, they cooperated and smiled with little prompting.


An outtake - you can see they're getting a little tired of the pictures.

And I have no idea what they're doing, but it was the last one in the series.

Reading together before bedtime.

Talking to daddy (who was still at home)


And one little peek for Jake. He's a family friend and I've known him since his parents brought him home from the hospital. His adoption was my first experience with building your family, and I remember being so incredibly happy for his parents. Jake, I'll get your CD in the mail in the next couple of days. Hope you like them.


Amy said…
Love these pictures of those precious kiddos! They look like they had so much fun together!!
Becky said…
Love the shot of Jake...I know you got lots of good ones! and I don't know whether you want to know or not, but that is actually Xavier chasing Rory!! :) Love you.
Monica said…
You have some great shots, but I have to say the one with the boys "posing" in the last group shot cracks me up! :)
So many great shots here!! I love the senior session just from that one photo. Amazing!
Gail said…
Awesome picture Melissa! Thank you so much! It was great seeing you and so happy you worked us in while you were here! Love you and your family so much!
Krista said…
What a gorgeous setting for Thanksgiving!

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