Addison Elizabeth, Day 2

Because Addison is in the NICU and will probably stay for 4-6 weeks, she cannot have unlimited visitors. In fact, Michael and Liz had to choose 4 people, and only those 4 people get to visit. How fantastic is it that I'm the oldest sibling who happens to live in town and also happens to have a camera? :)

So here is Miss Addi on her second day in this world.


See that pacifier and how it's almost as big as her head?

Look at that hair!

I seriously adore the hair.

There is no way to describe how tiny she is until you actually see her, but here's a small indication.

That is one tiny tush.


Prepare to see a whole lot of Addison from here on out. :)


Barbara said…
She is beautiful!! Congratulations!! This early birth makes her a "year" older than what was expected. Fun times ahead!
X said…
she is a tiny adorable baby! congratulations. how wonderful you have the camera ;) good news will just keep coming!!!
Cherie said…
What a precious Christmas blessing.
Congrats to your sis and bil and to you too.
Renee T. said…
Look at all that pretty hair...I love it :)

Amy said…
She is so precious! And I love all of that dark hair...perfect for bows! Keep posting pics of Miss Addison all you want!
Wait... what are saying about struggling to capture how tiny she is!? I think you did a great job here!! She's beautiful. (As is that white balance. You rock!)

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