Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Well, we certainly stuck to doing nothing yesterday! I think as a result of her cold, Rory was very clingy and content to just stay on my lap yesterday so we read endless books and sang along of songs! Her language and vocabulary are just amazing to me. In the last week, and last couple of days especially, it seems that she has learned so much. For instance, the books we read yesterday, she is starting to know a few words from each page and to say them as she "reads" the books back to me. She now says "Nanden, 'mon" (Rory words for Camden, come on" and several other two word phrases. She started saying "milk" instead of "mmmmmmmmmmma" yesterday, which made me kind of sad. "Mmmmmmmma" was the first word she said for us. I think the Korean word for milk or more sounds like "ma ma ma" so that helped her make the transition during those early days. Brian and I both shared a little moment of sadness last night as she chattered away. I mean, obviously, we want her to learn, and these stages are fun because she learns something new every day, but she is just growing up so quickly. It really does make such a big difference when you miss the first 17 months of your child's life.

We did manage to take a walk last night with the kids and Camden rode his bike. We need to be working more on riding the bike - he's still in training wheels!

On today's agenda is catching up on the things we didn't do yesterday such as the trip to the bank, laundry, and getting the house back in order. Brian has a big meeting after school today that he's worried about. He's going to be interviewed by the accreditation group that is at his school today. I'm sure he'll do fine.

Despite a call from the soccer coach last week saying that we will no longer be having practice two times a week, after the game on Saturday (which they lost, of course), he said we're back to two practices a week. I think we'll be glad when this season is over. Did I mention Camden was captain this past week and made a goal for his team? That's fairly significant since there have been very few goals for his team this season!

This is actually a two-page layout and will be next to each other in the scrapbook. My mom and Camden created a jack-o-lantern this weekend. Rory didn't help, but of course couldn't stop herself from jumping into the picture!
Dani Mogstad: Happy Haunting kit

Monday, September 29, 2008


Welll, our big weekend is over, and we're all feeling the effects! For some reason, no one slept well last night, including Brian who usually can sleep in any circumstance! I think we'll rest today (with the exception of a trip to the library and bank) and then I'll work on getting the house back in shape tomorrow. It looks like a tornado went through it!

Camden's baptism and Rory's dedication went really well yesterday, and they were both very special. My dad did Rory's dedication (he did Camden's as well when he was a baby), and Brian baptized Camden. I have pictures on my camera, but haven't downloaded or edited them yet. We did show this video of Camden asking Jesus into his heart. If you missed it the first time around, here it is again.

Rory and I both have colds, but hopefully we'll be feeling better soon. Rory and Camden are both worn out and wired at the same time. Camden has been up very late the last several nights. Not necessarily because he wasn't in bed at a fairly decent time, but because he's so hyped up that he can't sleep. I have a feeling that both of their behavior is going to be quite off today.

My mom and Camden made a jack-o-lantern this weekend. Camden was so funny helping my mom! Rory jumped in for the picture, but was actually completely not interested in the process.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Birthday Pics

Rory's birthday was lots of fun! She thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention and spent lots of time entertaining us. I'll admit to being a little sad throughout the day because she is already two! I hate that we've missed so much of her little life. It was wonderful to have my parents in town for the weekend. Here are a few, okay alot of pictures.

The whole group

Gram, Gramps, and the kiddos

Grandpa, Grandma, and the kiddos

Funny faces with Gram

Getting birthday congratulations from Aunt Becky

Opening presents

She had good reactions for all her presents
(accompanied by Camden, of course)

Oooh, money!

Uncle Matt bought her a little baby carrier -
she was soooo excited!

Dancing with the balloon

Feeding her new baby

More money!

Showing off her cupcake shirt

Waiting for cake

Singing Happy Birthday


Mmmm good!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rory!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I managed to make it through my 14-hour Tuesday with little damage to myself, the house, or the kiddos. They were actually very good, but I was still seriously excited to see Brian walk through the door.

Yesterday, three of my friends and their little ones came over for a Bible study/prayer time/just chatting kind of morning. It was our first time, and we're still deciding what we're going to do exactly. We're going to start by reading Revolutionary Parenting together. It was alot of fun, and I'm very excited that we're going to be getting together once a week. Rory, of course, was all over the 5 month old and helped feed him, pat him on his back and begged to hold him. She also wanted to hold Emma, who was willing to cooperate.

Then we added Camden, and called it our little Asian train. In typical fashion, as soon as Rory realized he was back there, she turned and pushed him off.

I woke up this morning with a sore throat and just generally not feeling well. I hope it doesn't stick around because we have a pretty big weekend. My parents are coming into town tonight; Rory's birthday is Saturday; Camden has a soccer game Saturday; Rory is being dedicated on Sunday and Camden is being baptized. I really don't want to be sick!

Camden and Rory are going to their Gram's house this morning while I grocery shop and run errands. I have a minimum of 4 stops, so I'm very happy to be able to do this without kids. I haven't left Rory anywhere except with Brian for a very long time so I hope she's okay. I'm sure I'll have a harder time with it than she does. I'm shopping for her birthday while I'm out today. I'm fighting the desire to make it a very big deal since this is her first birthday with us, and she missed out on any kind of celebration in Korea. I know that it's more for me than her since at 2 she's oblivious so I'm trying to keep it under control.

Emily Powers: Puddle Jumper
Manda Bean/Kay Miller: Blooming Crazy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just hang in there . . .

. . . until about 2 minutes in. You'll be happy you did. Funny stuff.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Long Day Ahead

Today might be a long day. I've had 3.5 hours of sleep, Brian has a PTO meeting tonight and won't be home until 8:30 or so, there's still no gas around here so I'm probably not leaving the house except to go to soccer practice tonight. Alone. I typically LIVE for 4:30 when Brian walks in the door so I'm trying not to think about the next 14 hours.

In an effort to bribe Camden into making better choices throughout the day, we start off the day with two bowls. One bowl is empty (mine); the other bowl (Camden's) has M&M's in it. Every time he pouts or tattles on Rory or disobeys, an M&M from his bowl goes into my bowl. This has actually worked really well for us. Yesterday, however, was a particularly bad day and Camden was losing quite a few M&M's. About halfway through the day I checked the bowl and noticed that the M&M's that had been moved to my bowl were all bitten in half. Not eaten, but bitten in half and then put into my bowl. My darling child thought if he couldn't have them, he'd "ruin" them for me! It wasn't funny at the moment, but I've chuckled about it several times since.

Amanda Rockwell: Bohemian Fall Splendor
Lauren Grier/Shawna Clingerman: Fall Into Me

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Pictures

I think she might be excited to see Camden play soccer
Camden is #3
Does this referee crack anyone else up?
Cheering for Camden
This is my kid's version of playing outside
I think she's tired of pictures
Definitely tired
A half smile
Kisses for daddy

My Sleepwalker

No success on the soccer field this weekend, and I think Camden's enthusiasm is dying off. This happened last year about half-way through the season - he just gets tired! Of course, it doesn't help that they haven't won any games. He asked on the way to the game, "why do we keep losing?" Ummm, maybe because your coach won't teach you anything is the correct answer, but we didn't say that to him.

Because I'm sure you're all dying to know (ha!) - my hair is still intact. We decided that it was long enough but we should give the Pantene people another inch to work with so D-Day is now set for December 6.

Camden has been a sleep walker in the past. Actually, I'm not sure if he's actually sleep walking or just so out of it when he wakes up in the middle of the night that he doesn't know where he is. The main thing that happens is that he tends to go potty in strange places. For instance, we've got him using the trashcan as a toilet. Right before Rory came home, I caught him peeing against the wall in her room. Well, Friday night he used the dishwasher as the toilet! I know - totally disgusting! He honestly never remembers it the next morning and is always completely out of it when it happens. In fact, he was completely embarrassed, and we've teased him about it all weekend. My friends say it will make a great graduation or wedding story.

Friday was Camden's last day of Mother's Day Out. We decided money was too tight to spend $200 so he could play. It's going to make my life more stressful because he clearly needs more activity and stimulation than he gets 5 days a week at home, but I'll do my best to keep us all from killing each other! There's still a small possibility that he might get to go to K-4 at Brian's school if something opens up, but we're not counting on it.

Who else is excited that it's premiere week? I can't wait for my reality TV fix - Dancing With the Stars and Survivor this week!

For some reason I'm having serious issues scrapping. There's not sufficient time and I don't feel inspired. I worked all day yesterday on just this one page, and finally finished it, but I'm not happy with it. Oh, well!

Dani Mogstad: Rag Tag Cowboy

Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Days

I'm having trouble putting into words that aren't too boring how we've spent the last couple of days, and since I'm having no success, I think I'll just leave out the boring details! They did involve, however, a missed nap by Camden; two horrible crying/sobbing fits with Rory after naptime; church; a 3 hour trip to the grocery store; dinner at Gram and Gramp's house; soccer practice; trips to the bank and post office. I told you it was boring!

Today is Grandparent's Day at school so I dropped Camden off this morning, came home, put Rory in the bathtub, got her ready, and we're headed back to school at 9:45 to catch his 2 minutes of fame on stage. Rory and I are meeting another adoptive family for lunch, then back to pick up Camden. Camden and Brian are going to a football game tonight while Rory and I stay home. Tomorrow is Camden's soccer game, and then I'm going to be kid-free for a couple of hours while I head into Nashville to get my hair cut and take a trip to the library. Hopefully, I can fit in a Starbucks run as well. I had high hopes that tomorrow might be the day I lose all this hair and finally donate it, but I think it's just not quite long enough. I'm taking the paperwork with me, though, just in case my stylist can pull out a miracle!

On the local news this morning, it said most gas stations in Nashville were out of gas and gave the names of towns just outside Nashville who still had gas. I was on empty and figured I better fill up. There are 4 gas stations within eyesight of each other in our little town. Three out of the 4 are charging $4.25/gallon. The other station is charging $3.99. Guess which one I went to. It's so surprising, though, that there were still lots of people filling up at the more expensive stations. Why??

I snapped this picture of Camden this week. It's not that exciting. However, this is how he spends his time outside. He will dig and dig and dig as long as we'll let him. I finally rescued the yard and told him he could use the driveway. Maybe he's going to be an archaeologist.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A baby brother

Well, yesterday turned out to be fairly exciting, although not in the way you might wish! Rory started the day off by discovering the ice and water dispensers on the refrigerator and soaked two outfits. I've been waiting for her to find these, and am actually surprised it took her this long! She fell off the couch and banged her head; followed by a slip in the kitchen, and slammed her finger in the drawer (that she wasn't supposed to be in). Then she decided that swallowing a plastic marble would be a good idea (this was in retaliation to my playing a game with Camden). Did I mention this all happened before 9:00 a.m.?

Ever since shortly after Rory came home, Camden has been wishing for a baby brother. Earlier this week he told me that his daddy said when he gets $20 in his wallet, he could start thinking about a baby brother. Yesterday, he drew a picture of our family on the sidewalk and included an extra person "because I'm going to have a baby brother." Last night, he prayed for a baby brother "cause I really want one."

Julie Billingsley: Grid Iron Glory

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yesterday was a pretty rough parenting day. Rory was out of sorts and whined the majority of the day (although she did take a 3 hour nap!); Camden was seriously cranky and spent more time in time out than I can even remember. It's pretty bad when the lady who works in the post office remembered the family whose little girl can't stand her brother and lets out the blood curdling screams he tries to hold her hand. Yep, that would be us.

Today is laundry day so I don't expect it to be much more exciting, but maybe we'll get lucky.

Kasia Designs: Dancing Elephants

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going Places

Wearing Camden's shoes, carrying my bag, telling us goodbye and see ya later 100 times before she leaves the room is Rory's new favorite game.

Oranges in China

Not much to tell today. Rory and I enjoyed our quiet day at home together while Camden was in school. He had a movie/popcorn party during naptime so he came home pretty hyped up. It was a rough few hours before bedtime, however, because even at 5, he still really needs a nap. When he's tired, it's as if he is unable to control his emotions and can be very difficult.

Rory did watch about 10 minutes of Sesame Street yesterday and about 10 minutes of Curious George. She was quite taken with George and kept asking for JuJu after it went off.

Saturday while at the soccer field, Camden and Rory and a few of his teammates were eating their snack together before the game started, and I heard the little girl ask Camden what oranges tasted like in China. Camden looked at her like she was crazy, and said "I don't know" in this incredulous voice. I'm pretty sure he had no idea that she was asking him that because of his Asian appearance! He is still quite oblivious to the fact that he and Rory look different from the other kids. This same little girl showed up Saturday and had clearly decided Camden was her little boyfriend. During the 4 hours at the field, she could not keep her hands off him - even during the games. She kept hugging him, rubbing his head, putting her arm around him, coming to stand face to face with him as close as she could get, etc. We'll see if it lasts. For his part, Camden just looked at her like she was nuts when she would do it.

Kasia Designs: Just My Story
Fee Jardine: Lil Bit Cuckoo

Monday, September 15, 2008

You have no idea . . . .

. . . how happy this picture makes me. She's actually watching cartoons!

Our Weekend

Our weekend was quite busy beginning with the trip to the airport Friday night. We were so happy to see the Mcgowans home and to meet Emma. It brought back alot of memories of our two arrivals in the Nashville airport with new babies. There is nothing better than finally landing and walking through the gates to see your family and friends waiting for you!

Saturday was spent at the soccer field. Camden had team pictures as well as two games so we spent 4 hours in the blazing sun! They tied the first game (Camden made one of the team's two goals) and then lost big-time the second game. It was in the 90's and sunny so we came home with crazy sunburns (well, my little brown children didn't even have a tinge of pink) and attractive white marks across our noses where our sunglasses sat. Camden was so worn out and hot! We all came home and crashed, and then took Camden later on to spend the night at Gram's house. This is the first time Brian and I have been home with just Rory. We'd forgotten how much easier one child is!

Sunday was church,of course, and Michael and Liz (Kockel and Teeeeez if you're Rory) and Gram came over for lunch. After naptime, we went to visit Emma for a while and stayed much longer than we planned! Camden loves to go over and play with Ashton and Brady and all of their cool toys! Rory enjoyed Emma's toys as well! :) We asked Camden what he thought of Emma when we left, and his answer was pretty funny. He said, "She's so pretty. Let me 'splain. Number one, they got her from China. Number two, she has pinkies and toes but no fingers. So that's what I'm 'splainin'."

After weather in the 90's on Saturday, it's only 57 this morning, which feels so good! I might be able to break out the jeans for Camden and Rory today!

I took these pictures of Rory last week after naptime. This is a pretty typical look for her every morning and after naptime!