Christmas photos

Just a couple of my favorite pictures from today.

Camden reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 - we always do this before opening presents, but it was the first time that he has read for us. I loved hearing it from his 8 year old voice.

And this would be the pose you get when you ask an 8 year old boy if they're excited. I promise it was a good thing, despite what you might think.

Rory hugging her stocking.

Quick family picture after church; excuse the fact that only half of us are in focus.

And this pretty much sums up the day.

Sidenote: could she be any cuter in that dress and hairbow (and the ruffle pants that you can't see)? I feel as if the outfit needs a complete photo session.


Love the pictures. And yes, that outfit DOES deserve its own photoshoot!
Fabulous photos!!! (AWESOME, actually)

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