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The basketball fascination is continuing! Camden could not wait to get home last night to play, and he played hard and fast barely taking a break for supper and a bath.

I'm really busy today and just posting during a quick work break, so I'll leave you with 3 layouts. The first two are using papers and elements by Stacie Prinzo and The DigiShoppe. The third layout uses papers and elements by Dani Mogstad available soon at The DigiShoppe. Happy Wednesday!

Perfectionist and Basketball

Brian took Camden to a basketball game last night since a boy from the youth group was playing the team where Camden goes to school. When they got home last night, Camden could hardly say hello to me he was so excited. He ran into his bedroom, grabbed his basketball, and then ran into our bedroom, and said, "make noise for me, daddy." Brian obliged by making the appropriate "music" and Camden came running into the living room, dribbling for all he was worth, and then proceeded to throw the ball against the door and rebound it (like he was being announced at a game). We repeated this process many times! He was soooooooooooooooo cute! His teachers said they heard about how his daddy was taking him to a basketball game all day long. He also seemed to be fascinated by the buzzer sound and kept telling me over and over to "bzzzzz."

I have no layouts to share today because I spent 3 hours (yes, 3 HOURS) working on our Christmas card last night. I probably should…

Well. . .

. . . my Monday is not off to a good start. I left early for work today to make sure I got in my regular Starbucks coffee, but traffic was so horrible, it took me over an hour to get to work, and no coffee! There's always tomorrow!

Camden had a blast putting up the Christmas tree Friday night. He was soooooooooooooo excited! It was hard for him to wait while we actually put it together and got lights on it before he could work with the ornaments. He called Gram and Gramps and Grandma and Grandpa in the meantime because he was so excited and couldn't wait to tell someone the tree was up. Of course, he put all the ornaments in one spot so I went and fixed them when he wasn't looking! He's loving the Christmas music and insists that our Christmas tree stay lit at all times (even when he gets up in the middle of the night to go potty he must check on it!).

Saturday was pretty laid back and relaxed. Brian took Camden to the park to play soccer, and we rented Over the Hedge an…


Just one of the funny conversations we had this weekend.

Camden: Mommy, will you play with me?
Me: Hang on a second while I dry my hair.
Camden: But why?
Me: So it doesn't stick out everywhere and look ugly.

A few minutes later.

Camden: Mommy, will you play with me?
Me: Hang on a second while I finish my makeup.
Camden: Before your face gets ugly?

Black Friday

Our Thanksgiving Day was relaxing and full of good food! We spent most of the day at Brian's parents house, just eating, looking through the sale ads, eating some more, etc. The day ended on a not-so-good note, however. First, my sister and her husband were in a really bad wreck. They are okay somehow, but their vehicle is totaled. Even worse than that, one of the students who just graduated from the college where I work passed away unexpectedly. He was playing football, fainted, and never regained consciousness. My sister and her husband were in school with him, and he was a friend of theirs. It's so tragic for his family, and especially his wife of only two months.

On a lighter note, I've enjoyed Black Friday so far! We got up and left about 7:00 a.m., which is much later than we normally go, but we had Camden with us. He did really well, just very hyper and required a lot of attention, but hey, he's only 3! Target was crazy! I stood in line for about 30 minutes for a…

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm so excited that the Thanksgiving holiday is about to begin. I work half a day today and then I'm free until Monday! We're headed to Brian's parents for Thanksgiving. I'm sad to not be going home to be with my family, but we'll spend Christmas with them so it's all right. Brian's family has always lived so far away that I haven't really had to share holidays until this past year, but it's only fair I know!

I'm getting my hair chopped this afternoon. I grew it out for almost a year, and after that it's been the same length/style for about 8 months now, and I'm just ready for a change. Hopefully nothing too drastic, but definitely a change. Might even go for some long, side-swept bangs (which will probably drive me to distraction!).

Anyone else planning to shop on Friday? We almost always do. There's something really fun to get up at a ridiculous hour and rush to the stores and find all those great deals. We've always had fami…

A Little Motivation

A little motivation, apparently, is all Camden needs to sleep through the night and not wake us up over and over! Right before bedtime last night, genius struck, and I promised him donuts for breakfast if he would either sleep all night or just go potty himself without waking us up, and he did! I also slept all night without waking up, which is so rare for me! Must have been a good night for sleeping. Of course, he was up at 5:30, but I guess it's a trade off.

Going to lunch with a group from work today. We always go out right after payday and take turns choosing places. Most choose crazy places like White Trash Cafe or Fat Mo's Burgers, but the guy choosing this time likes clean so he'll choose somewhere good.

Here are a couple of layouts from last night.
All Wrapped Up Dianne Rigdon's Brown Paper Packages kit My Little Monkey - credits here

A Great Weekend

We had such a nice weekend! Brian got off work early Friday, we dropped Camden off at his Gram and Gramps house, and we headed to town to do a little shopping, see a movie, and eat. Shopping was fun because I got to buy stuff! Bought a couple of new piano books and a new Christmas CD. Went to Kohl's and found a new sweater and two shirts. We saw Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie, and it was actually pretty fun. Headed to Olive Garden next where we waited for 45 minutes out in the freezing cold only to be seated in the smoking section (full of smoke!) and had horrible service, but the food was good so it all turned out okay. Our last stop was to the little bakery to pick up cheesecake and coffee.

Saturday was pretty low-key as well. Just hung around the house doing a little cleaning and alot of relaxing. Sunday we had church in the morning, but no evening service, which was wonderful! What is it about cancelled church services that's so nice?

Work today has been hectic, but…

Much too cute

. . . for his own good! I mean, seriously, how could you resist this face? I'll blog about the weekend later.

Date Night

It's Date Night! We're celebrating my birthday and Brian's birthday all at once. Camden is spending the night with Gram and Gramps, and we're going out to eat and a movie. Brian sweetly offered to take me to Maggianos, which I love, but in keeping with our "save for adoption" mindframe, we're downgrading to Olive Garden, which I also love! Not sure which movie we're going to, maybe the new Bond movie. Then we're going for cheesecake at this cute gourmet family restaurant that has amazing homemade cheesecake. I'm very excited because Brian has no class, no work, nothing this week but us!
It's 10:20, I'm still in p.j.'s, and Camden is calling me to help him put together his Thomas track that takes up the whole living room. Not my favorite thing, but I've been parked in front of the computer all morning finishing this calendar for my in-law's Christmas gift so he deserves some time from me! I used Kimberly Geswein's calenda…


Not much to post today, but did want to share a quick layout using Lauren Reid's Abby's Orchard kit and tell one funny Camden story. He was sitting on my lap the other night watching TV. If I let him stay up late, one condition is that he must sit on my lap. Used to be that I didn't have to bribe him, but these days I do! All of a sudden, he lets out a huge sigh and says, "Mommy, I'm just so tired of sitting on your lap." And off he goes to bed!

More Gifts

Warning: this post will be mostly full of useless information. I'm just rambling.

So my friend Kathy got me a cool gift set from L'Occitane en Provence. I've been wanting to try something from there, but haven't yet so now I can! The great thing is I've been to that area in France. I really want to try their lavender products.

I got a gift card for my birthday I'm dying to use, but can't decide what to get. I might try the lavender products from L'Occitane, or I really want this Vera Bradley purse.
Origins is another favorite of mine. I'm sure you've noticed these are all girly, not-very-practical items! But hey, it's my gift card, isn't it! I managed to get a layout done last night. I love this picture and hope the layout does it justice! Camden is so full of personality, and I think this picture helps show it off. You can find the credits here. I'm quite busy at work today, so I better finish up my break and get back to it!

Let's talk Shoppe. . .

. . . . The DigiShoppe that is. Let me direct your attention to my new blinkie on the right! I'm a Shoppe Girl! I know all my non-digiscrapping readers out there don't have a clue what I'm talking about, but just believe me when I say it's a big deal!

I came home to a fun surprise last night. Brian had fixed supper and (more importantly) had brought home ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery for a little belated birthday fun. It was great to have him home last night! Only a couple more weeks before this semester is over. Next semester won't be quite as bad, and then we're home free!

I have some Camden funnies for you today. Last night sometime before supper, I had mentioned I was starving. So when it came time to pray, Camden said, "Dear Jesus, help mommy to stop starving. Amen." Apparently, he was listening! This morning at breakfast, he wanted Brian to pick him up from school this afternoon, and he said, "please, I'll be your best friend!" …


Yes, I started my Monday morning with a Starbucks Peppermint Mocha - my favorite! I also noticed their Cranberry Bliss bars are back for the holiday season, but I resisted!

We had a good visit with my brother. Camden absolutely loved having his Uncle Matt around. Of course, it doesn't hurt that Uncle Matt brought him the movie, Cars, as then took him to the toystore and bought him a Cars racetrack with remote controlled cars, and then played with him almost every second! He had a blast. We were also able to meet up with my cousin, uncle, and respective girlfriends for dinner on Saturday night.

Yesterday was my 31st birthday (I am so old!!), and I can't say it was the best day I've ever had, but that's all right. I'm an adult, so my birthday doesn't have to be a big deal, right?

Exactly one year ago today, Brian and Camden were headed to West Virginia with my in-laws for a quick visit to family when they hit a spot on the road where a truck had been leaking diesel …
Happy Friday! My brother is coming for a visit tonight so I'm spending the day cleaning, doing laundry, and grocery shopping. Okay, pretty much how I spend every Friday, but probably doing a little more heavy duty cleaning. Brian went deer hunting this morning, but is coming home early to help around the house, which is great! Camden was up at 5:30 this morning so I'm feeling tired. I'm usually up by 5:30 during the week anyway, but somehow it's harder to get up when I'm off work!

Here are two layouts from last night.

Family is Forever - Credits here.

Let the Celebration Begin

My birthday is not until Sunday, but the party is already beginning! I got to work today and was surprised with a $30 gift card to my favorite mall, a beautiful pottery bowl with really cool ginger potpourri to go with it. My boss and his wife know how to choose gifts I will really enjoy!

I've got a fairly busy day ahead of me at work today. I'm headed to Curves at lunch today (yes, Liz, I'm really going to do it today!), hitting Gymboree after work to quickly pick up matching holiday p.j.'s for Camden and his twin nephews (and okay, maybe a couple more things for Camden as well - there's a big sale so I have to, don't I?)

Okay, off to work for me!


I know many share this sentiment, but how great is it that today is election day! Mostly for this one simple reason - no more campaign ads. I'm so sick of them! I went and did my civic duty this morning before work. Camden went with us and thought he was voting by standing in line (not that he knows what vote means). So I went up to the little booth, and the man in charge of my booth was sooooooooo tall; my booth was also the tallest one there. And I am all of 5 foot standing on my tip toes! Brian said Camden said to him, "my mommy is small" as he looked at me, the man, and the booth!

Bought Camden's first Christmas present today. He's been obsessed with Cars since he first saw the movie preview months ago. He still gets excited and says, "there's my Lightning McQueen and my Mater" when he sees them. He's even named our two vehicles after the movie!

I was quite proud of myself this morning. I made my first contribution to our adoption fund from my…


Our weekend was fairly uneventful. I did have a nice quiet Friday morning. Camden went to school so I headed out to the nearest Clinique counter to check out some new make-up. This is kinda odd for me, but about 18 months ago, I met the manager for our local Clinique counter and we just really clicked. So now when I come in, we chat; she gives me free samples, good make0vers, etc. So I went and picked up some new eyeshadow, lipstick, and lipgloss. I was feeling slightly guilty until I read Gina's blog. Brian was at the youth retreat until late afternoon Saturday so Camden and I rented a movie for him and one for me. We watched Madagascar in the living room and ate pizza and Halloween candy and had fun. He laughed out loud over and over at the movie. Of course, later when I asked him his favorite part of the movie he said, “When the squirrels called the lion, hippo, and zebra ‘pansies’ and when the zebra said, ‘don’t bite my butt’.” Of course, he had to pick up on those two things!…


Well, I'm feeling much better, but I look like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! Fun!

Camden told us Wednesday night he wants a tattoo. How he knows what a tattoo is I have no idea!

Not much going on this weekend, which should be kinda nice. Brian is gone with the youth group so it's just me and Camden.

I have a two-page Halloween layout to share using Nikki Painter's Halloween Treats papers and elements. I'm really happy with the way they turned out. Kinda of a different feel for me, but fun!


Honestly not trying to be a big complainer here, but I'm so tired of this sinus infection, cold, whatever it is! I feel much worse today than yesterday. I slept a total of about 3 hours last night because I was so miserable! I'm sure I'll laugh about this someday, but I actually fell off the bed last night! Not sure how that happened. Of course, Brian took it upon himself to laugh at me this morning, which was not really a good idea considering how I felt! This is coming from the guy whose idea of sympathetic is to tell me this morning that at least I'll be off work Friday! I have to get through work today, church tonight, and work tomorrow first! He thinks if I'd just get off the computer I'd have a quick recovery! He's wonderful to me, but sympathy is not really one of his strong points. I think it comes from the fact he's barely been sick a day in his life so he doesn't understand!

Camden "kinda" enjoyed the trick-or-treaters last night…