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Five on Friday (January 11, 2019)

We dove head first into the deep end of the pool and barely know how to swim. That's how this week has felt as we all returned to work and school full time. January has never felt so busy! But we survived the first week and we're prepared for week #2.

1. Turns out recovering from surgery (even a little one) is harder than it seems. Or, as my boss kindly pointed out, the older we are the harder to recover.

Proof my skin does not like adhesive.
2. Camden caught me off guard this week when he mentioned that he's been thinking about going to medical school to become a gynecological oncologist. Not gonna lie - he didn't know what that specialty involves. I think he would be a great doctor. It's a fine line to walk between encouraging him to pursue whatever career God places on his heart and not influencing him in choosing that career.

3. Finished my first book of 2019.

4. Brian and I booked tickets to NYC for spring break. We're taking an early anniversary trip, an…

Christmas 2018

The 2018 Christmas season has come and gone much too quickly as usual. Our Christmas break was a little different this year with a few quieter days on the front end, busy days at the end of a 2-week break. Our family continues to miss loved ones, and the new normal is still not quite normal. Mom is recovering well from her rotator cuff surgery but dad is still responsible for the bulk of the care and feeding of my mom and 4 grandparents. She has done so well, but it's a long recovery.
Becky and the boys visited for 6 days. The girls still got to have their after-Christmas shopping day (and, yes, purses were purchased); we still did appetizers and Dirty Santa (on NYE this year). Brian, dad and the boys had a football night while the girls had a movie night. Our group took up the entire back row of the theater to see Mary Poppins (delightful!). Camden and the cousins spent an incredible amount of time playing video games, talking about video games and planning to play video games. …