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Five on Friday (March 22, 2019)

1. Two bookish dreams came true recently: I was put on a PR list (because of work) and I was invited to join a book club. My reading life has been quite meh in 2019 so a book club sounds like so much fun!

I've been listening to Becoming, which is Michelle Obama's memoir. I do love when an audio book is read by the author so I've had Michelle Obama in my ear for a while now. One of my nurses (we've connected over our love of reading) said it felt like losing a friend when the book finally ended (it's 19 hours long). I've also recently started listening to the Currently Reading podcast which comes with more recommendations than I can keep up with. I love that they end the episode with a book recommendation to "press into the reader's hand."

2. Our Friday morning small group has been going through Tim Kimmel's Grace Based Parenting curriculum. I wish I was naturally full of grace. I wish my kids didn't need grace. But I'm not and they do.…

Hello, Spring

I know that I have been missing for much of 2019; life just continues to be busier and busier. I miss keeping track of the days and happenings of the kids but find myself with little will power or time to write it all down. Recently I looked through blog books and pictures from several years ago, and I will just never ever be sorry for all of the time (and money and energy) those words and pictures took.
Basketball is over; soccer is underway. We are definitely putting a one-sport limit on the kids next year simply because our schedule needs breathing room. But for now Camden is on the Varsity soccer team (and rarely playing since he's a freshman) and Rory is practicing with the school soccer team. The coach graciously made the offer to several of the younger players who did not make the team and so they are putting in the hard work of learning in order to have a better shot of making the team next year as 7th graders.
The temps were in the 20's (not a typo) for the first gam…