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Friday already?

The weeks are just flying by. I can hardly believe that I've completed my first month back to work and the kids have been in school 3.5 weeks. I've even noticed that it's just about dark at 8:00 this week, which is a good step toward fall weather. Our temps this week have hovered in the 93-96 range so fall will be a welcome change.
This week was fairly uneventful. I worked at the office two days; at home two days. Brian started off the week with a 2 a.m. wake-up Monday, but moved it to 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00 on consecutive days so that's certainly progress. He even made it home a few minutes before 5:00 last night, which is most definitely a first for the school year. Unfortunately, there is a shake-up at school and teachers are being shuffled to new positions. He is not one of them (thank goodness) but his partner is being replaced. He was home by 5:00 because he left in order to avoid all the crying, cursing, and shouting. Good times!
Rory has spent the week sniffling…

Jumping Back In

I am hopelessly behind on Project Life, but one of my best tips when you're behind is just to jump back in - so here's last week. Let's ignore the fact that I'm missing the last 6-8 weeks of 2014.

Credits here
Credits here

Snapshot #16

Outside: Oh, it's hot, hot, hot! I knew we'd have to pay for all those unnaturally cool days in July.

I am thinking: that I have got to send my computer to the computer doctor again. I picked up a virus a couple of months ago, and the popups are getting out of control.

I am thankful for:my job. Seriously, until I started working again I did not realize how much I had missed the adult interaction. Is it an adjustment? Sure. But totally worth it. Rory seems to be affected the most; she keeps saying she wishes I didn't rush so much. I'm working on it.
Last 3 purchases: (1) A coupon and free shipping sucked me into buying this jar of cracked nut butter, and it. is. delicious. (2) Tarte Rainforest After Dark collection (again coupon and free shipping) and I love it. (3) How about what I'd like to purchase? I've been dreaming of a Patricia Nash purse ever since I bought a PN wallet after Christmas - I think this one is so pretty.
Dinner plans:homemade pizza using Pioneer…

Throwback Thursday

From August 2013.
We made the choice to skip sports for 2014, and I know it was the right one regarding our schedule and where our attention needs to be right now. I do miss those nights at the ballfield, though.

Wordless Wednesday

a group picture
a little soccer
a little basketball

a few expressions at the kitchen table

And the love for the Frozen soundtrack continues.

They may have been loud, but they were so cute Monday afternoon.

Tuesday Tidbits

Did you know that there is an entire blog dedicated to Trader Joe food reviews? So. Fun. I want that writing job!
I'm working at home this week (except for Monday), and I thought it would be great. And it is great, but I find myself kind of missing being around people. Oh, how quickly times change.
Rory is just FULL of funny quotes these days. Here is a smattering: I feel more mature. And I mean that in a good way. - wearing her new dress to church (which, I can assure you, was childlike and appropriate)"Love y'all" Apparently her years in the south are finally catching up to her."Well. This is stunningly amazing." - after taking her first bite of a blueberry Trader Joe frozen waffle."I love you from front to back." Pretty sure she meant head to toe. I got this information from my youngest sister (who happens to work at the kid's school). Camden filled out an information sheet. His response to the question what do you like about yourself? &quo…

Run, Forest, Run

Rory has been obsessed with exercise this past week, specifically running. Last Friday night (after completing our first week back to work and school) about 6:30 she asked if I'd go outside and run laps with her. Considering it was the end of the week and about 93 degrees outside, that answer was a resounding no. In hindsight, I probably should have tried to compromise with a walk instead. (If you're feeling particularly sentimental, read this post and then come back and tell me I should have made the effort!)
When we got home yesterday afternoon, she changed into her "running" clothes, asked if she could use my earbuds and iPhone to listen to music (that was a solid no), told me she was going to run 16 laps, take a break and then run 16 more. And that's pretty much what she did.

We've made it to the end of week #2, and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with where we are. After a rough Monday, I'm getting the hang of things at work. Brian is still …

Wordless Wednesday

These were taken on a very hot Sunday back in July. You can see Rory's red face and sweaty hair. :)

Tuesday Tidbits

Let's just go on and assume that I wrote this Tuesday instead of Wednesday morning. Clearly, working is kind of kicking my tail.
Considering BRian has gotten up at 3:00 a.m. the last 4 days, I'd say it's kind of getting the best of him as well.
I've been doing some big batch editing projects (free-lance) and it is messing with my head big time. I find myself watching TV and trying to straighten lines, add some exposure, etc.
I wore white cropped pants to work yesterday - first time wearing white on the bottom. Yes, I know I'm years behind on that trend. I spent the day terrified I was going to have a spill, but they managed to stay white all day long.
Camden after his first day of school - "I want to stay 11 forever. It's old, but not OLD."
Rory followed with this, "And I wish I could be younger so I could do all the things I used to do . . . . like take a nap."
Rory came home yesterday bragging that she learned the names of all 7 consonant…


It has been one busy week.
I started my new job Monday; the kids went to a paid babysitter for the first time; Brian's first year with the new county officially started Monday (even though he's been working off and on with them all summer); and the kids started 2nd and 5th grade yesterday. I missed their first day of school for the first time.
It's been a little nuts.
Barring some catastrophe this afternoon, however, we will have all survived the week. My first week back to work after 6.5 years has been both exhilarating and exhausting. It's fun to be challenged in this way and to remember that I used to be good at something, but, oh, is it exhausting as well! I've never been a working mother of 2 before, and it is certainly a different kind of juggling act than staying at home.
The kids were a little more tired and grouchy in the evenings than I was expecting, but I think that getting back into school and in a routine will help them deal with the transiti…