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Wordless Wednesday

Let's just pretend that these pictures aren't almost 3 months old, shall we?

I should definitely retake these so you can see the difference between having all her teeth and missing the top two. It's pretty funny.

Tuesday Tidbits

The weather has been incredible the last few days - low humidity, 60's at night and high's in the upper 70's/low 80's. Makes me ready for fall!
Rory is so funny. She likes nothing more than to do chores around the house. Especially when Camden/Brian are gone, she wants to stay busy working around the house. Who am I to argue with a kid who wants to clean bathrooms for fun? Peel carrots? Sure! Make all the beds? Knock yourself out!
My sleeping woes are well-documented, but I've recently had a new scenario repeat itself. I'm so tired that I go to bed and can't remember it the next morning. Like literally have no memory of going to bed. And the reason I'm so tired? Because I am regularly waking up at 1:00 on the dot and staying awake until 3:30ish. Awesome.
I bought Heather Bailey fabric nearly 8 months ago with plans to make pillows or a throw for our living room. I gave up that idea long ago (because, really, who was I kidding?), but thanks to my mom, m…

Last Week of Summer

This morning marks the beginning of our last week of summer, and it is blissfully uneventful. After the whirlwind of trips and doctor's appointments recently, I am looking forward to a slow week. Brian is taking Camden camping for his annual birthday trip and the whole family is making a fast 1-day trip to Missouri to visit both sets of my grandparents (as well as my parents who happen to be visiting), but today's agenda includes only 3 things: baking chocolate chip cookies (Camden's request for campfire food), cleaning 2 bathrooms, and Project Life.
Saturday I drove to Nashville to meet my friend and fellow chemo buddy (from my original diagnosis and chemo). It was both difficult and cathartic to relive those long, hard days and exchange war stories. We both have quite a few, unfortunately.  (Hello, Barbara and Audri!)
Saturday night our church was involved in a community movie at the park. We handed out raffle tickets as well as church cards. Sunday a new family to our …

Home Sweet Home

After a 14 hours in the church van, we arrived home last night about 8:30. It felt so good to wake up in my own bed and then have a quiet hour with my coffee before the kids got up this morning.
Our trip was kind of a whirlwind, and despite being a tad anxious about it all, we had a great time. It was good to see old friends, as well as connect with some newer friends. Our main reason for being at the conference in Tampa was to be commissioned by our denomination as church planters, and while being on stage in front of thousands (literally) of people was a bit daunting, it was also moving. I thought many times how blessed we are.
By 11:00 this morning, we had everything unpacked and put away; laundry going; grocery list made. Rory is outside playing school while Camden is thoroughly entrenched in the lego land that is his room. I'm working on laundry (and blogging) while Brian runs a few errands. We're taking it easy today because tomorrow and Sunday will be busy. The last 3 …

Florida day 1

I've somehow just now discovered you can blog from an iPhone. How did I not know this?
Our first 24 hours in Florida have been a bit anticlimactic. What I thought was a little car sickness on our 13 hour drive turned out to be a stomach bug (hopefully the 24 kind) so I have yet to leave the hotel room. Seriously. 
Good thing there's a great view.

I am starting to feel human again so hopefully tomorrow will be better. We have a trip to the beach planned (this is our one free day from the conference we're attending) so I'm hoping the rain holds off. 


I know I probably sound like a broken record, but changing oncologists, a trip to WV, a CT scan, another appointment with oncologist and packing for a week in FL is a lot. I am feeling slightly (or not-so-slightly) overwhelmed and like I'm running on empty. Sleep has been quite evasive over the last couple of weeks.
We saw Dr. C this morning for my follow-up appointment, and basically the scan results are the same as the past 2 years. Since remission seems to be out of the question, stable is the best result possible. Dr. C is much more blunt and free with information than Dr. W ever was, and I admit to missing Dr. W's warm fuzzies quite a bit today. She (Dr. C is a woman if I haven't mentioned that before) even went so far as to tell me that it's not "if" but "when" I resume treatment and that I should maximize the chemo-free time I have been given. It's not as if I didn't already know that, but your not-warm-and-fuzzy oncologist telling y…

West Virginia

We arrived home from our family trip to West Virginia last night, and while we had a fabulous time, it was good to walk into my own house, sleep in my own bed, and drink a quiet cup of coffee this morning. Our days home are jam packed . . . you know, the whole 3 days we're home before we head out on our next adventure Saturday morning at 6:00. ;)
Today's events include a church youth event at a bounce house for Brian and the kids, 6 loads of laundry for me, and revival tonight. Before revival, we're driving the 1 hour to Nashville for my CT scan. I think I love Vanderbilt. Not only are they super accessible via phone and online, but Dr. C gave me a prescription for my contrast early so I don't have to arrive an hour prior to the scan. And I don't even have to fast 6 hours like I've had to at every other hospital. Score!
Tomorrow's events include a hair appointment, pedicure (my first since last summer - woohoo!), and a girl's night out. Brian and Camde…