Headed to the ER

After being up all night with pain in my side that only got worse as the night progressed, I'm headed to the ER. I would appreciate prayers.

Will update when I know something.


Joan B said…
Let's hope it is nothing. Please let us know. Hugs
Mayme said…
Praying for you! We love you guys.
Randi said…
Hope everything is OK. Praying
Kelly said…
Praying, Melissa!
Praying right now.
Sarah Taylor said…
Hi Melissa...I'm so sorry you're in the hospital, and I hope that it's something easy and simple to fix. I just read down the last few blog posts, and I want to say how much I appreciate your honesty. I know what it feels like to be angry and to fight self-pity and at the same time feeling God work in your life. Praying for you today
Brenna said…
Will be praying for you today, Melissa. Big hugs!
sending some quick healing prayers and I will be angry for you! I know how excited you were to get on the road to your sisters and THIS WAS NOT IN THE PLAN.... praying for a quick recovery!! and read FB and a nicer hospital staff!
Lewis Lewis said…
Prayers for you and yours

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