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Win #2

Camden's team won their baseball game last night in overtime. Camden had a great hit and the boy behind him hit him in for the winning run. It was a nail-biter for sure! He did a really great job with his batting, but this whole 2nd base thing is not going well. Since they only had 3 practices (and Camden did not play 2nd base last year), they didn't quite make it to fielding the ball and what to do on 2nd base so Camden gets to his spot, plants his legs and doesn't move. He literally whips his head around watching people run around him. Hopefully the extra practice they called for this weekend will help out (they don't generally have practice once games begin).If I remember correctly, we only won 2 games the entire season last year, so this year is already quite an improvement!

Rory did so well at the dentist yesterday. The office was as crazy as I remembered it being, but Rory had fun playing while we waited for an entire hour before being called back. There was a lit…

Right in the middle of it all



Rory will be having her "cabities" fixed this morning. When I told her Sunday night that she was going to get a silver tooth just like Camden, she started whining that she didn't want a silver tooth. Brian and I looked at each other thinking "uh-oh!" When we asked her why, she replied with, "Because I want a gold medal toothses, not silver!" Great. She wants a grill.

(by the way, it so cracks me up that she adds an "es" to everything and that most things are plural to her)

Gina Miller/Amy Wolff: Fresh Breeze

Lauren Grier/Misty Cato/Zoe Pearn/Fee Jardine: Free As a Bird

Win #1

Camden's first baseball game of the season was Saturday and it was a fun day (after the snake episode was behind us anyway). It started with team pictures and all the parents scrambling to keep their kids off the ground to preserve the white pants and hats until the picture was taken. :) It was Jamboree Day which means that everyone in our entire county was at the ball park. All teams (all ages and genders) played an abbreviated game to kick off the season.

Camden's team won 12-1 (definitely a first for his team). It was a good boost for them, but to be honest the other team was full of cute little 4-year olds who didn't have a clue what they were doing. He was up to bat twice. The first time (he leads off the batting order) he just barely nicked the ball and it ended up right in front of him. Because of the cute little 4-year olds who didn't know what they were doing, he actually had a home run from that little hit. The second time at bat he had a fabulous…

Sunday Dress

Someone please make me feel better and tell me she doesn't look 12 in this dress. Where did my 3 year old go?

Every Man (or child) For Himself

Not only did we have Camden's first baseball game of the season on Saturday, we had an uninvited guest at our house. I was crouching on the ground trying to snap a quick picture of Camden in his uniform when he yelled "snake!" I screamed like a girl and ran to the deck as quickly as I could. It was only after I reached the deck and turned around that I realized both kids were still in the yard. With the snake. Who was huge. Clearly, I am not the mother you want to have around in a catastrophe since I'll only save myself. Can you believe how big this thing is? Can you believe I almost sat on it!! Can you believe I left my kids out in the yard?

Brian killed the snake (which I understand is illegal in Tennessee, but who cares!) while Rory stood on the deck with me and declared it "bisgusting."

A Few Things

Brian just called me to see if I was still alive since he checked the blog at lunch and not only was there no post, but I wasn't online. Shocking, I know.

It's not been a very eventful week and nothing seems to deserve an entire paragraph so I'm just going to bullet point a few things from the week.
We had our first spring thunderstorm last night and Rory has decided they are "scawy" and wouldn't leave my side. Considering how many storms happen in Tennessee in the spring, I really hope this isn't the beginning of a big fear for her.Camden has started doing this weird Urkel laugh (come on, you know you remember that strange laugh). I've decided I better resign myself to it because it doesn't seem to be going away. And it's not exactly charming to be perfectly honest. :)The one day I choose to not get dressed much less fix my hair or wear make-up (my prerogative as a SAHM) is the day that my former boss stops to talk in the pick-up l…


For Camden's Family Day Tuesday, we let him choose a place to eat, and he chose Logans, of course. He's quite a fan of the all-you-can-eat peanuts and the fact that you can throw the shells on the floor, and I think he ate his weight in them. Rory can't seem to quite get the concept of the peanuts. She shells them then throws the peanut on the floor, sometimes tries to eat the shell, or just throws the whole thing on the floor. We finished up the evening by watching Camden's airport video and some of his baby videos. He was so cute! Rory cannot figure out why she wasn't around. It's hard for 3 year olds to grasp the concept of not being born yet.

Sweet story: Rory was devastated when she realized Camden was going to school on Tuesday. She sobbed and sobbed, "But it's family day. We're supposed to stay 'agether'."

Yesterday was a pretty typical day. I ran some errands in Nashville, read many, many books to Rory and we played outside alot.…

Wordless Wednesday (take 2)


Wordless Wednesday


6 years ago

Six years ago today, our dream of becoming parents came true when we hopped on a plane to Chicago, met my mom and two dear friends at O'Hare airport, and were handed the cutest little guy you've ever seen. While it's seems impossible to believe that little 8 month old baby has seemingly overnight turned into a 6 year old, I also cannot even remember what life was like without him.

I have two big regrets: (1) that we did not travel to Korea to meet Camden, and (2) that we had a crappy little camera and apparently didn't take many pictures. (When our first Nikon arrived when Camden was 2, the overload of pictures began.) Here's a page using a picture from our first morning at home.

And six years later:

He said he was trying to jump like Shaun White :)

Enough, already!

Video Overload

We take most of our videos on our little Canon Powershot and they don't get uploaded very often. For instance, there were still Christmas videos on the camera when I decided to empty out the memory card this morning. :) Here are a couple of fun ones.

Santa Claus is coming to town (January 2010)

Santa Claus is coming to town
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They started working on sit-ups at gymnastics and she tries so hard (February 2010)

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Telling me about something "unbelievable"

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I try not to read in a monotone voice, but I'm pretty sure I don't read it quite this dramatically (March 2010)

Doctah Seuss
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Never ending giggles. Some days she giggles and giggles for no apparent reason.

Never-ending gigglesp


We had a lovely weekend with a little bit of warm weather and sunshine and a little bit of cold weather and rain. Today it is only supposed to be 42 with lots of rain so it feels as if spring only teased us last week. We had a delicious meal of Korean BBQ and dumplings Saturday night. I suppose I should feel a bit embarrassed that this was our first foray into the world of Korean cuisine, but I'm going to skip the self-loathing and just resolve to cook more Korean food.

I stayed up much too late riveted/horrified by the coverage of the health care bill last night and so I am dragging this morning. Four hours of sleep are somehow just not enough. :) On the agenda today is watching the rain from the front window and dream of sunshine while trying to conquer the huge pile of laundry currently residing in the bathroom. I am VERY excited to be starting this photography class today! I am hoping to learn my camera a bit better and maybe actually learn what I'm doing instead of wasting…

Rainy Afternoon

Watching the craziness going on in Washington and scrapping on this very rainy afternoon. :)

Sahlin Studio/DeCrow Designs: Play

Kristen Rice: This Boy (retired)

Project 365/52 - Week 11


New Uniforms

It's been kind of a tough week around here so a beautiful sunshine-filled day along with some retail therapy, Pei Wei for lunch with Brian and Rory, followed up by Starbucks and a trip to an international grocery store was a lovely treat. I hit up Gap's extra 30% off entire purchase sale and bought some cute things for Rory and a couple of shirts for Camden. You can't really beat $9 dresses and $3 shirts (plus shopping always makes me feel better).

The grocery store was a new experience for us, and it was kinda fun. Brian loved looking around and could have spent hours there. There was a huge produce section filled with things I've never heard of or seen before. The entire back of the store was full of these big tanks of water with live fish and eel (one almost jumped out in front of us). The store was freezing cold and played very loud music. Poor Rory was literally gagging from the smell most of the time but she's a trooper and didn't complain once. We're…

To Brighten Your Day

Brightens mine anyway :)

Things They Say

Posting this tonight because I plan to take full advantage of having a husband on spring break and sleep in tomorrow morning! :)
From Rory: "I gonna go to Sunday School so my teachers can learn me sumpin." Very southern of her, don't you think?Brian and I have a little debate about whether or not a particular Mexican meal is called a taco salad (me) or a fiesta (Brian). Camden settled it for us when he declared "This is a taco salad. We're in America now, not that other country" (a.k.a Colorado).
"I gonna take my bwudder down" while wrestling with Camden.We started a new book this week (the plan is to memorize a verse a week) and this week's verse is "A soft answer turns away wrath. Proverbs 15:1" Rory's first version was "A soft answer goes away and turns into a rat." Later on (as she tried to "remind" Camden to be kind to her) it moved into "a soft answer turns away in Iraq."
Me: "What do you hav…

Almost Wordless Wednesday

He's at the age where if you laugh at him, he thinks you're making fun of him and we get this expression.

Dental Work

Brian spent most of his first day of spring break doing taxes and going to the dentist (it was his and Camden's turn). Sounds fun, doesn't it? It's never encouraging when your dentist calls you over to look at your son's x-rays and says "those things are huge" - talking about his top two adult teeth that have yet to make an appearance. He says there are definite spacing issues. There are also issues with his eye teeth being completely flat because he grinds them so hard in his sleep. I guess that's not ideal. :) Dental bills are clearly a part of our future.

Today is another very gray, dreary day but I think we're eventually supposed to see the sun sometime this week and it cannot come soon enough. This has been the grayest winter!

Lauren Reid: Luckiest Day

Lauren Reid: Luckiest Day

Spring Break

Camden was out of school Friday for a teacher workday, and the kids played together SO well! I decided to take advantage of having a playmate for Rory around and spent most of the day Friday cleaning out their closets, organizing them, switching out their winter clothes with spring/summer wardrobes. This, of course, guaranteed high temperatures in the 40's all weekend continuing into today. One of these years I'll learn to not rush spring.

Saturday was another quiet day at home and actually quite relaxing. We played unending eventful games of Sorry, made chocolate chip cookies, watched The Black Stallion and just had a nice, quiet day at home (which involved lots of scrapping for me).

Brian's spring break started today so I was able to grocery shop and make a Target run ALONE! Brian stayed home with Rory, made her an omelet for breakfast (she's lucky to get cereal if I'm in charge), and played many Dora games. Poor Camden had to go to school. It stinks that their spr…

Project 365/52 - Week 10

Week 10

And Week 8 which I failed to post because I just finished it today. :)

10 Things

Becky tagged me several days ago but between the field trip, dentist appointment (from which I may never recover), and flat tire, I haven't had any time to think about 10 clever things you may or may not know about me. . . mostly because there isn't anything clever to discover. Anyway, here's the list:

1. I have 3 white hairs that I routinely do away with. It started with 1 when I was 25 and my boss (who was much taller than me) pointed out the first one.

2. I am not a kid person. I've decided that it's okay and doesn't make me a bad mom because I most definitely am a Camden and Rory person.

3. I spent the first year as a SAHM really missing my job. I spent the second year as a SAHM realizing that I'll never go back to work again because that would mean getting dressed plus full hair and make-up.

4. I can type 110 words per minute with only 1-2 mistakes. Yes, I know that for a fact because I spent the summers between my college years at temp agencies taking tes…

Real Smiles

I'm kind of in love with this picture. Real smiles from both of them. Rory is squeezing Camden's ear and she had just snorted with laughter which then made Camden giggle.

I like it even better in black/white.

And with a little photo action and texture.

Catching Up

It has been an eventful 48 hours, and I've been up since 4:30 this morning listening to our first spring thunderstorm (not exactly how I wanted to start my day). I think to spare you all the details, I'll just hit the highlights.

Spent most of Tuesday afternoon at the dentist's office and let me just tell you that a pediatric dentist's waiting room is a whole new level of torture. Think loud movie on the big screen TV competing with the smaller TV for the adults competing with the video games mounted on the wall competing with the screaming/tantrumming children waiting for their siblings competing with all the loud musical kid toys. Not to mention the kids climbing all over the couches (ramming into me and Rory) and the many times I was run over by a 3 year old with a shopping cart. By the time we actually made it back to see the dentist, I was not in the most peaceful frame of mind (Rory just sat on my lap the whole time and took it in). The official diagnosis is 3 fi…