The Lone Ranger

Today is History Day at school, and the 2nd graders were to dress as a character in history. They've been studying American History so cowboys were on the list (thank heavens - I was sweating just thinking about trying to attempt some creative costume). As is usual for him, he was extremely nervous about the whole bandana and hat thing and will probably spend the day adjusting them endlessly. But I think he looks pretty darn cute.

And, yes, I totally made him step outside for the picture even though it is drizzling rain and 40 degrees outside. I HATE pictures taken indoors on a gray, dreary day. Don't worry; my kids are used to enduring extreme weather conditions for the sake of photography. :)


And just a few Tuesday Tidbits. I really need to get better at writing these down instead of relying on my memory.

Rory recently told a friend that a trip to Disney was on her summer list for next year. And I use the term "recently" loosely because it was actually a couple of months ago.

The kids continue to get along better than they ever have before. This is 4 weeks now of laughing and playing hard. I mean to the point that they can hardly wait to be finished with supper so they can get back to playing together. This is definitely a new experience for us. Not that there isn't any fighting, but they seem to be working it out between them without interference from us. Although Brian did catch them headed to the computer room last week to "wrestle it out" in Camden's words. 

I received a letter from our insurance company yesterday asking me to fill out a survey now that I no longer need their cancer support program. Glad to know they think it's all over with.

My dad introduced Camden and Rory to The Lone Ranger on one of his visits this summer and when I asked Camden why he chose a cowboy for History Day, he replied, "Because The Lone Ranger is kind of cowboyish."
I made good headway into compiling my Christmas card list, but hope to finish it today. Also working on a Christmas album with last year's pictures. I think Rory and I are going to wrap some presents today as well as work on learning Isaiah 9:6 (For to us a child is born. . . and he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.").


Renee T. said…
great picture of handsome!
Yay for cowboy Camden! And tell Rory I hope she has a great time at Disney next summer :)
Joy said…
Camden looks so "cowboy handsome"!
That picture is awesome!!! I love it. And the comment about Disney. Is it wrong that the comment about the insurance company thinking the Cancer was all done with made me laugh?!

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