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Working Friday

Boy, it stinks to work on Friday! For the past 2 years I've been lucky enough to be off most Fridays, and it's an easy thing to get used to! Today I'm at the office all day, but only one hour left. (Obviously, I'm not too busy since I'm posting this!)

Went shopping on my lunch hour - always makes me feel busy. Real shopping this time, instead of digi-shopping. Bought a cute backpack for Camden from Baby Gap for his birthday. Also bought an outfit for him to wear on his birthday (mostly for those cute birthday pictures!) from Janie and Jack. Somehow, it's become a tradition for me to buy him a birthday outfit. Yes, I'm obsessed with dressing him, and I'll admit it!

Just a few layouts to share. Enjoy!

Everything here from Gina Cabrera and Gina Miller from various kits.
Squiggly flowers by Jen Wilson.

Sketch template from Jen Caputo. Kit is Summer Home by Holly McCaig and Gina Miller. Squiggly flowers by Jen Wilson.


Well, sweets work for my son. What can I say - he takes after his mama! Camden slept all night last night with the promise of donuts for breakfast. It was so nice to sleep all night, and he was so excited this morning. I actually had to leave early for work and didn't get to see him, but he called and left me the SWEETEST message on my phone. I can't wait to pick up him and congratulate him tonight.

I'm trying not to be too depressed this afternoon. Typically, my work week ends Thursday at 4:00 and I'm off Fridays, but this week I have to work tomorrow. I'm trying just to be grateful that I'm usually off and I do have Monday and Tuesday off next week because of July 4, so that will be great!

Miss Gina M. was making cute little words for her blogger commenters today, so look what I picked up. And it matches one of her kits that I'm going to use for a picture of Camden and his two cousins. Can't wait!
Here are two layouts from today. I'm actually really …


Well, I just lost my entire post, so I'll try again. Work is busy this week. Brian has class so evenings are pretty slow. There's nothing on TV these days, but I've been watching reruns of Allstar Survivor, which was my favorite season ever. I loved Boston Rob and Amber!

Camden is still waking up several times during the night, which is tiring and a little annoying! We decided to try something new Monday night, and when he started yelling for me at midnight, I went in and just stood in the doorway and gently told him he should cover up himself. Well, that started a major hissy fit that involved screaming and yelling. I just left him. After about 10 minutes of screaming, he started yelling that he needs to go potty (which he can do by himself, of course). About 2 hours later he woke up yelling for us again to cover him up. Brian went in there and he had wet through his pull-up. Brian got him up and told him to go potty. As he was leaving the room, Camden turned around and s…

ScrapWithNikki layouts

Somehow forgot to post my ScrapwithNikki layouts. These are both done using Nikki's new Love of Country kit available July 1 at Plain Digital Wrapper. This is a CUTE kit!

Weekend recap and LO's

We had a really nice weekend! I took Camden to daycare Friday and went to my hair appointment, got a great scalp massage, got my eyebrows done, and just a little trim to my hair. Then I met my friend for a movie. We saw The DaVinci Code. I know I’m a little late to see this! I didn’t really like it all that much. It just didn’t make that big of an impression on me!

Friday night after Camden went to bed, we ordered carry out (Mexican for me and Chinese for Brian) and watched Glory Road. It was a GREAT movie. I’m a sucker for sport movies anyway.

Saturday I braved the mall with Camden by myself since Brian had quite a bit of work to do and needed some peace and quiet. It was an experience, as always! It’s like he has had straight caffeine or sugar shot straight into his veins when we enter a mall. He is giddy! He dances, shimmies and shakes, runs circles around me. It’s little bit embarrassing, quite funny, and very frustrating trying to keep up with him and actually do a bit of shopping.…


For the last 4-5 weeks Camden has been waking up multiple times during the night. This child has always been a GREAT sleeper and would sleep 11-12 hours a night with no problems. All of a sudden he started waking up asking for a story or a drink or the most popular "cover me up." Brian and I take turns getting up with him, but I still wake up every time he calls, and if I'm the one to get up (1-2 times a night), then I'm really awake and it takes a good 45 minutes or so for me to go back to sleep. That means I'm missing ALOT of sleep these days!

Which leads me to my next problem of the day. I'm addicted to Starbucks. When Becky and mom were here for Liz's wedding, we had Starbucks almost every day for a week. Then Camden's sleep issues started so I "needed" the caffeine in the morning. Now I just really want it and have started to get caffeine headaches when I don't have it (like this morning). Now my Starbucks addiction is not good for …


This has been a very slow week! I've had plenty to do at work and then had slow evenings at home each night, but Brian has had meetings or classes so it's just been me and Camden. One of my favorite things to do is read to him. We have a book titled I Love You This Much and we used to read it at night before he went to bed, but had taken a break of several months for some reason, but it's his favorite again. He will whisper the words along with me as I read and give hugs and kisses in the appropriate places in the books. I love it!

Scrapping News
If you're interested, ScrapArtist is having a 25% off sale. I picked up some really fun kits I can't wait to use. I also downloaded some new Dianne Rigdon designs to work with (see layouts below). I had entered the Peppermint Creative ultimate scrapbooker contest, but am having second thoughts. I had worked on my layout (Favorite Thing About Yourself) and have seen several other layouts that have the same topic so I can'…

Father's Day Weekend

Our Father’s Day weekend was fun! We started off with a play date with Emily and “that other baby” (a.k.a. Meredith) at a local mall playground. Camden had a blast playing with Emily, and I enjoyed spending time with Kathy, who is a great friend and old college roommate. I’m so happy she’ll be teaching at the college where I work in the fall. It’s always good to spend time with friends you have such a long history with.

We went shopping as a family Friday evening. I found nothing, of course, which is how it goes when you actually have the money for it and a plan! Brian found many things, of course. Men are so easy to buy clothes for. Camden was wound up! He boogied away in the aisles of the stores – he has no rhythm and a very unique free style!

Saturday I went to an all day paper scrap. The scrap was a fundraiser for my friend Mayme who is adopting a little girl from China. I’m so excited for her family! The scrap was fun, but a little different for me now that I’m a digiscrapper. I wa…

Prince Charming

Camden walked around the living room last night with a blanket over his shoulders saying, "I'm Pwince Charming, and you are my pwincess. Look at my feathers." No idea where that came from! Brian was thrilled, of course. We went to Wendy's last night after church and Camden said, "Daddy, when you go to that thing and pull your window down, that lady will give us ice cream."

I feel like I've won the scrapbooking lottery! I am now on Dianne Rigdon's creative team. Her designs are sold at Shabby Elements and ScrapArtist. I am so excited to work with her designs - they are beautiful!

I'm going to be a busy girl over the weekend. Playdate on Friday, then shopping Friday night. All day scrap on Saturday. Father's Day events (to be determined) on Sunday. Not to mention the 5 (yes, I said FIVE) kits I received from Angela and Emily Powers that I need to work with and also designs from Dianne Rigdon. I can't wait to get started.

One layout from yest…

More Scrapping News

I am happy to announce that I have been chosen as part of the creative team for Angela and Emily Powers. They are opening up their new shop called Sweet Dreams Shoppe. I am really looking forward to working with them. Brian starts class tonight. He is taking The Exceptional Child and keeps telling me they'll be studying Camden. Ha! We took a walk last night and let Camden walk by himself for the first time, and we wore him out! He kept saying, "Can we find a bench, please?" Here are a couple of layouts from last week. Flower recolored by Rhonna Penner. Everything else from Spring Breeze by Shabby Princess. Fonts are Jane Austen and Susie's Hand. Scraplifted for SweetShoppeDesigns from from Amy Martin
Shabby Princess Moroccan Sunset available at ACOT.


Cool Treats Everything from ScrapwithNikki's Summer Fun kit found here
Logan, Ashton, and Camden Everything from ScrapwithNikki's ManPower.

Boys at Play Everything from ScrapwithNikki's Man Power found here

Chopsticks anyone?

Our weekend turned out to be pretty nice. VBS wrapped up Friday evening so that was a little crazy and hectic, but fun. Brian went and did some late night fishing with his friend Jon so I took Camden home and watched a movie.

Saturday we decided to take Camden to his first theater movie. A little background: a couple of weeks ago one of the kids from Brian's youth group brought Camden two little cars (from the movie CARS) from the McDonald's Happy Meals. He immediately named them Kiki and Energy. I just assumed he must have somehow known their names from the huge marketing campaign going on - poptarts, cereal, they're everywhere! He's been asking to see "my movie" for days. Of course, he thought this meant we could just turn on the TV for him. Anyway, Saturday we took him to see the movie. I'm not sure what he thought about the movie, but he was mesmerized by the "TV" that was as big as our house and spent the entire movie with two hands in the p…

Test page

Ashton and Logan Credits: Everything from Tracy Ann Robinson's Frivolity Kit.