School's Out!

Poor Brian actually had school 3 days before Christmas. How is that possible? He had volunteered several weeks ago to take both kids to school with him for the last day, and Rory has been more excited than I can tell you. She has informed everyone who walked through our door that she was going to go to her first school party. And judging by the smiles and stories she came home with, it lived up to her expectations. And a big thank you to Brian's friend and fellow teacher, Janelle, because I'm pretty sure she helped out a whole lot in making sure the kids had a good time. Brian says she's going to be a great grandma. :)

Somehow the kids seem a little more excited than Brian here.

On today's agenda is cleaning up this mess of a house, putting together a gingerbread house (heaven help us all), and just enjoying the first day of Christmas break on this cold Friday. Right now the kids are happily playing Iron Chef at the table with playdough supplies and phrases like "walk away, chef" and "I'm doing a better job of mincing than you are" and "what's the secret ingredient again?" are floating through the doorway making me laugh. Yes, we watch alot of Food Network around here.


Vicky said…
Who couldn't laugh at those beautiful smiling faces :) We love the food network too and my youngest will often come ask to watch "cooking shows," with me. How fun for the kids to both get to "go to school." I am sure its a memory they won't soon forget :)

I wish you a blessed and joyous holiday season overflowing with dear memories made to last a lifetime!
I can't believe Brian had school today!! Whoa. But that hat?! Totally makes up for it... Right?! ;)

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