Friday, December 31, 2010

Winter Hideout

This is where we've spent the last few days.

And this was our view. Not bad, right?

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Too bad I thought of this a little too late and already deleted lots of bad pictures.


Serious hat head, William.

Does it look like Camden is in trouble? Cause he wasn't!

Mid-kiss. Although, on second glance, this is not an outtake, but a sweet moment.

She was fake pouting.

Are you kidding me, mom?


Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Okay, seriously can't help myself. Not to mention I haven't taken a single picture this week.

Gramps and Rory

Catching snowflakes

Skyping with Uncle Matt, the only family member on my side not at my house Christmas. And, yes, those would be Uncle Michael's knees you see. Even in December with snow on the ground.

Singing Christmas carols before opening presents

Spontaneous hand holding. Is that sweet or what?

Rory is quite taken with her stuffed Dora.

After all the excitement, covering up with her new Dora blanket and reading her new Dora book.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve

I wasn't planning to share more Christmas pictures, but I found these from Christmas Eve and decided there was no choice but to post them.

Mom brought her famous sugar cookies to ice and decorate and let the kids help out. She enlisted Dad's help. The kids had a blast although I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad were ready to just call it a day and go to bed when they finished.

Have you seen a cuter chef?


Mr. Personality

William was slightly quieter

Our tradition for Christmas Eve is to attend a Christmas Eve service and then come home for appetizers. Because of freezing rain, we had to skip the service, but appetizers were definitely still on the agenda. I actually have food pictures, but thought I'd spare you all the details.

They'll kill me for this.

The group. Notice the Sequence game already on the table. The theme for the week during each meal was to let the kids eat on a blanket in the living room with a Christmas-themed TV show while the adults ate at the table and played Sequence.

Mom and Dad always read to the kids at bedtime. Apparently, mom and Camden thought something was really funny.

This is what Uncle Michael thought of it all. In his defense, he'd been working all day (he's a UPS driver).

We always take a quick picture before bedtime in their Christmas p.j.'s.

And the whole group of munchkins.

Seriously, this is all the Christmas pictures I'm going to post. Promise.

Top 10 Things

My top 10 favorite things of the 2010 Christmas Week
10. The food at the Lewis/Hale/Derby Christmas never disappoints.

9. The fact that we were snowed in Sunday which meant we had a quiet day to unwind when all our company left.

8. Watching William and Xavier's Christmas program. There's a whole lotta personality in those two! (click here for a small sampling)

7. The excellent coffee. Does that fall under the food category?

6. Camden and Rory's expressions when they opened a "pink weapster" (for Rory) and a DS (for Camden).

5. The Italian Drip-Beef sandwiches. Yes, it falls under the food category, but Brian says the sandwiches must have their own space in the list.
4. The many hours spent playing Sequence. The girls totally rule.
3. The poem Brian wrote for me (it made Becky and my dad cry so you know it was good).  

2. This picture.

1. The sweet time we had on Christmas Day reading Luke 2 and singing Christmas carols.

And let me just leave you with my favorite picture of the entire Christmas week. Rory's wearing her Super Girl costume (from Aunt Becky) and they're both playing with their new "Weapster" and DS.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

White Christmas

Tennessee's version of a White Christmas. :)


Very little stuck to the ground (until last night), but there were large fluffy flakes most of the day. The kids ran outside to catch snowflakes with their tongues for a mere 5 minutes, but I think it was long enough for them to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our Christmas Week

The last few days have been filled with really good food, four very energetic little ones, and a whole lot of laughs. Here's a little peak into our Christmas week.

Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. Seriously best thing you'll ever put in your mouth.

Except for maybe these Pioneer Woman Italian drip beef sandwiches. We're kind of a PW fan around here.

A sweet 4 year old girl

Family picture courtesy of Becky

I returned the favor.

A mischievous Xavier.

Since this is our last Tennessee Christmas, we decided it was time to head to Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights. Unfortunately, the entire state of Tennessee had the same idea.

Rory hitched a ride.

Rory and Grandma at the poinsettia tree.

Camden eagerly awaiting the light show that never happened. Long story.


Our two munchkins

No children were harmed during this photo shoot, but it was a close call.

Today's agenda originally included passing out some Christmas bags to the homeless downtown and attending a Christmas Eve service, but sleet and snow are in our forecast and we've declared ourselves officially snowed in. After a walk this morning, multiple games of Sequence, and a whole lot of goodies, we're settling in for a quiet evening. Well, as quiet as it can be in a house with three 4-year olds, one 7-year old, and eight adults. Hope your week has been as fun as ours.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Today was Rory's date day, and despite all the activities I mentioned to her, she really wanted to see Tangles (a.k.a. Tangled). She was so funny as she giggled and danced her way through the movie. She kept saying, "I just wuv this movie. It's hiwawious" (hilarious). Considering she mentioned it about every 10 minutes throughout the day, I'm pretty sure the prospect of skipping naptime was almost as exciting as the date.

I decided to have Camden take a quick picture of us before we left instead of taking the camera. This is what happens when a 7 year old is in charge of the pictures.



We've done this "date" thing with the kids a couple of times now since Rory has been home, and I'm always surprised by how much they adore the alone time with us. I highly recommend it!

Monday, December 20, 2010

A Whole Lotta Stuff

Hold on, it's going to be a long one!

Our weekend started with our afternoon with Camden Friday. We took him to Target to do a little shopping for Rory before the movie. Something we started this year was taking each kid not only on a date, but letting them choose something for each other for Christmas. It's a way for them to do something nice for each other and I tried to make both of them to really think through what would make the other happy. With a $5 limit, of course. Camden was pretty enthralled with Voyage of the Dawn Treader and was literally on the edge of his seat the entire time. Brian fell asleep so that tells you how he felt about it. I thought it was fun, but not nearly as good as the first two.

Really, could I have taken a worse picture? One of these days I'll start leaving the tiny purse camera at home and lugging around the big girl all the time.


This cracks me up. He's so skinny, he still doesn't really hold the seat down on his own. We kept teasing him about getting one of the toddler booster seats.

We finished Friday night up with pizza at Gram and Gramp's house. Saturday I ran to Nashville for a haircut, then came home to a sick husband and a whole lot of housework in preparation for this week. Saturday night was a white elephant party and provided a much-needed little break from housework (and kids).

Sunday Brian decided he needed to go back to the doctor and we discovered he has strep. Again. For the second weekend in a row. Seriously. Sunday night was the kid's Christmas program followed by a Christmas party at church, and Brian had to miss it.

I have a whole lot of really bad pictures (seriously, how do you take pictures in a church at night?), but I thought this one kind of said it all: Camden's earnest face, Rory hamming it up.

Although I do have to include this one. When the kids lined up, Rory immediately started directing and telling them what to do. I know you find that hard to believe.

And one more because it's the only one (from a photography standpoint) that was actually in focus and with good white balance, etc. I think they all look pretty adorable.

Here's also a small video, but I'm just saying listen/watch at your own risk.The singing yelling is just a tad out of control.

We've also started our Christmas family visits. Micah, Becky, William, and Xavier (or the Derby tornado as we like to call them) arrived Sunday afternoon. The three boys have already sustained injuries from all the wrestling, and Rory is already acting out because "they won't pway wif me."Unfortunately, she does tend to get left out of all cousin activities because she's younger than all of them. Not to mention they're boys who love Star Wars not little girl cousins/sisters.

And, finally, several of you have emailed me about Rory's hat in this post. Rory's hats come almost exclusively from Briar Claire Etsy shop, but this one I purchased several years ago (maybe before she was even home) from this shop.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Project 365/52 - Week 50