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Remember that immigration paperwork we were worried about last week? Well, it arrived in the mail yesterday. It's so nice to have that hurdle out of the way.

Because of my poor computer being completely full, I spent HOURS last night backing up my pictures and files on CD/DVD. I thought I was fairly caught up, but I guess not! Also spent lots of time researching external hard drives, online storage options, etc.

Tomorrow is our big travel day. Camden and I are flying to Tulsa to be with Micah, Becky, and the boys for a couple of days. I'm very excited about it! Camden is thrilled to be going on an airplane. Of course, he's quite the seasoned traveler - Korea, Japan, France, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, but all before the age of 2 so he doesn't really remember it. Hopefully, all will go well. We bought him a Leapster and a Cars game which I plan to surprise him with when we board. I've also loaded up on candy and snacks to help keep us busy.

Here are 4 layouts I finished …


I'm sure you'll all be happy to know that at Camden's 4 year check-up Dr. Heil declared him healthy as a horse, full of energy, and a delight! But, of course, we knew all that! He is 39.5 inches tall and weighs 34.5 lbs. He is right at 40th percentile, so pretty much average! We just love our pediatrician! Not only is he very knowledgeable about international adoption, he's just a great doctor! Camden loves him and always interacts with him really well, which is surprising because Camden is pretty quiet around adults he doesn't know well. Of course, Camden's first year home we became close, personal friends with Dr. Heil since Camden was sick so often!

The weekend was pretty basic. Lots of just day-to-day life stuff happening, none of it particularly exciting! Camden is getting really good on his bicycle and cracks us up with all his make-believe stories. He is playing by himself really well these days. Well, either playing by himself or torturing poor Ruby into…

Happy Friday!

We've got a busy Friday planned. We're headed into Nashville for a family trip. I've got a hair appointment, Camden has his 4-year check-up, then we promised to either take him for ice cream or maybe to the park if he's good at the doctor. Then it's off to grocery store to shop for the week and to get passport pictures taken for Camden. Tonight is family night at VBS so we're headed there later on.

We have to get the passport pics taken because we're working on Camden's Certificate of Citizenship. It's just one final step in solidifying his U.S. citizenship. We technically do not have to do this, but there have been a couple of cases lately where an adopted child got into legal trouble and even though this is not supposed to be necessary because they didn't have a COC they were deported. Now, of course, we want to do everything possible that would prevent that. It's quite ridiculous because basically our government offices do not have interf…

Adoption Update

No one get excited - nothing earth shattering here! We've now been officially on the waiting list for 2.5 months. They originally quoted us a 6 month wait so we're almost halfway there. Our funds continue to come in, and we have been blessed by gifts from our wonderful family. We still have a ways to go, but the financial side of the process is going much better than we anticipated. I am quite concerned about some immigration paperwork that hasn't arrived. We were fingerprinted May 15 and still haven't received that paperwork. I'm hoping to talk to our caseworker today and maybe she will have some advice on how to find out if there's been a problem. You know we had serious mail issues during May and June so I'm concerned that the mail was returned to the government, which would NOT be a good thing! I feel pretty good about the wait so far. We've been in process for 8 months now and I will admit to starting to feel a little anxious as the time goes on. I…


You should just see how excited Camden is every night when he gets home from Bible School. He is loaded down with papers and crafts (and wired from the koolaid) and he tells me the Bible stories, which get a little mixed up in the translation, but it is so cute!

I walked with Mayme again last night - this time we went to her house. I have two words for you: big hills. I'm sore this morning!

When we first found out that Becky had breast cancer I don't think that any of us realized how it was going to affect all of us, but the doctors quickly discovered that the particular kind of cancer she has is generally caused by the breast cancer gene. After doing some family research, we discovered that a great aunt and second cousin had breast and ovarian cancer and had tested positive for the cancer gene. Because this was all on my dad's side, he was tested for the gene and yesterday we found out he tested positive. Now this doesn't mean too much for him, but what it means for me …


One of our friend's churches is hosting VBS this week. They have a wonderful church and a huge VBS and have a ton of fun so we thought we'd send Camden this year, especially since our church just had a one-day carnival instead of the full week. Brian took Camden last night, and he had a blast!!

So, while Brian and Camden were at VBS, I walked with my friend Mayme. I think that neither of us wanted to do it, but we made ourselves and it was fun. So much easier to walk with a friend than by yourself or with a 4 year old! I've been thinking I'd like to get one of those jogging strollers so that I could take the baby walking when she arrives, but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

Here's one page I finished up last night. I am almost finished up with my 2005 pictures - this may be the last page. I'm so happy to be finished! I've already got 2004 finished and 2006 isn't far behind.


Our grand total from the yard sale is $820. We are thrilled with that and so grateful to our family and friends who helped out!

My house is a wreck and no laundry was finished this weekend because of the yard sale, but I did manage to read almost all of the new HP book. I plan to finish it up tonight (and then get to work on my house!). I spent any spare time reading so no new scrap pages today!


Know what I'm sitting here looking at? The new Harry Potter book! I am so excited to read it, but honestly if it were up to me, I'd probably put it off just a bit because I sorta like the anticipation of knowing it's here, but not knowing what's going to happen. Is Harry going to live or die? But I know that if I don't start reading, I'll find out the answer either online or on TV because I'm sure it's going to to be everywhere! So, now I have a decision to make tonight - read HP or scrap.

I'm blogging from the front yard again. The weather has turned out to be PERFECT! If you can believe it, I needed a jacket this morning it was so cool. We're getting ready to start packing things up. I don't have a total amount yet, but we have done much better than I anticipated, and we've even met some really nice people. One lady noticed our adoption fundraiser sign and slipped in a $50 check in between the 2 dollar bills she had used to pay for her …

Yard Sale

I'm blogging today from my front yard. Our sale did not have a great start. We were planning to set up last night, but they were calling for thunderstorms so we put it off until this morning and started about 5 and finished up about noon. If you can't do the math - that's 7 hours worth of work!! It rained until about 11, so we spent lots of time putting out tarps, taking them down, drying things off, etc. Hopefully, it will be worth all the time spent. We'll see.


Can you tell I'm yelling in excitement in my title? First, I get to leave work a little early today and finally use the gift certificate I received for Mother's Day. I'm going to the Decadence Day Spa for a Rocky Road Pedicure and a Spa Manicure. Sound fun?? They use chocolate in all their treatments, and the description for the pedicure mentioned marshmallows between my toes and a dish of Rocky Road ice cream. I can't wait!

But my main excitement is for a much bigger reason! Camden and I are going to Tulsa to see Becky and Micah and the boys. Someone had given them vouchers for 2 flights that had to be used by August 5, and Becky's doctor told her she couldn't travel so Becky emailed me yesterday asking if Camden and I could make the trip. I am just so excited! We haven't seen them since the first week of May and I wasn't sure when we would see them before Thanksgiving. We leave August 1 and will stay for 4 days. Becky has a chemo treatment that week, b…


I'm sitting here at my desk this morning (actually made it to work by 7:15) and there is a group of college kids (I'm assuming) on the street in front of my office screaming their heads off every time cars go by - which is like every millisecond. They're holding signs for a mayoral candidate, and of course they have the right to do that, but it is sooooo annoying!! Hopefully, they will not be here all day!

I went out to lunch with a friend yesterday and had a really good time with her. We always go to Qdoba, which is just about my favorite place to eat. Got home from work and had to wake Camden up - he had just crashed when they returned from their camping trip and had slept for hours! He had so much fun. I met a friend for a walk last night, which was really good. My feet hurt after we finished! Normally I have Camden with me when I walk, and his little legs just can't keep up so I generally slow down. It felt like much more of a workout to walk with an adult!

Here are …


I think the camping trip was a success. They're not home yet, but I talked to Brian and Camden last night and again this morning. They've played hard, made chili for supper, pancakes and bacon for breakfast, got very little sleep because it was so hot - you know the drill. I'm sure I'll have pictures to post tomorrow.

Camden had his first fall from his big boy bike. Brian said he was going to fast, panicked and slammed on his breaks, which made him fly through the air and he skidded underneath our friend's jeep (thankfully parked and not moving!). He got up, brushed himself off, and said, "I'm pretty tough." Isn't that funny? I can almost guarantee if I would have been there, he would have cried, though. Sometimes it's all about how much sympathy you can get.

I'll be glad to have them home tonight. They were gone Friday night as well, and I just kinda got lonely. I used to love having time to myself because it was so rare (and I do still enj…

Happy Monday

Well, as busy as the last few weeks at work have been, this week will make up for it because it is so slow! Everyone is gone to a convention, and I'm left alone in this big building with very few people! Kinda feels like I'm on vacation. I'm wearing casual clothes cause I can, blogging in the middle of the day cause I can, eating at my desk cause I can - well, you get the picture.

Brian is taking Camden camping today and tomorrow. He says it's for his birthday, but let's be honest here. It's more for Brian than Camden! There is nothing he likes better than to camp. (And there's nothing I like worse than to sleep outside in the heat with no access to a bathroom or shower)

Because my family will never believe I did this and because I promised my mom to post proof on my blog, Brian and I spent several hours in the kitchen "putting up" (I think this is the technical term) corn. Brian went to a farm and picked corn Saturday and then yesterday we shucked …

Happy Birthday!

I cannot believe that my baby is 4! I know to some of you mothers out there with older children that doesn't seem old, but to me it seems very old! Camden turned 4 today, and he is just so big and grown up that I can hardly stand it!

We celebrated last night with Brian's parents and Michael and Liz and then just had a quiet lunch with birthday cake and ice cream this afternoon by ourselves. Camden thoroughly enjoyed being the center of attention (of course, when is he not?). He was thrilled with his new big-boy bicycle, but I think he was equally as thrilled with the new soccer ball and shin guards that Michael and Liz bought him (requirements for his new soccer team that starts in August). Kids are so funny!

Camden's birthday never goes by without my thinking of his birthparents and wondering where they are and what they're doing and wondering if they've thought of him today. And then I just feel overwhelmed with gratitude that somehow God saw fit to give him to us.

It's Friday!

So, today's going to be a good day. My house is clean, I plan to scrap, and Camden and I are having a little party tonight. Brian is going to be gone this evening so we're going to eat pizza, have ice cream and watch a movie. That's a really big party to him! We're also having a little birthday party for him tomorrow. His birthday is Sunday, but Sundays are just way too busy with church and Brian's responsibilities at church so Camden thinks his birthday is tomorrow. I had planned to just make him a cake this year, but he started begging for a Cars cake this week - he's got the whole thing planned out - where the cars sit and the flags, etc. It's so funny! If you can believe it, this is the first time he's really asked for something specific so a Cars cake it is. When we ask him what he wants for his birthday, he says, "a stick with a flag on it like I had at my old house that waves." No idea what that is, but we're going to try to find a…


I decided yesterday to take an impromptu vacation day today. I've been saving all my days for when we're in Korea and I'm off for family leave, but after the last couple of weeks, I needed a day off! I've managed to convince Brian to brave the crowds and we're going to go see Harry Potter today, and I'm really excited about that!

If you're in a shopping mood, here are two collab kits I've been working with this week that I just love! The first is Little Darlin' by Jessica Bolton and Kresta Mettler. Oh, and by the way, Jessica asked me to be on her creative team and I am so excited! I love her designs!

French Countryside by Christina Renee and Shabby Princess is so beautiful and just full of unique elements.

And here is one page for today - with Sally (the other cat). Oh, and by the way, we discovered yesterday that "she" is a "he." So we might need a new name!


I don't think I've mentioned it here, but work the last couple of weeks has been crazy busy and very frustrating! The busy part I don't mind. In fact, I love to be busy and get alot done. It makes me productive, and like it's worth it to be a working mom, but the frustrating part I don't like. I am NOT a miss deadlines kinda girl, but when you're relying on others, sometimes that happens, and I hate it! I won't say more than that since I know some work people read my blog, but it's been frustrating! But as of 8:44 this morning, the big project I was working on is complete and out of my hands!

I had a really nice surprise yesterday. My college best friend called. Now, we've been out of college for 10 years (I am sooo old!), and have not kept in touch very well. In fact, the last time I talked to her, her youngest baby was about to be born (she's 3.5 now) so it's been a while. In college, we were inseparable, and she played a huge part in my wh…


So, two posts in one day for me! I got a call from my mom this evening - she is with Becky for the next couple of weeks to help her out with the boys during her chemotherapy - and Becky's having a rough day. I've spent the evening praying for her as I scrapped this page. I don't know why I do this, but it's happened several times in the last bit, but when I've been worried about her and how the cancer is making her ill, I've scrapped pictures with her in them. Somehow makes me feel a little bit closer to her, which is silly I know. Anyway, here's the page - and I know that it's a do-over, but I just was never satisfied with the first version.

Our Weekend

Hope you all enjoyed a little piece of Camden in yesterday’s post! He loves to sing these days! Now that Brian has figured out the YouTube thing, I’m sure we’ll be posting more of these.

Our weekend was good. Saturday we made a shopping trip looking for a birthday present for Camden. I think he tried out every bike in our county! Unfortunately, we need the 14 inch size, and they’re hard to find! I think he might end up with a Go, Diego, Go bike, which isn’t my favorite, but it’s the only 14 inch we can find! Brian and Camden spent several hours washing the cars on Saturday afternoon. Well, Camden spent several hours playing in the water and Brian spent several hours watching him pretend to wash the cars!

Sunday turned out to be a really good day. One of my very good friends showed up at church unexpectedly, and it was so good to see her and her kids. They moved far, far away a couple of years ago, and I had not seen her since. She came over for lunch, and we have a very nice couple of h…

A Little Entertainment

Turn up the volume, sit back, and enjoy a little entertainment.


My blog post is the perfect title for my week! With the exception of really hard days at work this week and having July 4th off, not much is happening around here! I'd tell you how I'm living my regular Friday routine but it would bore me even to write it out so I'll just leave you with a couple of pages I've completed this week.

Happy July 4th

Happy July 4th! Ours was pretty uneventful! Camden spent the night at Gram and Gramp's house last night. Brian got up early, took off all the inside doors in our house so that we could sand, prime and paint them. They're all the cheap wooden doors (not the pretty ones with molding) so we're painting them white to match the trim. Since Brian, paint, and Melissa do not mix well at all, I pretty much had a quiet day to myself! I read, watched some TV, scrapped, and just generally lounged around. Then tonight we went to pick up Camden and had dinner there, came home, let Camden set off a few fireworks, and the day is over!


We attended our annual July 4th church picnic (well, technically the weekend before July 4th picnic) last night, and a fun time was had by all. The weather cooled down just a bit so it wasn't quite as miserable as it's been lately. This is the first year that we let Camden run with the big kids so he pretty much hit the ground running when we arrived and we saw him 4 hours later! And while I will admit that it was quite nice to not have to keep up with him and entertain him, it also made me a little bit sad because he's big enough to not need me! Oh, well - next year I should have a new little toddler in my arms! (and just think of the cute red, white, and blue outfits I can shop for!) So, once again I'm saying it here, which technically means nothing since I can't seem to commit to it for longer than a couple of weeks, but trying to get back on track with this working out thing - starting with a family walk tonight. Elizabeth is out of town, so my Curv…

And. . .

. . . . they're multiplying! Hopefully, we don't become known as "the family with all the cats."

Scrapping News

This post is just going to be totally scrapping news (family, feel free to skip to the bottom for the pics if you want!).

My big news for the month is that Gina Miller and Traci Murphy have both asked me to scrap layouts for them this month, and I am soooo excited! It's pretty much a scrapper's dream to tell ya the truth! So, with that in mind, take a look at some of the pages I've been working on with their designs, and if you want, take a look at this blog. You just might see a familiar face or two!