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Over Coffee

It's been a while. I know. Maybe we can catch up the same way we might if I met you for coffee on this sunny Saturday morning.
January dragged on forever (as I have seen memed over and over) and February is doing a bit of the same. I forget how hard it is to (1) get back into a schedule after the holidays, (2) endure the never-ending gloomy weather - we've had an incredible amount of rain, and my mood suffers.
Regular season basketball ended this week with only a tournament left the last weekend of February. I could not be happier; if Camden were playing I wouldn't mind so much but since he broke his finger, he cannot play or practice . . . just be present for every minute of it. Basically, our days have revolved around basketball so that Camden can hand out water and fetch balls. He jokes about being the best assistant manager, and he's certainly an encourager (I would say cheerleader, but he might not appreciate that).
Speaking of Camden's finger, the splint fin…