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Just for Grandpa and Grandma

I managed to somehow overlook these photos and had never uploaded them to my computer and when I found them this afternoon as I try to get caught up on Project Life, I knew my parents would love them.
And they made me smile too. :)

Flipping us off as she eats a grape.
Big milestone here - I've been trying to teach her the sign for "more" for pretty much forever. She's finally getting it!
Being an aunt might be as good as being a Grandma.

This kiss is a big deal. Addison has been slow to show affection, but we've finally got kissing down pat.
Admit it. They made you smile too, right? You're welcome.

Thank Goodness for Goodwill

We have a very small one-car garage full of (1) junk we don't need and (2) junk we do need but don't have storage for. Our plan was to spend Friday working on getting ready for a yard sale Saturday morning, but after spending about an hour working on it in the blazing sun, we decided to make our weekend alot easier and loaded it all up in the van to take to Goodwill.

I'm feeling really good about that decision. Now to decide what to do with all the junk we still need but don't have space for.
I'm not sure why we've waited until June 28 to pull out the water toys, but all the fighting, nitpicking, driving-their-parents-insane behavior stopped immediately and they laughed and screamed all afternoon. 

Every time I glanced out the window at them, they were a shade darker.


My endoscopy was bright and early yesterday morning, and I had trouble coming out of sedation. Not real trouble, just the I couldn't keep my eyes open all day long kind of trouble. While Brian waited with me in recovery, I kept arguing with him that they hadn't done the procedure yet (because I didn't remember it) and that I just wanted to take a nap. I could not figure out why he wouldn't. stop. talking.
I came home and slept most of the day, and Brian swears I slurred my words until supper time. Everything is mostly fine. The doctor did a few biopsies to check for bacteria, but it looks as if the lining of my stomach is irritated by all the Ibuprofen I take these days. Good news is that the further away from chemo I get, the less I need to take it.
Camden has finally (knock on wood) been fever-free for almost 24 hours and is starting to feel better. Better enough that he's playing outside and I asked him to pull weeds out front . . . .which probably guarantees …

Just Keeping it Real

In the interest of keeping things honest, I'm going to admit that Camden has pneumonia.
I know. I'm still in the running for Mother of the Year.
What makes it worse is that we took him to a park this morning and then was irritated when he didn't want to play. Okay, I was irritated.
We'd had the day scheduled for over a week and he woke up fever-free this morning (and spent most of Monday without a fever) so I thought we were done with this whole cranky, high fever thing. Nope! We did have the foresight to bring a thermometer with us, and after we realized he had a fever again, we called our pediatrician and were able to see him this afternoon. Pneumonia. Yes, I feel terrible.
And because the Lewis family likes to keep things interesting, I'm having an endoscopy tomorrow. Good summer fun.
In other news, we took the kids on a Food Truck picnic today. We always watch the Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network each summer, and they were super excited to finally eat…

Mother of the Year. Again.

This post has two purposes.
1. to make you feel a little better about yourself as a parent
2. to catch up on sharing my scrapping
So about that parent thing. I've mentioned many times I should win mother of the year. Here's just one more shining example. Camden ran a high fever Tuesday night/Wednesday. He woke up at the crack of dawn Thursday with no fever (I checked like 3 times) so we let him spend the day at the lake. Brian (who should win father of the year for this) forgot to use sunscreen on them, and both kiddos came home with their first sunburns. They usually just get browner.
So Friday when Camden complained multiple times that his sunburn was giving him a headache, I pretty much told him to suck it up (in a nice way). We went and picked strawberries (hello, hot and sweaty summer!). He still complained. I finally got smart and decided to check his temperature.
It was a mere 102 degrees. Mother. of. the. year.
It hovered around 102 the rest of Friday and all day Satu…


I have a feeling we are definitely the "not cool" parents. Not only do our kids have early bedtimes and have daily school, we make them help out around the house. Monday we decided Camden was old enough to give mowing the yard a shot. He was none too happy. I really wished I would have pulled out the camera as he pushed that mower back and forth in the front yard yelling at himself and throwing a hissy fit. ;)
By the time I pulled out the camera, he wasn't happy, but he'd settled in to the work.
And by the time he made it to the back yard, he was in a good mood.
And when he finished, he was in a great mood (not that he would admit it, but probably because he'd stuck it out - as if he had a choice in the matter - and finished a hard job) and told Brian several times how mowing the yard was alot more work than it looked like.

Brian (and I) would like to reassure you that he does not dress like this on a regular basis. Only when mowing the yard.
He had to switch to…

It Was a Day

So yesterday was certainly one of those days you don't care to repeat. Brian and I have been tag teaming with the kids for the last week or so as he stays busy with church planning/events, and yesterday was no different. He left the house before 8 a.m. and when he arrived home at 10:30ish, I immediately walked out the door.
It was my day to have my annual mammogram and then meet with the specialist, and while it's never my favorite event, I don't usually worry too much. That whole not worrying thing changed slightly as there was a whole flurry of activity while several techs looked over my paperwork, went over yet again our family cancer history, etc. Let's just say that my own medical history and our family history is not nearly as simple as it used to be.
I moved on to the actual mammogram, waited about 25 minutes for results instead of the promised 10 and went on to the doctor's office . . .where I proceeded to wait for over 90 minutes. And the only magazines h…

Wordless Wednesday

And the best part about these pictures (besides the insanely cute kids, of course)? The reflection of Brian in the background acting like a crazy person to keep Addison's attention.

Tuesday's Tidbits

I have officially turned into the person who uses her iPad and iPhone simultaneously. Because I'm clearly not patient enough to wait through a 30 second commercial on HuluPlus.
Apparently, my 6 year old daughter cut her hair "accidentally" at some point last week. Not enough that I've noticed a gap, but enough that she picked it up off the floor and put it in the trashcan. This piece of breaking news came out during children's church Sunday.
It is June 17, and I have still not made up a Summer List for this year. #feelslikeabigmomfail
I hate hashtags. Nowhere near witty enough to use them.
Because I'm sure you're dying to know, I managed to finish Week 5 of Couch to 5K and ran for a solid 20 minutes on Friday. I'm a little up in the air as to whether or not I can continue with the running thing. My feet ache so badly. Ever since my first round of chemo, they've had aches and pains, but this running has magnified that pain to serious. After I fin…