Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall has arrived

Finally! Some great fall weather! Brian and Camden headed out to the football game Friday night in sweatshirts! I just love the crisp feel when fall arrives.

I took Camden in to get his flu shot Friday and also to have his chest and ears checked because he's had a cold for weeks. Everything was clear, but the doctor did prescribe Zyrtec for him to help with these fall allergies. When he received his flu shot, he screamed bloody murder! It was slightly embarrassing (okay, really embarrassing) as he continued to scream as we walked through the hall, into the waiting room, and into the elevator. Maybe he'll toughen up one of these days!

Brian and Camden had fun at the football game while I enjoyed a bit of quiet time at home! Saturday we were up bright and early and headed to the soccer field since Camden had two games. They were disasters as usual. We still have no wins; at least our team did score a couple of goals.

I've got lots of layouts to post, but blogger is not letting me upload, so they'll have to wait for later.

Friday, September 28, 2007

All Clear

My tests came back all clear yesterday! Let me just tell you - there are some crazy people in waiting rooms. Both times I've had mammograms in the last two weeks, I've spent two hours each time with some strange people!

Brian left yesterday for an overnight field trip with his 4th grade class. He's called a couple of times and says it's pretty boring! The good news is that it's not alot of work, but I wish he didn't have to be gone. I went on a walk with two of my friends last night, while Camden played with their kids. He had a blast and came home filthy dirty! We ate pizza and watched Survivor together. I never sleep well when Brian is gone and last night was no exception. Not to mention Camden was up multiple times last night, all perky and bouncing around asking for a drink!

We don't have much planned for today. Waiting for the cable guy to come fix our Internet connection, then headed to the pediatrician to get Camden's flu shot. Brian is planning to take Camden to a football game tonight. I haven't decided if I'm going to tag along or not.

I have done absolutely no scrapping this week, but here are some layouts I completed over the last couple of weeks that I never shared.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Where is Fall?

Seriously. It's almost October, and our temperatures are still in the 90's with ridiculous humidity! I'm so ready for some cooler weather! Camden's school uniform changes to pants October 1, and at this rate, he's going to be hot wearing them!

By the way, Camden's question of the week is, "Mommy, how do we all stay together? You know, attached together and our bones and blood not fall out." I tell ya, he's either going to be a genius or a psychopath! We get more bones and blood questions that you can imagine!

Brian had his first full day at the new school yesterday. He said that it's less structured than the other class and just more to take in and learn, but that he thinks he'll like it. I hope so! He is so busy these days. I have no idea the last time he was just home for the evening. I think we're on the 3rd straight week of him being gone every single night, and he's worked almost a full day the last several Saturday's. I keep hoping things will slow down a bit, but I'm not sure there's any relief in sight.

I'm having my extra mammogram and ultrasound tomorrow to check out the discrepancies they found a couple of weeks ago. I'm really not too worried about (there have been plenty of other things to think about recently), but I'm also not too excited about it. Just praying that it's nothing. I think my doctor will have the results by Friday so at least I won't have to wait long.

Here are a couple of layouts. The first one is actually several weeks old, but I never posted it for some reason. The second uses pictures from Camden's trip to Illinois in April.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Our Weekend

Good morning! I'm up bright and early taking advantage of Internet access - it's been out most of the weekend so I thought I'd post this morning while I had a chance.

We had a very busy weekend, but it ended on a nice, quiet note! Brian worked all day Saturday finishing up the teen room at church. He only took a quick break for Camden's soccer game at noon. Unfortunately, the kids were not quite into the game! They lost 8-0, and the other team only had 2 players! In their defense, it was 93 degrees, and sooo sticky out. I think they were just hot and sweat, and VERY unmotivated!

A sweet man in our church passed away over the weekend so we went to the funeral home Sunday afternoon. Camden went to his Gram's house and stayed with her. Is it bad that Brian and I thoroughly enjoyed having a few moments to ourselves even if it was just to the funeral home and back? I think we need a date night - it's been way too long since we've had a few Camden-free moments. We were back home by 4:00 and had a very relaxing afternoon and evening. Brian watched football; Camden re-enacted the football game in the living room; we put a puzzle together (and I've discovered I'm not so patient with puzzles!); and then I watched a movie while Brian slept on the couch after Camden went to bed. I'm a bit tired this morning because I had so much trouble sleeping last night, but a little bit of caffeine and I'll be good to go.

Since our Internet was out most of the weekend, there was no browsing around - just scrapping. Here are two pages I finished up.

Friday, September 21, 2007


Today was Brian's last day at the private school where he was student teaching, and they had a little surprise party for him. All the kids wrote him notes and made him cards; they had cake and ice cream and they gave him a gift card to the Parent Teacher Store. He's definitely going to miss that class. He moves over to the 4th grade at the public school on Monday, and he's excited about that. This is the school where he hopes to teach permanently.

I made my weekly trip to the grocery store and Wal-mart today. Also stopped by Kohl's and picked up some new tennis shoes. My ankle/foot has been killing me lately, and I'm hoping that it's just cause I've been wearing old, cheap shoes. I bought some New Balance walking shoes so maybe that will help. I pretty much took the week off from exercising because I was in so much pain, but I've got to get back on it!

Camden did a really great job at soccer practice tonight. He's got a game tomorrow, and they're going to be missing several players so he'll probably have to play the entire game.

Here are two pages I've completed during the week.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Good news!

Becky is doing very well. I talked to her this morning and she sounded great. I'll just admit that if this were me, I'm pretty sure I'd be wallowing in self-pity right now. She just amazes me! Camden prayed last night that "Aunt Becky would be . . . . unworse." He had to think hard about what word to use because we told him the surgery was over, but that we still needed to pray for her.

That's not really the good news I was going to share, though. It is adoption related, but there's no baby so don't get too excited. When I checked the mail Monday there was a letter from Shaohannah's Hope, which is the adoption foundation that Steven Curtis Chapman started. They're giving us a $3,000 grant! God has really blessed us as we've gone through this process. He's blessed us with wonderful family and friends and he has blessed us financially. Now all we need is a baby!

Camden has been on the verge of sick all week. We even had to pull out the inhaler/albuterol for him this week. He hasn't needed it since last November so I thought we were maybe finished with it. He did seem some better this morning so hopefully he's on the road to recovery. :)

I am more excited than is probably reasonable that Survivor China starts up tonight. I'm a huge Survivor fan anyway, but I'm excited to see more of the country of China. Camden is also a Survivor fan - he always re-enacts the challenges on the living room floor!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Becky did really well during her surgery and is doing as well as can be expected. We're very grateful for that!

Come back tomorrow for a regularly scheduled blog post complete with new scrap pages. :)


Becky's surgery is today - started at 7:00 this morning and is supposed to last about 5 hours. I'm sure it's going to be a long day for all those waiting at the hospital with her. I cannot even fathom the emotional and physical pain she will probably feel over the next several weeks and months, and all we can really do for her is pray for her and love her.

I'll try to quickly post an update when I hear from my family after her surgery.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Welcome Home Again

My brother Matt finally made it home. Poor thing traveled for a full week before arriving, but the good news is that he's home safe and sound for the second time from Iraq. He and my parents are now on their way to Tulsa to be with Becky before her surgery Wednesday. I wish I could be there too!

So a little weekend recap. Camden and I had a little date Friday morning/afternoon, which was fun. We didn't do anything spectacular - just some shopping, lunch, and a milkshake, but it doesn't take much to make 4-year olds happy! Our last stop was at Target where I let him pick out a new puzzle (his new favorite toy), and while the selection wasn't great, he was happy with it and put it together many times over the weekend! It was a 35 piece floor puzzle, and I can't believe how well he does with it.

Saturday was another busy day. Camden had soccer pictures at 10:00 and then the first official, full-length game at 11:00. He had a horrible bloody nose right as the game was about to start so I think he was slightly traumatized by that, but got over it quickly. He did score 2 of the team's 7 goals, which was really fun to watch! Unfortunately, the boy just does not have an aggressive bone in his body and for this competitive mama (and daddy), we're just dying for him to be more competitive. Of course, he's only 4 and I have to keep reminding myself of that. (Little side note here - I'm sure everyone who doesn't know us reading this right now probably thinks we're the worst parents in the world because we want him to be competitive. I know - keep it all in perspective, right?! And he is having a ton of fun and that's what is most important.)

We spent the rest of the day Saturday enjoying the nice weather and catching up on laundry and housework. Well, didn't really enjoy that part of it, but feels good to have it done anyway.

This is Brian's last week at the private school where he is student teaching. Monday he moves on to the elementary school where he hopes to be teaching full-time soon. He's got a job offer to teach at least through May, which is good, but we're hoping that a permanent spot becomes available so we're not in limbo.

I think that's about all the news I've got for today. Hope you were able to enjoy the soccer video from yesterday. Hopefully we'll get this whole quality thing figured out soon, and the videos won't be quite so blurry.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Professional Debut

Camden's official debut as a soccer player. I apologize in advance for the really annoying mother in the background cheering for her son (no idea who that could possibly be). And I have no idea why the quality is so bad - the quality is good on our video, but when we upload it to youtube, it's no good. He's number 6 in case you can't tell. Oh, and he scored 2 goals, but Brian wasn't filming when they happened so there's no real proof! :)

Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Grandparents Day

Happy Grandparent's Day! Camden is having a special program at his school today, and I'd really like to be there, but they try to make it all about the grandparents, so Camden and his Gramps are going to just have to enjoy their time alone.
While Camden is at school, I'm headed to the local consignment store to try to unload Camden's fall/winter clothing. The store owner was so excited to have me bring things in because she said most people just bring girl clothes. Hopefully, they will sell well! I'm holding out for a new camera lens!
After Camden gets home, we're headed to town. I've got some shopping I need to do. I saw some cute fall things on sale for me that I want to check out (I'm constantly searching for work clothes) and Gymboree's got an extra 30% off entire purchase this weekend so I have to check that out as well. Even if I don't get Camden or baby girl anything new, I've got 2 baby showers coming up that I can shop for!
Tonight is soccer practice and then his first official game is tomorrow.
Yesterday was Camden's very first show and tell. His teacher asked that they bring something special that their grandparents had given them. As soon as we mentioned show and tell and before we said it had to be something from grandparents, he immediately told us he wanted to bring the waterfall picture that Grandma sent him. My mom is so good about regularly sending Camden little pieces of mail (she also usually includes stickers or candy and he sure looks for those in the envelopes), and last week she sent a postcard of the waterfall they are going to be visiting this week in Washington.

Oh, and my brother didn't make it back to Washington after all. The military missed getting him to his flight, but he'll arrive Sunday and my parents just rearranged their flights so they can be there.

The first page was made using a template from Dani Mogstad's template challenge found here. Drop by, pick up the template, use the template, and you just might win a $5 giftcard!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome Home, Matt!

Today is a good day! My brother, who has been in Iraq since July 2006 arrives back in Seattle, Washington, and my parents get to be there! He was actually scheduled to arrive Wednesday, but the military changed his schedule and it wasn’t going to be until Sunday, but the Red Cross stepped in and arranged a flight for him so that my parents hadn’t traveled to Washington for no reason and they also were able to arrange a leave for him so that he could go with my parents to see Becky before her surgery.

I posted several Gymboree and Janie and Jack size 2-3t auctions on eBay if anyone is interested in cute boy stuff. Click here.

I finally got around to downloading the pictures from Camden’s first soccer game onto the computer. Here are a couple to look at – I’m going to keep trying to get some good shots, but I really need a different lens. The one I have does not have enough zoom! (hint, hint, Brian)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Almost fall

It almost felt like fall this morning when I left for work. At 57 degrees, it is definitely the coolest morning we've had so far. The morning deserved a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. :)

I forgot to tell a funny story from Monday night. Camden went to bed at 7:00, which is a little early for him, but not too much. About 8:00, he stumbled out of his bed, walked down the hall, right past Brian and I in the living room, through the kitchen, through the computer room and into the bathroom at the far end of our house. I caught him just as he was about to go potty in the trashcan! I shifted him around, waited for him to finish, then carried him back to bed. I'm pretty sure he never woke up at all! I hope he's not sleepwalking often!

The teacher Brian is working with was sick yesterday so Brian had the whole classroom to himself! He said it was pretty fun. I helped him grade homework last night - now I feel like a real teacher's wife.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More news

First item of the day - a funny story about Camden. I asked him at supper tonight what he wanted to be for Halloween (and I should probably mention here that he is 4 and until this moment has never cared at all about Halloween). He says, "a butterfly!" So I try to nicely tell him that usually butterflies are girls, and he heartily disagreed. He explained that on Little Einsteins the caterpillar was a boy and turned into a butterfly. So! We might have a butterfly around here for Halloween. :)

My doctor's office called today and the radiologist who looked at my mammogram wants me to come in for an additional mammogram and an ultrasound. It sounds like it's probably just due to my age and they are just double-checking because of our family history, but it's enough to make me a little nervous. And, here I thought I was home free after my negative test results yesterday. The excitement just never ends around here, does it!

Two layouts from the weekend - the first uses a picture from our trip to the St. Louis zoo last October. This lizard was eating these mice when we went by and I thought Camden might be scared, but he wasn't at all. I, however, was traumatized! The second page uses a picture of Camden and his second cousin.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It's good news!

My test came back negative! I still can't quite believe it, but we are all so happy to have that weight lifted away. I do have to come in every 6 months for an exam, a mammogram every year, and a breast MRI every couple of years, which obviously isn't the norm for a 31 year-old, but I am happy to do any and all of it!!

Now to our weekend! Camden and I spent the evening together Friday night because Brian had a funeral to attend. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he said, "let's take a walk!" So we did! He was so funny jogging beside me, pointing out all the "fun" smooshed things we found on the road. Ruby came along with us because "she needs some exercise" as Camden put it. (Ruby has disappeared again, by the way).

Camden woke up bright and early and bouncing off the walls ready for his first two soccer games Saturday morning. The weather wasn't too hot, and we had jut a little bit of rain, but not enough that he couldn't play. He had an absolute blast and had the biggest smile on his face the whole time. Unfortunately for the team, I don't think he quite gets the idea of "competition." His easy going personality in life is the same in sports, I guess. Hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon. Now I am way too competitive for my own good, and I will admit that it was driving me crazy just a bit, but after we got home I tried to put things in perspective. You know, remember he's only four and all that! :)

Here are a couple of pages I finished up over the weekend.

It's a big day

It's a big day for me, but not really "big" in necessarily a good way. I'm having my first mammogram today, and I also go to the doctor find out the results of my cancer gene mutation test. I will admit to feeling pretty shaky and scared. I thought I was doing pretty well. I've heard lots of sermons in recent days about worry and God being in control, etc., and I've been trying to focus on those truths, but when I saw the doctor's number on my phone, my stomach sank, my hands started shaking, and the tears came. Silly, I know. There's just as good of a chance that it's good news as there is that it's bad news. But I'm still scared.

I'll post either tonight or tomorrow about our weekend, Camden's first soccer games, and my test results.

Friday, September 07, 2007


Well, I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and meet my friend at 6:30 to walk! Not my favorite way to start a Friday, but I'm sure I'm gonna feel good about myself later on, right?

Brian is on his first field trip today. I wonder if he'll be a little frazzled when he gets home after keeping track of 36 kids all day!

Here are a couple more pictures from this past weekend's little park adventure.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Good news!

So! We have very good news in the Hale/Lewis/Derby/Lemons family. My youngest sister, Elizabeth, tested negative for the cancer gene! As my dad said, one down, one more to go. I'm really hoping to hear from the doctor about my results this week, but it's already Thursday so we'll just wait and see.
This has been a busy week! Brian is feeling the pressure of being a teacher and preparing lessons while keeping up with family and church obligations. We actually skipped soccer practice Tuesday night just because it was too much (and it was an extra practice anyway). Camden has practice tonight and then his first two games are on Saturday. I can't wait to see how he plays!
We had word from our adoption agency this week that we should be getting very close to a referral (as in maybe the next 3-4 weeks) so I am excited about that. Actually, I am doing my best not to think about it so that I don't go insane wondering if the next phone call will be "the call."
I am now the proud owner of a black cherry chocolate phone. I've never had a cool phone before, but we've been with Verizon so long that when it was time to renew my contract I got it free. And how disappointing that I haven't had one call yet! :) I tried to pull up a picture, but no luck from the Verizon website!
Camden's latest question: "mommy, how do our hairs stay on our head and not fall out?" Such a deep thinker.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


So, today is a total fluff blog post - completely about scrapping. Just in case you were looking for some new supplies, I've got you covered.
But, first, a few pieces of scrapping news from me. First, the wonderful Traci Murphy has asked me to be on her full-time CT. I have loved her dropshadows and those circle metallic stitches for months now, not to mention the rest of her designs so I was very excited to hear from her. Second, the wonderful Emily and Angela Powers asked me to be on the guest team for September and since I think I own just about everything they've ever designed, it was definitely a no-brainer to say yes to them! And last but not least, Anne deJong also asked me to be a guest for September. Anne is a fairly new designer, but she was so many fun paper accents, and I always love her color choices. So, I'm going to be a very busy girl this month.

And now for a few layouts. I am not a fan of scrapping myself, but it was a CT assignment so I did it, and it was pretty fun to use pink. The second page uses a picture of Brian and Camden I've always liked, but had never scrapped, and the third page uses a really fun new zoo kit called Exotic Adventure by Christina Renee, Emily Merritt, Tiff Brady, and Nancy Comelab.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Happy Labor Day

Settle in, this might be long! :)

So, Friday I went to the doctor trying to get a sleeping aid. I should tell you that I go to a small doctor's office in a small town because I've been trying to avoid heading back into Nashville if I'm sick. It's just easier to drive 10 minutes instead of 45. I've never been all that thrilled with the service there - it's usually a good 60-90 wait, they just hand out a ton of drugs, and I've been misdiagnosed many times. Now that I'm typing this out, I'm just not sure why I've stayed with them this long! So, anyway, they've got a new doctor in the practice, and he was available so I went to see him. Once again, 90 minute wait. He walks in, plops/slouches down in the chair and immediately starts telling me I've got restless leg syndrome which is linked to hyperactivity and ADHD, lists off all the drugs he could give me, etc. Now this is without ever even asking me a question! Then he proceeds to tell me that I've had my thyroid checked 3 times, why did I have it checked. I've never had my thyroid checked and he kept arguing with me about it! He finally mentioned a particular medicine that I'd had several friends recommend so I just jumped on it. He then proceeded to write me a HUGE prescription and told me to take the maximum dosage if I wanted and come back in 4 weeks. He actually gave me 120 pills at .5 mg (which is twice the recommended dose) for one month. I'd be a drug addict by then if I listened to him. Thank goodness I have friends who are nurses and who've given me additional information. So, needless to say, I will never ever go back to that place again!

Friday night was consumed with soccer practice (why do I feel like this is going to be my life story). Camden is having a blast! Their first games (yes, two in on day) are Saturday. Should be fun!

Saturday we packed ourselves up and headed into Nashville to go to Red Caboose Park, which was fun. Michael and Liz met us there and then we went out to each. We did a little shopping, spent a LONG time in Lowe's looking at paint samples and that was pretty much the day!

Sunday had a rough start. Camden was horrible all morning before church, which doesn't exactly put you in the mood to worship! The rest of the day was a bit better, but I find myself very tired this morning!

I ran across this verse over the weekend and thought that it was such a good reminder.

Be joyful always, pray at all times,
be thankful in all circumstances.
This is what God wants from you
in your life in union with Christ Jesus.
— 1 Thessalonians: 16-18

Here is one of the family pictures we took at the park. I really like it, but still need to do some more editing. And then there's one lonely layout that I finished over the weekend. I really want to scrap, but am having trouble finding the time and motivation to do so. And I better get some motivation back, because I've got 3 pieces of really cool scrapping news to share tomorrow so stay tuned.