Thousand Gifts 901-934

I hope your weekend was as fun as ours. Friday night I met my friend Tina for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and then a movie (New Years Eve), and it was just lovely. Brian took the kids to his parents house for his birthday dinner. Now I didn't miss out on this dinner on purpose (they had to reschedule unexpectedly) but since Brian had requested liver and onions (ICK), I wasn't too sorry to have other plans.

Saturday we took on the project of finishing all our Christmas shopping, seeing a Christmas movie, as well as taking Brian out to lunch for his birthday. We managed to accomplish the Christmas shopping and lunch. For the last 4 years, we've taken the kids to the Nashville Children's Theater every year at Christmas, which we l.o.v.e. But this year they weren't showing anything we were too excited about so we chose to take them to see Arthur Christmas instead. It was adorable. Lots of Christmas fun, love for family, etc. I definitely recommend it.

Sunday was church, then an afternoon of football and naps - the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I had this big idea in my head that I wanted the kids to help with all the Christmas wrapping so they could see presents don't just magically appear for all our loved ones. Let's just say that an hour and a half of wrapping with the kids was pretty much punishment for Brian and I, but I think they had a good time. I may not try that again any time soon, however.

I have been feverishly working to finish everything holiday related before tomorrow since I will be heading back to my doctor's office and the chemo room. For the most part, I have it all accomplished. I had to set aside the homemade gifts I had planned (Trader Joe's rescued us), the Christmas crafts I was hoping to complete with the kids are just not going to get done, but presents are wrapped, Christmas cards are (mostly) in the mail, packages are sent, there are a few Christmas cookies in the freezer, we've had our Christmas outing, and I think I'm ready to settle in and take it easy.

And one quick picture. We see the same coffee barista every Monday morning at the hospital where I get my bloodwork done, and this morning she made Rory her very own iced coffee (a.k.a. chocolate milk). As you can see, Rory was just a tad excited.


901. big fluffy snowflakes
902. holiday template class
903. 8 hours worth of Christmas music in my Christmas itunes folder
904. watching Camden be brave while getting his tooth pulled
905. that the dentist could get us in right away
906. Brian's birthday
907. seeing the sun after rain for several days
908. pink sky at twilight
909. Rory's sheer joy in helping with the Christmas cards
910. spending an afternoon with both kids
911. homemade hot chocolate
912. Rory's "mmmmmm"
913. cold weather to wear scarves in (around my neck, not head)
914. going without a head scarf
916. watching Psych with Brian
917. when Brian has coffee ready for me when I get up
918. when Brian has my Body Bean heating up on a cold morning
919. just Brian
920. a night out with a friend
921. The Office late at night
922. celebrating Brian's birthday with a day together as a family
923. skipping liver and onions :)
924. fun sales
925. sugar snap peas
926. Arthur Christmas with the kids
927. reminders of how blessed we are
928. "bring the rain" from What Women Fear
929. happy colors in my house
930. pretty Christmas wrapping paper
931. homemade gingersnaps
932. reading the Truth in the Tinsel every night with the kids and all the different ways to tell the Christmas story
933. coffee barista who makes treats for Rory too
934. the phlebotomist who tells me about her daughter-in-law's win over cancer every time I see her


KrisJ said…
Yaaa for good weekends!! I love a good family friend happy weekend!!
sandy atwood said…
Sounds like a great weekend and sooo much was accomplished! Loved your card - you're in my prayers today - and most every day...
You are a rock star. I have apparently become a procrastinator in my old age, because I'm not even nearly done!
You blow me away!!! Not only were you super productive, you managed to have an amazingly fun weekend to boot!!! Rock on!
You put most of us to shame..well done you!

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