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Happy Halloween

We're taking the kids trick-or-treating for the first time ever tonight. We've always had fall festivals to attend, but our church isn't having one this year so we're going to take Rory and Camden around to a few of our friends. I haven't talked about it very much because I didn't want Camden to ask me 100 times a day, but the word is apparently out since he prays every meal and night "to really enjoy trick-or-treating." I think we're going to make Halloween cupcakes together today. Baking (anything in the kitchen really) isn't my kind of fun and doing it with two kids is even less fun, but I know they'll have a good time with all the sprinkles and icing so we're going to give it a try.

Our weekend is downright boring compared to last weekend, but that's all right. I'm pretty sure Brian is ready for the break. He is helping out with a benefit for Christian Saturday night and will need to do some preparation for that, but hopeful…


Domestic life has been difficult around here this week. The kiddos have been challenging, to say the least. I am hoping for a much better day today (and have my fingers crossed!). I have all kinds of bribes (I'll admit to it) lined up as well as plans to get out of the house and hopefully that will help.

We're making a trip to Nashville since I'm in desperate need of a library and Target run. A local photographer is doing quick Halloween pictures and I think I might take Rory up for pictures. They're cheap (I think they're assuming you won't just buy the cheap package), and she looks adorable in her costume and I could send pictures to grandparents (which I haven't done in a while). We'll see how our time goes.

And speaking of photographs, we ordered our Angela Crutcher prints on Monday evening, and I am so excited. I think we won't receive them for another 2-3 weeks. Our gallery was only up for 3 days so if you emailed me asking for the link and then…

Lots of Scrapping

I don't think I've shared any pages this week, so here are the pages from this week/weekend (I've been putting naptime to good use). If you're interested, you can pick up this November desktop freebie that I created at Dani Mogstad's Girl Talk blog. (cute kid pictures not included)

Gina Miller/Jacque Larsen: Colorful Carnival

Amanda Rockwell: You Are My Sunshine

Miss Mint: Patchwork Princess

Holly Designs: Portland

Dani Mogstad: Holiday Spirit

My Life in Pictures

It started at the zoo

Noticing a theme yet?

How about now?

My personal favorite
After almost 8 months with us, I have finally become Rory's favorite person. I can't go anywhere without her - she is permanently attached to my hip. Now, I'm not complaining, but it is exhausting! She's never been a cuddler. I don't know how she was in Korea, but after the initial desperation of our first 3 weeks home, Rory is not a cuddler. Not with me anyway. But she's finally decided that maybe it's okay to cuddle with your mama, and I'm very happy about it. I would like a few moments to use the restroom alone, though. :)

And this boy right here is going through his own stage. He came home from Illinois last week in overdrive and hasn't stopped yet. He is in a constant war zone (of his own making) and wants to wrestle, fight, etc. with anyone and everyone who will participate. And if he can't find someone to fight with him, he'll just pretend. He's been qu…

All Ours!

Exactly 8 months after meeting Rory for the very first time, she officially became a Lewis! We were able to finalize with the Riggs family, whose daughter Emma came home 2 weeks before Rory. Just like with Camden, I was much more emotional than I thought I would be, but it is wonderful to have the process officially over with and to know that she is really ours forever. We still have paperwork (it is never ending!), but all the major legal hurdles are finished.

We wanted to have a special day, but honestly real life was calling so we packed up and spent 2 hours grocery shopping and by the time we got home were exhausted. So we declared it a Pajama Day and spent the rest of the day working around the house. The kiddos both took a much-needed nap and gave the adults some quiet time. I got to relax, but Brian had to grade papers. At least he got to do it in peace.

Here are pictures from the day. None of them are spectacular because the lighting was horrible and we were in a hurry since it …


I'm exhausted! We've had a busy, but fun weekend. Camden's soccer tournament was enjoyable, even though he did lose both games (that was not a shock!). We had lots of fun with Michael and Liz laughing at Camden's antics on the soccer field. We came home, put the kids to bed, got them up and took them to Gram and Gramp's house so we could go see Fireproof with some friends from church. Even though it was only a few short hours, it was nice to have some kid-free time. The movie was cheesy, but had a great message, and Kirk Cameron is a champion crier let me tell ya!

Today we had church, then went to Owen Farm with more church friends. It could not have been a prettier day, and the kids had so much fun. Well, Camden did anyway. Rory was seriously feeling the effects of a late night and then no nap today and has been extremely clingy - definitely a mama's girl (which I don't mind at all). Came home and let her nap on my lap then back to church and now we're …

Camden's soccer video

Camden's soccer season ended about how we expected it to with two very quick losses. Camden did a great job, though. Here's a video Brian put together. He's number 3 if you couldn't tell. He fell about 100 times during his two games. We laughed really hard! :)

Our Proofs!

Our Angela Crutcher proofs are ready for viewing. Email me at camdensmommy @ if you want the link and password.


As you can see Camden made it back home and I think they were both happy to see each other. Camden came home H.Y.P.E.R!! But they both played really well last night and just giggled and giggled at each other. I'm sure that will all come to a screeching halt when the newness wears off. :)

We had a first yesterday - Rory threw her first temper tantrum. I'm surprised we've made it this long. Camden had certainly started throwing major fits before age 2. I sat on the couch with her for over an hour yesterday morning reading books, singing, etc. but I needed to get some housework done, and she was not happy about it. This wasn't being sad because I wasn't with her - this was most definitely a mad cry because she wasn't getting her way. It lasted about 10 minutes until I came in and told her to stop and get down and play. We've seen lots of typical 2-year old behavior this week - stomping her little foot and evil looks when she doesn't get her way are the most…

City Museum pics

Okay, let me just apologize to non-family members who read the blog. There are way too many pictures (most of them the quality isn't that great)!

You can take the stairs down
from the 3rd floor. . . . or the slide

Riding the trainSeriously not wanting to get off the train

The airplane

"Flying" the airplane

Inside the airplane

Getting off the plane

Michael and Liz

Becky and Micah holding on for dear life (literally)

Uncle Matt and Rory

Rory at the bottom of the slide

Taking a break 3 stories up

Family picture

William, Becky, Micah, Xavier

Eating P.B.&J's

Love Camden's face