My nurse called not once, but twice. Somehow I missed her both times. When I returned her call, the receptionist put me on hold for 10 minutes, and I literally thought I would throw up. But when her voice popped up in my ear, it was to say, "Your scan says the cancer is stable." And I could breathe again.

I know many of you are praying for complete healing. So am I. But the reality is that a scan showing the cancer is stable is a victory. My CA125 level was back down to 24 this week. That's a victory. We'll do 3 more rounds of this treatment and live through the whole scan/waiting experience again in about 3 months. 

This is our Thankful Tree from Thanksgiving. Rory was given the job of making sure everyone wrote something they were thankful for on one of the little leaves that my mom cut out by hand (Rory declared her "a good cutter." I was a little late to the game and wanted to write more, but my two things were "family and more time." That's still what I'm thankful for. And "more time" is also my Christmas wish.



Barbara said…
Stable is good. Keep fighting!!! You are loved by so many!! More time for you will be my prayer.
Monica said…
YES!!! YESSSS!!!! I've been praying for you this week that you would hear either "no change" or "cured". I'm doing the happy dance for you and still praying!
Renee T. said…
Wonderful news for you and your family :)
lauren grier said…
you are constantly in my heart melissa. keep on fighting.
Susie said…
More time - years and years of it - is my wish for you too! Merry Christmas!
Lisa S. said…
What awesome news for you!! So happy that you're at a 'stable' stage :) Hang in there... you are amazing!
blessings to you and your family
Lili Niclass said…
I'm so happy to hear that it's stable, Melissa!! You are always in my thoughts! Big hugs!!
More time is my Christmas wish for you as well. Giving thanks with you.
Amanda said…
So thankful for this post and your good update!! I have been checking all day. Love the thankful tree!!
Shelly said…
Love the thankful tree, and we will continue to pray for continued good news and more time! Hope you all have a blessed Christmas season!
Brenna said…
Praise the Lord for this news! Continuing to pray for much, much more time for you dear friend! Hugs to you!
How did I get so behind here?! And how did I not know your Christmas wish and mine were so similar... but I want you to get yours more than I want it for myself... ok?!

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