Tuesday Tidbits

Mommy, I only say this cause I love you . . . but you're the nicest mommy ever. - Rory

Anyone else a Sing-Off fan? I've been using them as my entertainment while I'm on the treadmill and now I've finished all the episodes. Pentatonix finally won me over with their Born to be Wild rendition in week 8, but the Dartmouth Aires were my absolute favorite every single week. And I love that the judges all seem to make sense (not to mention actually know what they were talking about) and were kind as opposed to other singing reality shows like American Idol (which I watch) and The Voice (which I probably won't watch again).

Are we going to read a book at nap? Wait. I know the answer. Because I'm smart like that. - Rory once again.

It would be wrong to attempt a gingerbread house purely for the sake of cute pictures, right? Especially knowing that I'm going to be heavily medicated the next couple of days?

Running out of return address labels is not a good thing when you're addressing 250 Christmas cards. I apologize for the messy writing in advance.

I have been fighting off a cold for the last 4-5 days. So far I've been winning the fight, and I'm hoping that chemo this week won't push me over the edge.

And speaking of chemo, I go back today. The last two weeks have been a wonderful break although in those two weeks I had not only an abscess on my stomach but a CT scan so it wasn't exactly a break from all things medical, but it was wonderful. I fought a bad attitude on Sunday, but am feeling a little more calm. While it seems logical that because I've had a bit of a break, I'll be stronger throughout this next treatment, the reality is that when I've had a break I feel the chemo medicine even more. It's not fun, but I'm trying very hard to take it one week at a time.

And a few random pictures:

outtake from yesterday

after church Sunday morning

wearing her "fancy" dress from my grandma

and this one was just supposed to be my test shot, but I ended up kinda loving it in b/w


I hope that this round of chemo is kind to you and that the cold stays away! And yes, you are nuts for even considering a gingerbread house. NUTS!!!!!!
I hope chemo goes well!!! And no, you are not nuts to do the gingerbread house! Go to one of those craft stores and buy the kit, then just take photos of the decorating. (I realize I completely contradict Elizabeth above) :-)
Anonymous said…
Your kids are just too adorable!! Good luck today...and hope your cold goes away! :)

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