Special Gifts

I received two very special packages in the mail yesterday and wanted to share pictures with you. I'm one of those people that walks around art fairs and dreams about buying something one-of-a-kind but never quite commits. Well, yesterday I got 4 one-of-a-kind pieces from true artists.

Gerald and Kelly Hong (who also made our Christmas ornaments) made these three placques for us, and they are simply gorgeous. The pictures just do not do them justice. Thank you so much for your artistry, Gerald and Kelly, and thank you to the group of people who thought of this gift and arranged it for us. I can't wait to find the perfect spot in our home for these.




And not only the ceramic placques, but this necklace made by Amy Genz of Seoul Identity with my children's names on there. Gorgeous!



beautiful gifts!!
Kelly said…
So glad you like them, Melissa! <3
So beautiful!!!

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