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Five on . . . Sunday?

It's not Friday but it felt like I should take advantage of the extra time today.
1. Spring break has come and gone in a flash. The kids spent a couple of days in East Tennessee with Gram and Gramps while Brian and I went to NYC. I can't even begin to describe the weeks leading up to spring break. Let's just say that a long nap would have been more appropriate than a trip to NYC but after finding our bearings and mapping out a plan, we enjoyed the time away. Brian loved the busyness of the city while I found it more overwhelming than I remembered. We basically did a food crawl through bakeries I had found on travel blogs. With the exception of our first meal after arriving in the city (fresh pasta from a small restaurant in Little Italy), the focus was on cookies and pastries. Of course! A few highlights were the Sunday morning service at Brooklyn Tabernacle and My Fair Lady on Broadway.
We brought home cookies from Levain's to share.

2. When I heard the lightness in …