Clearly, we went with colored lights this year. Camden is ecstatic. He's been wanting colored lights for years. Personally, I'm thinking that white lights are a little more my style, but they do certainly brighten up the living room. I'm willing to sacrifice personal style for the children when it involves Christmas trees. :)

As for how I took this picture (because I'm sure you're dying to know), I put it on manual focus, used my widest aperture so the bokeh would be round, then snapped away. I used my 35mm lens and the settings are f2.0, 1/30 SS, ISO 2000. I have yet to master a Christmas tree picture with, you know, actual people and something in focus, but I'm working on it.

And Happy Birthday to the best husband ever! Rory thinks he's turning 55. :)


Joy said…
Love the tree picture!!!! I love that it is different and so colorfully abstract; not the "normal" photo. You are so creative!
Renee T. said…
Beautiful pic Melissa! I, too, am all about the white lights. So far, Pierce & Blake are still fascinated by the white lights. But, I'm guessing next Christmas the requests might start coming in for the more colorful lights and then I'll have to go buy some colored ones for the kids. :)
I LOVE the picture!! Makes me wish we had colored lights on our tree!!!
Beautiful photo!!! And happy birthday to Brian! (You would appreciate that I have a faux studio set up in my living room right now, solely for the purpose of a christmas bokeh backdrop for some portraits...)

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