Wednesday, May 27, 2015

D Day

Today is Disney Day!


  •  I apologize for Brian's feet
  •  if the time it took to take this picture of our arm bands and Brian's feet is any indication of how photos are going to go this trip, I may as well put down the camera now so that we can all have a good time

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Snapshot #20

I am . . .

Thinking: that when we leave for Disney, I will be leaving my work computer behind . . . officially the first time I've been unplugged since I re-entered the work force last August.

Thankful for: days that give our family a chance to take a deep breath, be together, and rest. These times were missing during the month of April, but have been a little more present in the last 7-10 days.

Wondering: how I can possibly say thank you properly to everyone involved in our Disney trip.

Hoping: my knee decides to behave. After running errands for a good portion of the day both Friday and Saturday, it started swelling and stiffening up, and I'm thinking a bum knee sounds like a very bad thing when you're headed to Disney!

Buying: summer clothes for the kids - they grew SO much this past year! I also picked up croc flip flops for me and some canvas crocs for Brian.

Cooking: Honestly, not much. Between graduation parties, meeting family for dinner, and trying to clean out the fridge/pantry before our trip, there has not been much cooking going on.

Snacking on: strawberries. I feel guilty admitting we didn't pick them ourselves - just went to the farm and bought the bucket. The "to do" list was much too long for picking strawberries Friday, but since we showed up at the strawberry farm literally several weeks past strawberry season last year, I was determined to have a bucket of fresh strawberries whether we did the actual picking or not.

Drinking: iced coffee. Specifically, iced caramel macchiato. I've developed quite a craving for them.

Reading: Stranger by Harlan Coban is loaded up on my Kindle app ready to read while on vacation; Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson, and The Case for Christ (youth edition) by Lee Strobel with the kids. Also . . . Disney food blog. :)

Watching: Survivor finale (I love when Brian finishes up the school year because he can stay awake for TV), Masterchef, and Selma (first movie we've watched in forever!). I need some suggestions because our summer TV schedule is wide open.

Listening: to Uninterrupted audio book on my way to work; The Art of Simple podcast, and The Happy Hour podcast

Smelling: Camden's dirty socks and shoes. His room reeks these days. Sounds so appealing, right?

Working on: decluttering. It's an ongoing project, but seems like spring/summer is the prime time to get rid of some things after a long winter. Nothing makes me feel better than dropping off bags at Goodwill. I love decluttering. Brian even managed to take 4 big bags of things from his closet yesterday.

Starting: Our very first summer with me as a working mom. I can't decide if I'm going to miss the freedom of no schedule or if I'm going to be happy to escape to work 3 days a week. I do know I'll miss the opportunity to pick up and travel to visit family. Those visits will need to be carefully crafted around work days for me and Sundays for Brian.

Finishing: . . . . oh, boy. Nothing that I can think of. Which happens to be the same answer from last month.

How about a few pictures?
She is dressed like a rainbow.

Those strawberries I mentioned.

So much photo-bombing by this one these days.

He's the only pitcher on the team so lots of practice in the front yard these days.

It's lovely when I catch them with their heads together, and it's been happening on a fairly regular basis.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Grades 2 and 5 All Wrapped Up

Second and Fifth grades are in the books, which means our family has survived the first school year with two working parents (throw in a little chemotherapy for good measure). The kids were both super hyped up from the moment I picked them up from school until they went to bed at nearly 9:00. Summer means later bedtimes around here. It also means the parents might be a little more frazzled at 9:00 than normal. :)

Camden says he's grown out of crying on the last day of school (he's done this every year but this one), and that was true although he was still a little bummed. 

They don't look hyper at all, do they? The traditional last-day-of-school Sonic slushies didn't help. They spent the afternoon going over their yearbooks, scrapbooks, journals. So funny. It's probably the only time of the year that Camden would let Rory read out loud to him for an hour at a time.

Rory's so ladylike.

Everything might have been all sunshine and roses yesterday, but on today's first summer morning, Camden is tasked with mowing the yard, and he is none too happy about that job. Rory is currently party and menu planning because she is insistent that we celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary (remember, she's very into romance these days). She is taking her cues from Fancy Nancy and thinks Brian needs to wear a suit and I should wear these shoes . . . which she's been wearing since she got home from school yesterday. When I agreed to let her plan a meal, I didn't know it was going to run into a full blown dress-up party. Not sure we have time for this right now, but it feels like we're committed to it now.


I've been working on the ever-growing "to do" list that should be finished before we leave for Disney (we're down to single digits!). Four days after we arrive home from Disney, Brian and the kids head to summer camp for a week so I'm trying to get as much done as I can prior to our trip.

On that note, I've got packing to get started on!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Our Disney countdown is in the single digits.

(that is equal parts excitement and sheer panic)

I got a tetanus shot last week, and my arm is still knotted up and sore today. Ouch!

We played Catch Phrase with the kids last weekend for the first time, and it was awesome. Things were a little tense at first it was tense as they struggled to express themselves. And then it just got really funny to see the way their minds work.

Rory's current default noise level is . . . screaming. Granted, it's usually a scream of joy, but it is incredibly shrill and loud.

Today is the last day of school, and I'm thinking I may have used up all my photo credits with the kids since it took me three different times to take these pictures yesterday. In my defense, some default camera settings had gotten changed and I could. not. figure. it. out. Right before round 3, I got everything back to normal. But I'm thinking these might have to count as the official last day of school photos.





Unfortunately, Field Day 2015 was canceled because of rain. The kids were both really disappointed although they quickly saw the up-side. Camden says now he can finish elementary school as the undefeated champion in the softball throw (this is his last year to participate since he moves on to middle school next year) and Rory said she didn't really have enough time to train this year. Why, yes, Field Day is a serious matter around here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Awkward Family Photos 2

Smiling for the camera is so hard.