Christmas Decorating

I realize this is a little late to the game, but I never got around to posting this question.

How often do you redo your Christmas tree decorations? I've done sort of a rustic snowman theme for about 8 years now, and it's not that I don't still like everything, but I'm itching to go in a whole new direction with big beautiful ornaments and ribbons. I'd probably let the kids put up their own tree so that the inner decorator in me could be happy. So is my tree due a remodel or do you just let it all go after you have kids and let your inner designer go until after they're out of the house?

My aunt makes these cute dough art ornaments every year for us.





I'm thinking after Christmas sales might give me a good opportunity for redecorating. :) I'd really like to go with teal, silver, and red.


I have changed my tree about every four years or so. This year I stayed with the main theme-a Jesus is King theme with gold crosses and stars and a crown for a topper. But, I hired a young girl from our church to put the tree up and take the theme to a new level. She did a great job, adding some reds and coppers and ribbons and squiggly stick out thingies. I love it. It just kicked it up a notch with the new colors. I like the idea of the kids having their own tree and you having a tree that expresses your inner designer.
Joy said…
I guess my theme is "sentimental". We have a hodge podge of ornaments from Lenox to homemade, but I know who gave me each one. I'm one of those people that one tree is enough. : ). I love seeing my ornaments every year and knowing they were all gifts given with love. I have never bought ornaments just to decorate with - is that weird?
Brian Lewis said…
Please, O please DO NOT redecorate our tree! Have you never heard of Christmas tradition? (actually, I don't care about the tradition...we have a small fortune invested in that tree). I love you!
Renee T. said…
We re-did our tree several years now everything is red, white, and silver. Next year, I might be up for a new theme.....

I am another with with the "sentimental" theme. I have ornaments from my childhood that my mom made for us and with us each year that hang on my tree today. I even have my first baby rattle and I now have both boys first rattles on our tree. Like Joy mentioned, I can tell you where all of my ornaments have come from or who gave them to me. I love getting them out each year and we've been married for 27 years so we have a lot of ornaments. I have never done a theme although I collect snowmen of all kinds. I just could not imagine not putting up these ornaments year after year.

I also have a box for each of the boys to take with them someday when they have their own homes. We either buy or make a new ornament or two each year.
Our tree theme is six years old, and I am getting tired of the same old look too. I think that next year I may start rotating ornaments out... I actually had a box of red and baby blue ornaments in my cart that I was forced to put back. Pfff.
Brenda Shearon said…
I say wait until after the kids. I know how much my kids enjoy seeing their ornaments on "our" tree. The kids do have a 2 ft tree in their room also. I kinda feel like Joy. Our tree is kinda sentimental. We have snowmen, snowflakes and misc. ornaments the kids have made over the years.

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