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Corona Diary #3

Week 5 is over, and it was probably the easiest so far. Despite having both a vicious cough AND a stomach bug, I felt more content this week than I have since we began sheltering at home. I'm not exactly sure why that would be, but I hope it continues.
It's official - the kids will not return to school this year. Rory cheered while Camden blinked back a tear and did his best not to scream. He is really struggling without the daily social interaction although he does have several areas of connection via phones, FortNite, and Zoom. I know it's not the same, and I'm reading that teenagers in general are struggling with the loss of their interaction with friends.
We had a lovely Good Friday service quietly at home. The kids and I had communion while Brian led the service online. I also enjoyed Easter although we didn't dress up, cook a ham, or even take a picture. Our most exciting moment came Easter evening as we watched Little Women. Rory was crafting on the floor a…

Corona Diary #2

(Written April 3)
Well, the previous post seems like it was written in another lifetime. It is crazy how quickly things change these days. So, to update: Kids are out of school until May 4 (and I won't be surprised if they don't go back at all); Brian and I are still working at home exclusively. We don't leave the house except to grab groceries (trying to keep this to once a week and using Walmart grocery pickup when available). Camden is incredibly frustrated over missing out on school despite being very connected via phone, school, and Fortnite to his friends. Rory is spending a couple of afternoons a week chatting with friends, but seems to be enjoying the slower schedule. In fact, she kind of likes quarantine.
The kids were on spring break this week, and it amazes me to see the change in their demeanor. A definite lightness of spirit without schoolwork expectations. For what it's worth, while they're distance learning Camden spends 8ish-1ish working from the k…

Corona Diary #1

(Written March 23, 2020 so this is completely out of date,
but I wanted to get it documented and I will update soon.)

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, And keep on praying. Romans 12:12
Well, the world has gone crazy. I cannot keep up with how quickly circumstances change these days. And who could have imagined this life even 3 weeks ago?

Here's our situation: I'm working from home for the forseeable future (I've been quarantined since Saturday, March 14). My Vanderbilt doctors are managing patients/prescriptions with phone calls so I didn't go to the cancer clinic 2 weeks ago and I won't go in April either. Brian's school district is out until May 4 so he's not driving a bus. Church is online only for the next several weeks (we're evaluating week to week). The kids are homeschooling for 2 weeks; spring break is next week. We don't know what to expect after spring break. Camden and Rory have HIGH expectations that life will retu…