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I got a sunburn today. I know a sunburn is not good for you. Always use sunscreen, blah, blah, blah.

But I got a sunburn today from sitting outside watching Rory's first soccer game of the season (in what felt like blazing heat), and I now have freckles sprinkled across my face to go along with my pink arms and shoulders. 
It's a big deal because last year at this time I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. I missed lots and lots of baseball games and practices. And when I did feel well enough to be outside, I had to stay covered up because "avoid direct sunlight" was plastered across all my prescription bottles and something my chemo nurse mentioned often.

 So a sunburn today feels important. It makes me feel healthy. And I really, really, really want to be as healthy as I look.

1 Year

I am so overwhelmed by all the emails, texts, and messages from you, and I LOVE all the ice cream pictures. Thanks for celebrating this with me. I would never have been able to make it this year without all of the encouragement and friendship from you all. I'm having trouble keeping up with my inbox! One of my favorite pictures so far is from my cousin who is overseas. He sent me a picture from his mess hall with several friends all eating ice cream for breakfast. Brian's school is participating in the whole ice cream for breakfast, and I can't wait to see pics from that as well.
Brian went in to work a little late and Elizabeth and Addison joined us for coffee ice cream with oreos mixed in. My absolute favorite treat. I'm telling you right now that you don't know what you're missing if you've never tried it. ;)

I thought about trying to relive the day last year and share stories that I never told but decided against it. I'd rather focus on the good st…

Our Week So Far

So Becky came into town Tuesday for a whirlwind 12 hours. Literally. They drove 11 hours to get here (with her in-laws who were attending a memorial service) spent 12 hours here including sleep time then drove 11 hours back home. But we were so happy to see them, and the cousins had an absolute blast.
We only took a few pictures, but here is the first one of all 5 cousins together.

A picnic for lunch. Notice Frenchie is making her pregnant self comfortable among the kiddos and the food.
(Holy, bright sunlight, Batman! I always forget how tough neon green spring grass plus the bright sunlight is when you're taking pictures.)
The boys were SO sweet with Addison. They both sang to her, and Xavier said "nice meeting you" when he finished holding her. LOL

And a picture of Rory after (her words) the most awesomest day ever. Her hair kinda looks like she had some kind of awesome day.
Rory went to school yesterday so Addison and I ventured out to the grocery store for the firs…

A Sure Sign it's Spring

As if the weather, baseball practice, soccer practice, mosquitoes, etc. weren't enough evidence of spring, baseball in the back yard is definitely a sign of spring around here.
You know Rory's going to get in on the action. 

Camden's doctor recommended sports goggles for baseball since he is at a higher risk of cornea detachment (or something like that). He's so picky about things that I was pretty sure he'd fight it and then hate the glasses, but he's done really well. I can't say they're my favorite look for him, but if they protect his eyes, then it's worth it.
Don't you wish you were this limber?


Look who showed up on my doorstep at 1:15 this morning?


Our weekend was crazy with 4 baseball games, lots of rain and waiting it out at the ballfield, a sick girl, not to mention that little speaking engagement I had on Saturday (which went well, I think).
This morning Elizabeth went back to work so I am keeping Addison for her until the school year is over. Rory is home because she is sick (and quite miserable - thank goodness for all those inhalers we keep on hand).
I'll be back tomorrow with baseball pictures, but for now, here is a little pink goodness.
Ignore the mess. Concentrate on the pink.

I think I like it here at Aunt Melissa's.
Or maybe not.
I need more coffee.

2012 Project 365


Wanna Celebrate?

I feel like this post is going to be all over the place since I have alot of little things to report so consider yourself warned.
Up first - wanna celebrate my one year cancer anniversary with ice cream for breakfast? :) One week from today, March 30, marks one year since my big surgery and cancer diagnosis. I've been trying to think of a way to celebrate the day. It would be kinda easy to wallow in it, but really I just feel happy to be here, happy to be feeling so good, happy to be well for now. I came across the idea of eating ice cream for breakfast from another cancer patient. He, unfortunately, didn't make it to his one year anniversary, but his family resolved to participate as a way to celebrate. And since ice cream is not only my favorite food group but also one that I was able to eat all throughout chemo, I thought it was appropriate. So join me Friday, March 30 in celebrating life, celebrating that God is good, celebrating that we can eat ice cream for breakfast. F…


I feel like such an idiot for posting twice today without mentioning Brian's test results. Apparently, I think you're all our Facebook friends and heard the news yesterday.
Brian needed a 240 to pass both tests; perfect score is 300. Well, he got a 284 and a 288. I am so proud of him! Because he's just a quiet, behind-the-scenes kind of guy, he is underestimated way too often. Love you a whole bunch, Brian Lewis.

Hello, Spring and Hello, Pigtails

We experienced spring-like weather all winter and now that spring has arrived, it's moved right on to summer. We've been walking, playing outside, sweating. ;) I've decided that I'm returning any transition clothing I might have bought the kiddos and just pulling out the shorts. It makes for really nice evening baseball and soccer practices although Camden and Rory have already decided that it's too hot. I think they're in for a very long summer if they think this is too hot.
Could she be any cuter?

Texas pictures

I didn't pull out the camera too often during our trip, but here are the ones I did take.
Because of my never-ending scar tissue issue I had to wear yoga pants and tennis shoes to travel in. These shoes get alot of attention. :) (thanks again, Julie)
The weather was so great while we were there. It was 75 degrees and breezy just about 24 hours a day. The temps don't seem to fluctuate a whole lot from morning to night. While I am positive that this will not be a good thing when it's 100 degrees outside, in the spring it's fabulous. We sat outside around a fire pit a couple of nights at one of the very many shopping areas.
Apparently, this is a very cool theater.
Downtown Dallas: that ball up there is a rotating restaurant. We were there the night before St. Patrick's Day and the lights were green instead of blue for the celebration.
Wouldn't it brighten your day to see these every morning? I love tulips.
At the JFK memorial in Dallas.
Randall and Collette