Happy Colors (part 1)

Some people collect dishes. I'm not one of them. My sister Becky has multiple sets of really great dishes. I always admire dishes, but they're just not something I spend money on. But for years I've been dreaming of getting rid of the old Martha Stewart K-Mart dishes we've had for the last 11 years. They weren't microwave save, they're chipped, we're missing a few of them. And the dishes I've coveted for the last 3-4 years are Fiesta Ware. And when I saw them on sale on Black Friday and remembered the fun money some sweet friends sent me, I knew that was how I was going to spend the money.

So I came home with 8 place settings in really, really happy colors: Peacock, Scarlet, Marigold, Shamrock. I love them. They brighten up the kitchen, and they're just plain fun to use.

I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to take the right photographs of these over the last few days and finally decided I was just going to have to be happy with what I had.



And this picture is for my mom who didn't think we could fit them in our cabinets. :)


Next up on the wishlist is serving dishes!


Joyce said…
Fiesta Ware is SOOO cheerful! Great purchase!
Deb(digideb) said…
FUN! My sister-in-law has the same colors!! We got her the pitcher & salt & pepper shakers for Christmas & her birthday! Love them! & I know you will too!
Hope you're feeling well. Praying for you! :)
Joy said…
Beautiful!! I'm also dreaming of updating "kitchenware" when we finally have a house again. The 15 year old chipped dishes have got to go! ; ). Have fun eating on your beautiful new dishes!! Don't you love a happy, cheerful kitchen??
Vicky said…
I've been feeling so loved and its such a treat to see you are receiving that same kind of love :) Isn't it crazy good how a new set of dishes can just bring a smile to your face every time you go to open your cupboard doors? Love the fun factor in those colors!
love the bright colors... I really want to get rid of the green ones we've had for YEARS.... I really want to incorporate the bright colors in too... I thought about painting the walls turquoise (I think... LOL the color doesn't sound right now) but I love the hot pink and oranges too! Pretty out there I know!
Rebecca H. said…
we have the same set of dishes we got for a wedding gift... old, not-so-cute, chipped, non-microwavable. all not good. would love to get some new ones, but i guess until i fall in love with some like you did, i'll just wait.

enjoy the new cheerfulness!! i love the colors!!
Krista said…
Oh my - love your new fiesta ware! such a fun splurge that you get to enjoy every day!

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