My Little Helper

I am making a renewed effort to let Rory help me around the house. It requires patience, obviously, but I need to be better (much, much better actually) at this. The last few days she's helped me bake Brian's birthday cake, make supper, roll cookies in sugar, etc. Becky and my mom are gasping in shock right now, just so you know. Let me shock them even more: we did a craft.

Her favorite activity this week has been helping with Christmas cards. And if she's willing to stuff and lick 250 cards, then I'm more than willing to let her help!



love the concentration on her face


licking the envelope is apparently the best part

and a sneak peek of our card :)

I am working on scrapping both last Christmas and this Christmas simultaneously. Wish me luck.

Credits here (all from The Lilypad, of course!)

Credits here (all from The Lilypad again)


Renee T. said…
cute little helper!

Joy said…
250 cards?!? Rory was very busy - what a great helper! Your card looks beautiful!
Beth said…
I am the same way about letting my kids help. So mich neater to do it myself. Lol! Good for you!

Oh and can I hire Rory next year to do my cards? :)
It IS hard to let the little ones help. I am trying to be better about this myself. Good for you!
Krista said…
Patience is a virtue isn't it? I must remember to be more patient too :) Rory looks like she loved being your little helper.
Patience... but more importantly, bravery to let her help with the cards! ;-)

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