So technically I should have titled this post "new purse" or "fashionista" or something cute, but I think you'll agree after looking at these pictures that "scary" is much more appropriate.

Last month Rory gathered up all her "moneys" and we went to Walmart to look at purses and wallets. She stood in the aisle and kept saying over and over, "but they're all so cute!" She finally made her choice, paid for it herself (and I wish I'd had the camera with me), walked out the door, climbed into the car, and said, "mama, I weally need some credit cards!"

And now here's the scary part. This girl underwent an entire transformation with that little purse on her arm. She was bossy; she had attitude; she had way too much sass. Even Brian commented when he got home that something was going on with her. And when she asked me to take her picture, I said yes (of course!) but was slightly shocked when she walked into the yard, put her hand on her hip, and stuck that hip out. It was hilarious, but also scary. Very, very scary. Picture this child at 16 and then say a prayer for us. :)




Would you believe me if I said she really only watches Dora on TV and not America's Next Top Model?

And for my photography friends, I completely messed this picture up by using a f2.5 aperture; should have been bigger to catch more than her purse in focus. Learn from my mistakes, people.

Brian and Camden will be home from camp this afternoon, and it can't come soon enough. Happy Friday!


wow. Just wow. I'm not gonna lie, girls scare me just a little bit!
It is amazing that an accessory could bring out so much attitude! I would laugh at it but I have a 13 year old daughter. Just wait!
Joy said…
Crack.Me.Up! Love that girl!
KrisJ said…
OMG I am cracking up because we had the SAME convo last night because Malia was doing the same moves! It was to funny but yes say a prayer for us also.. Im still not sure how to parent this sassy little lassy!
Elizabeth Frick said…
Joy totally read my mind. This is cracking me up! I love that a purse totally transformed the girl! Maybe it's a phase? :)
Susanne said…
I'd be researching convents if I were you. Lord she is cute!
Krista said…
ANTM indeed! What sass! She is quite the little girl!
Kelly said…
you have my prayers, LOL!!! spunky and sassy, through and through!! love it!
Grace said…
cracking up over here! she is TOO much!!! brian and camden better get ready to ward off those boys. and momma, you better get ready to put up with some sass!
at least it's cute sass ;)
OH. MY. WORD. I am *snorting* with laughter!!! This is hysterical!!!

Now, can you please have Rory call Spencer and tell him how much *fun* it is to pose for photos?!

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