Friday Photo Dump

I didn't intend for photo dumps to have a regular place on the blog, but after two nights in a row with less than 3 hours sleep, I decided that I didn't have energy for multiple blog posts. I love that those steroids make me feel good for 24 hours on chemo day, but there is no sleep to be found while taking them!

Brian hard at work on the first project around the house. If you only knew how much he hated to paint, you'd realize how much he loves me to undertake several of these projects this summer.

Homemade fudge rounds courtesy of Aunt Becky and Rory.

Up next is a tea party with Aunt Becky and all her friends. Rory has been feeling more than a little left out with Camden's end of year festivities, upcoming birthday, and first week at camp. She loved the tea party, however!


Does this particular Dora doll freak anyone else out?

The party-goers.

I would totally never share this picture, but Camden took it and was really proud of it. Although his comment when he took it was, "Wow. Your heads are really big."

And I'm sharing this one because, hello, why not!

The three Hale sisters (and, yes, I'm missing WAY more hair than this now).

I spent Memorial Day on the couch dozing through a Project Runway marathon, but Brian and the kids headed to Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz's house for the annual Memorial Day picnic. I sent Brian with the camera so we wouldn't miss out on the memory.

This is not what it looks like. Hello, chilled IBC Root Beer.


Digging into the snow cones.

And my personal favorite of the day: Rory with Uncle Michael and Aunt Liz. He's promised to let me borrow his hat, but I think I'm going to let him keep it.

And a quick picture when they arrived home, hot and happy. Did I mention it was 95 on Memorial Day and they had to fight cicadas?

And, finally, the first day in swimming suits. There was no swimming going on, but a water fight and car wash.



If you made it this far, you deserve a prize of some sort. Unfortunately, there are no prizes on this blog. :)

Happy Weekend!


Laura said…
You look fabulous! You and Becky look ALOT alike! I noticed you met the Fricks! How fun!!! I would love to meet them in person too. Isn't this blog stuff amazing. Hope you are feeling well and staying out of thi heat! The kids are adorable!
Okay, if it becomes a regular weekly thing, I want you to call it the Phriday Photo Dump, cause I'm dorky like that.
Can we talk about how you are rocking the bald look???? Have you ever thought of being the lead singer of a band, cause I think it's working for you!
Mandy said…
Yep that Dora doll is a bit scary! You look great :)
Becky said…
I am liking the Phriday Photo Dump idea :)

I am cracking up that you posted that picture, Liz told me to be very scared of when you were "practicing" the settings!

The kids look so HOT at the Memorial Day picnic.
Elizabeth Frick said…
Ok, what's my prize?! ;)
I love the photo dump! Although these days, mine would be about 4 months worth of pictures. I'm a terrible blogger...
ANYWAY, I love the tea party and couldn't agree more about the creepy, looks-like-she'll-harm-me-in-my-sleep Dora doll. Yikes.
LOVE the pic of Camden chugging the root beer. Total flash-forward to 15 years from now.
And I'm totally going to make some fudge rounds. YUM!
Joy said…
Camden did an awesome job with his picture! Must run in the family. : )

The picture of the kids is adorable - very stinky that it's already so hot there and those cicadas better be gone before we arrive. I can handle the heat, but the bugs have gotta go!

Love the picture of you and your sisters. Very sweet. And you look absolutely mah-vah-lous!!
Elizabeth Lemons said…
I would like to say that Michael and I are always excited when we realized we've "made" the blog. :)
Brenda Lewis said…
I agree with Elizabeth. It is a monumental occasion! LOL Great pictures.
Grace said…
that dora totally freaks me out. totally.
you look AWESOME, melissa and i applaud your for posting a pic of your new look :)
love rory's tea party!
Krista said…
Yeah - Dora is looking kinda creepy indeed...
You look fabulous girl! The root beer looks like it was a real hit - as does the car wash!
I'll take any photo dumps you want to share!! I love it.

And seriously... you ROCK the shaved head look.

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